Jules —  August 8, 2005

James and I are back from a refreshing and relaxing weekend, just as James requested for his birthday. The actual day is Wednesday but an early celebration was fitting. We had a great time but the details are fairly uneventful.

We left late morning on Saturday and went to Wal-Mart and did our back to school shopping, which was a big help to me. I can’t believe it starts next Thursday. The girls seem ready and now I am too.

I’ve been waiting to see a new area of development that James is involved in doing cabinet installation and manufacturing and installing laminated countertops for. Some of the countertops are corian or marble but he will be doing his share of countertops, too. Touring fully furnished, primo homes is not a fun thing to do with children. This was my chance!

Here are some pictures. We pray for the success of this area of development!

Midwest Living Magazine Idea Home

The beautiful kitchen. It took many man hours to install.

A glimpse at the unique new neighborhood.

By the time we had toured several of the houses, it was time to check in at the hotel. We stayed in the Sheraton on the plaza. It’s a gorgeous hotel. Our room was sweet and relaxing. We enjoyed eating out at one of our favorite hangouts, when we make it to the city.

Sunday we watched Batman Begins, which is an excellent movie…really, it is. It’s definitely worth seeing, I kid you not.

We did some walking. The architecture and fountains are really fun to look at. There was a great band playing swing and big band stuff.

Well, those are the highlights! Oh, I nearly forgot my delicious custard dessert. Good desserts are note worthy!

I enjoyed spending time alone with James. I also enjoyed seeing him relax a little and let go of some stress. It was a much needed time for us and I am thankful for our parents for helping us out so much. The kids had a blast and were absolutely wore out last night!

“Vacation used to be a luxury, however, in today’s world, it has become a necessity.”



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  1. I had a great time with you!

    You are my favorite person to hang out and eat with. 😉

  2. Glad you both had a wonderful time. You deserved it. Just don’t let the week drag you back under!

    Those houses look fantastic! When do we move in?

  3. Thanks Carl. Glad you guys had a good weekend too.

    You are my very favorite person to spend time with too, hon. I am thankful we are such good friends.

  4. If only we could feel as relaxed at work as we do on time off!!! Wouldn’t that be great. Houses look nice and roomy, nice kitchen too. Isn’t it great to have a mate you like to spend time with. Gil & I get along really well too, good thing since we are together 24-7. Thanks for sharing about your week-end w/us.

  5. Glad you had a great weekend. Houses are nice. I love the fountain. Is’nt it in the Plaza. I had a chia plant about 8 yrs ago, got tired of keeping it in hair. Well, I’ve got a painting going so better get back to it. Love ya’s
    Aunt Tootsie

  6. Yeah, I don’t keep the chia pets going. Just plant and once it’s time to replant we just put them up. I don’t like doing anything that requires a lot of maintenance! Just the kids!

  7. I’m so glad you had a great weekend! Looks like you had a relaxing time. Can’t wait till we can get away, too.

    You guys have had to wait such a long time. I am so glad you are finally getting to get away for some alone time. You greatly deserve it!! :)

  8. Nice. Looks like it was a fun time. One day, that huge house will be yours, Jules!

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  10. Yaaahhhhhh!!!! :rotfl I got smileys!!! 😀 Thanks hon! 😉 You’re the best!!!! :love :flowers :indeed

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  13. Let me try! Let me try!! :rotfl

  14. OOOOOOHH–It worked! How cool is that? 😀

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  16. I’m a little :angel yes :indeed
    Aunt Tootsie

  17. WOW!!!!Now I guess I know what a gravatar is. Very colorful. I like the 2 love smile faces that James sent. I can’t get them to work. What do I do? When I pressed them they just stopped and a word appears instead of the symbol.

  18. Mom, what you did was right. The words appear, but when you hit the SAY IT button below and your post goes to Julie’s blog, the picture appears!! :flowers 😉 :cool :puke

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  22. I have total smiley envy. Although, Jimmy, this page is beginning to look like the old days of the web – dancing balogna!

  23. Yeah, Rob, I like retro web. 😀

  24. Love the smileys!! This one is my favorite. . . :rotfl

  25. Well, I’ve survived 3 days of VBS :worship
    We’ll see how the other 3 go. It has been fun though. :cool I hope I’m catching onto this now. Fun! Fun!

  26. I am lost as usual, it went right over my head, what in the heck is a gravatar.
    I am glad you two got away, what a difference it makes to get away-huh…. It really helps a marriage. Maybe someday I will find someone to enjoy everyday with.
    Julie you and James go together like coffee and cream.

  27. VBS is such a wonderful thing!!!! The girls went to two different ones this summer and had an absolute ball! They learned a lot and it really helped break up their summer. This summer was much easier than last summer and I think VBS helped make a big difference.

    Some kids go that don’t usually go to church. That is an awesome ministry to them!

    Hang in there!!!!

  28. Thanks Kandi!

    A gravatar is like part of your “signutare”.

    Mine is the percolator and coffee cup. When I post it shows up. Carl’s is the star wars one. Rob and James have one too.

    If you have a picture or something you like that can be made into a little square we can get you one going.

  29. The only reason I am not completely lost when it comes to this stuff is cuz I am married to a computer guru. :worship

  30. James is the computer :king

  31. Kandis, I love what you said about J&J. The coffee and cream imagery is a good one! Sort of contains the mystery of oneness that the Bible speaks about. I love it!

    Let me wax philosophical. Cream is one thing all by itself. It isn’t deficient and serves its own unique purpose (baking, etc.). Likewise, coffee is its own thing too, meant for almost an entirely different purpose by itself (great comfort beverage).

    Add the two together and you get a wonderfully complimentary new beverage — caffeinated brew with the smooth texture of cream. The coffee is encouraged to be better than it could alone, but is not incomplete without it. Likewise, the cream is given the chance to have an added function. Pretty cool!

  32. Julie and James…Coffee and cream…that’s perfect, Kandi!! :indeed

  33. So who is coffee and who is cream?

  34. Gee, you guys are really sweet :angel

  35. Sticking with the traditional gender roles, I’m going to say that James is the coffee and Julies the cream. The guy having a one-track mind (coffee is coffee), whereas the gal has to be so many things to so many people (cream has more than one use).

    Besides, coffee can be bitter and cream sweet. How true to life is that?!

  36. Well, I am NEVER bitter and ALWAYS sweet. :evil

    I am really offended that you would use traditional gender roles to describe us!!! :eek

  37. We are so untraditional. :rotfl

  38. Jimmy, your woman is getting out of line. 😛

  39. I think James is the Cream, he helps smooth things out “I think”……….
    K 😀

  40. I think you’re onto something there Kandi! Very good point. He is the steady freddy.