Fire and Steel

Jules —  October 6, 2005

I thought this was really beautiful and encouraging. It reminds me of a word God whispered to me; His love for me/us is red hot. I absolutely love red things now! He walks us through the fire/difficult times to burn off all the impurities, to refine and purify us.

I burn the dross and melt the steel of all that is cold and stiff, unyielding and hard when I try them in the fires of life. When tempered just right, I bring those places out of the fire and hammer them into symmetry. Balanced just right, boundaries are stretched for a greater expanse. I complete that which has been forged by plunging it into the cool refreshing waters of the Holy Spirit.

Generations are passing by fast. Build bridges from faith that will last. Not faith in empty words, but tested through walking. Being tried in the fire, not in vain empty talking. Each step you take is easier having forged a way past words that condemn. Not listening to doubt, unbelief or fear but, heeding My voice as I speak into your ear.

Dan 3:25 NKJV
“Look!” he answered, “I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire; and they are not hurt, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.”


This verse has been on my heart this week. I thought if it encourages me, I hope it will encourage you, as well.

Psa 37:25 I have been young, and [now] am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.


On a lighter note, Charlie e-mailed me this picture and it just tickles me!!!!

Another childhood fantasy shattered…….

“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.”



28 responses to Fire and Steel

  1. Ahh, the pot at the end of the rainbow!! Not quite what I imagined.

  2. I understand how you feel, I like this. On the light side and knowing God has a since of humor, I hope this means for MERCURY COUGARS also. :rotfl
    “Not listening to doubt” you can bet I believe.

  3. I love the story of Mesh, Shad, & Abed. What awesome imagery. I think it would make a great movie!

  4. Rob, Veggie Tales made a version of this story….but that’s probably not what you were looking for, huh!? :disgust It is funny, though.

    And on a serious note, when I look back, my faith was built up through the difficult times I’ve been through. As parents, I think that is one of the hardest things…is to let our kids go through some rough times, to go through the fire, so they will learn to lean on God. My boys are still young….I think the most challenging times of letting go are coming. (Can you tell, I’m taking a class on parenting teens on Wednesday nites at church. The class teaches that in these days, kids are hitting their “Teen Years” at age 11-12—My Connor is 11, so I guess we’re there already!! Lord, give me wisdom and discernment!) :worship :love

  5. And….that’s no pot of gold there. My dreams are shattered! :banghead (I’ve just been waiting to use that headbanger!!! hee hee)

  6. Can’t wait to see you use my little moonie guy Deb! 😉

    Rob, your right, the bible is so full of great movie ideas! Too christian for hollywood I suppose! If a movie is made it seems like it’s end of the world stuff. I’d enjoy the OT stories more. The kids watch Prince of Egypt all of the time. Great movie, even if it is a cartoon!

    Aunt Marlis, I pray that all of your car needs will be met!!! Cars seems like a necessary evil at times! As do homes – we’ve had a couple of big repair bills this week (plumbing and cooling)! I will believe with you for God’s provision for you in that area!

    Abby, maybe there is some gold in there!! 😀

  7. Ian has at least 3-4 sheets of homework he has to have finished by Friday of each week.
    He comes home eats a snack (he is famished after school) then he goes outside to play for a few minutes with neighbor kids.
    Then he runs in the house and wants to play his Playstation.
    He cannot play on his playstation until he does one page of homework (front and back).
    I limit the playstation to only Wed nights and Friday nights and weekends of course.
    I told him yesterday if he continues to complain about homework he can go without the playstation all week from now on during school year.
    He gets his homework done he justs gives me a hard time about having to do it.
    But he forgets to turn it in and then loses recess time.
    So oh well he can just go without recess.

  8. Maybe after losing a few recesses he will take it more seriously or it will help him to remember to turn it in.

    It sounds like he has more homework than the girls. They have homework two or three times a week. It may be to read a book, right out spelling words two times each or a worksheet. Each assignment averages out to be about 10 minutes worth of work.

  9. I love that word. I printed it off and I’m giving it to my Mom. It is so good. I’m glad there is a purpose to the fire, otherwise we would just be depressed. But knowing there is a GOOD purpose for it seems to help and keep us persevering.

  10. Ian has 3-4 worksheets (front & back) a week and 4 reading books to read each night. He is in title 1 so he has two other books to read along with the books his classroom teacher gives out to read each night.
    He only has to make sure his homework is turned in on Friday morning.
    But instead of doing a sheet a night he wants to wait and do all sheets Thursday night.
    I am trying to get him to understand that it is easier to do a sheet a night.
    Then it’s not so much.
    He loves reading so that is not the problem.
    He is “so far” doing great with math and social studies but he hates writing.
    Well ADHD students hate writing, so now I know he is not just only stubborn but is dealing with the ADHD.
    Its hard to put thoughts to paper he says.
    Oh, Ian will be 8 years old on the 15th my gosh he is getting old too fast……

  11. Lydia is in title 1, too. She seems to be doing real well. Her reading has improved soooo much this school year.

    It’s great that Ian loves to read!!!

  12. I agree, Karen. Knowing God is using whatever we’re going through does help. I know that some of the hard stuff I’ve gone through has been of great benefit to me. God has taught me a lot.God is going to teach us all through what your mom is going through. We are going to walk through this one with you. Your blog will help others to walk through it with you, too. I had to say something!! I am looking forward to it’s debut!

  13. I watched “Shall we Dance” 4 times last month when it was on cable. I thought I was the only person who really liked that movie.
    I am glad Im not.
    I did not know what to expect with Jennifer Lopez but it was a great movie.
    It made me really want to take up ballroom dancing.
    I loved the wife, oh I forgot her name but she is a great actress. I loved the quotes too..

  14. I love Psalm 37:25. Great scripture!!!

    Love the pot of …. at the end of the rainbow!!!

  15. That is such a great post, Julie.

    God is really growing my faith trying to run my business. The last 1.5 years have been the most trying faith time in my life.

    Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by everything. I thank God for friends like Carl (and others) for how much they encourage me during my tough days and weeks.

  16. God does work in strange and wonderful ways, often taking a different turn than we expect. He knows where all the puzzle pieces go.

  17. I have no doubt in you and your abilities to run this business. I am so glad that God gave you that word to encourage you through the tough times. I love you!! :love

  18. JULIE:
    Do you think God speaks to us through someting we read?
    These few words really stood out from the whole page.

  19. Yeah, I think God can speak to us that way. Why do you think this phrase caught your attention? What does it mean to you?

  20. 😀
    I think this is telling me to start reading the bible daily instead of once a week. I try to read the bible before bedtime when it is quiet but I dont read daily.
    I think god is maybe telling me to “listen” to him more and reading scriptures will help me learn more about “him” so that I can hear him more.
    I am woken a lot in the middle of the night by a loud voice “it is shouting” Not a mad shout but I think he is telling me to wake up and read or listen. I have not figured this out. I know it is God.
    The scripture is a dessert to hear him!!!!
    Does this make sense to you how I am thinking?/

  21. He is wanting more time with you!!! The more time you spend with Him the clearer His voice will be. I think this is great!!! His word is sweet and unlike most yummy desserts, His dessert is healthy for the body, soul and spirit!

    I need to spend more time in the word too.

  22. Kandi, God wakes me in the middle of the night sometimes too. It’s usually when I’m mulling something over or anxious about something, but I didn’t talk to Him about it. I guess I keep trying to take care of things myself instead of remembering that He wants all of it, all of me. Even the things I think I should be able to handle. You’d think I’d learn–then He wouldn’t have to wake me up. :fish

    I love that: “the dessert for our feast of Scripture is the sound of His voice!” Wow–makes me want to “come to the table” more often to feast. Can’t you just hear Beth Moore saying this?! :indeed

  23. :birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY to new grandpa Joe S. today! And I just got back from seeing baby Dimitri. So cute!! Justin is supposed to email me a picture so I can send it on to Julie (My camera batteries were low). Maybe we can get it posted. 😉

  24. I have seen Beth Moore twice. I never felt tired. I felt like I was in an auditorium with all family. She is great!!!

  25. Debbie:
    I worry a lot before I fall asleep and I think he is trying to tell me something. I guess I need to get up and open the bible and see what he is leading me to. Or just get up and start a “GOD Journal”.

  26. I like the moonie guy Julie.

  27. Kandi, where did you get the quote about the “Dessert for our feast…….? Just curious.
    Got my Refrig. & Dryer fixed today. Thank God my life is back to normal again. I knew He would take care of it for me. We didn’t have a work order for the dryer but he went ahead and fixed it any way. Saved us from having to pay $70.00 for another service call. YES!!!! :worship

  28. Happy Birthday, Grandpa Joe!!!! :birthday

    Glad you have things up and running again!!!