Weekend ramble

Jules —  November 13, 2005

Lydia and Jessica are members of the Missionettes program at our church. It’s a program for girls that teaches bible stories, biblical principles and scripture memory. They earn badges for each unit they complete. For example, Lydia just earned her Women of the Bible badge. Crafts and parties are among some of the other highlights of the program. Lydia is in Prims and Jessica is a Daisy.

Saturday Morning, the Missionettes had a Hawaiian party. The girls learned about the Hawaiian language and ate Hawaiian food. They brought home a sheet of interesting facts about the language:

The 5 vowels a, e, i, o and u as well as the 7 consonants h, k, l, m, n, p and w make up the entire Hawaiian alphabet.

In Hawaiian Language, a consonant is always followed by a vowel. Names and words are more easily pronounced when they are broken down into single syllable chunks. For example, Hawaii’s state fish, humuhumunukunukuapua’a, is pronounced hu-mu-hu-mu-nu-ku-nu-ku-a-pu-a-a.

Sunday– Lapule (lay-poo-lay)
Monday– Po’akahi (poh-ah-kah-hee)
Tuesday– Po’aula (poh-ah-ko-loo)
Wednesday– Po’ alolu (poh-ah-ha)
Thursday– Poaha (poh-ah-ha)
Friday– Po’ alima (poh-ah-lee-mah)


Late Saturday afternoon, we spent some time in the backyard playing and raking leaves.

The girls loved burying James!


I am very excited about the Johnny Cash movie, Walk The Line, that opens this coming weekend! I grew up listening to Cash’s music, as my parents were both big fans. I appreciate it much more now than I did then. We are taking Mom and Larry to see it with us on Friday!!

Sarah posted this video of one of Johnny’s last works. It’s a very touching video of his song, Hurt.

“Fallen leaves lying on the grass in the November sun bring more happiness than the daffodils” Cyril Connolly



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  1. Raking leavs into piles is the simplest form of entertainment and the girls loved it!

    I love this time of year so much. I like the cooler weather.

  2. Can’t wait for the movie now! Would it be a bad thing to skip school Friday so I can go see a matinee?

  3. Substitute!

  4. Julie, I feel the same way. I grew up hearing Johnny Cash’s music, too, but appreciate him a lot more now.
    And I think seeing the joy Mom and Dad get from dancing to country music has also helped me enjoy all country music more.

  5. Julie, Christie and David played this for Richard and me. Thank-you for playing it again. There is so much in that song. The world will never satisfy the longing in our soul. Only Jesus Christ can. Johnny knew this before he died. :indeed

  6. Yes, when I see him sitting at that table, with a feast in front of him, it makes me think of the the carnal pleasures of this world. We indulge ourselves in the pleasures of this world, but they are all meaningless. Our life has purpose when we view it from an eternal perspective. Our relationship with the Lord and one another is what gives our life it’s meaning and purpose. In the end, we will let ourselves down, as well as other people. My life comes down to who I am in Christ. This video has had a profound impact on me. It’s the best music video I’ve ever seen.

  7. Debbie, your mom and dad are an inspiration to me. I look forward to the time in our life when James and I can get out more and find something exciting to do together that we both enjoy. Until then, we have a great time hanging out at home together.

  8. There is nothing like Country music, especially the older country. I love the good ole Gospel Music too. The older music is best for dancing. Johnny Cash is 1 of our top favorites. I am glad he & June are Christians & now enjoying being with the Lord, together again. We saw them in person at the end of their careers and they were still great. I’m glad we can be inspirational but I want to be more so in a spiritual way to those in our family who are still without Jesus.

  9. Aunt Marilyn, a good, fun-loving marital relationship is a wonderful witness in itself. Especially young people, want to see Christians having fun and enjoying life. Boring churchiness seems to be a turn off to the younger generation. In that way, you and Gil have a wonderful testimony.

  10. When Richard and I were dating he had an eight track player with Johnny Cash music and he would sing along with him. A fun memory for me.
    Richard likes to sing base.

  11. 8 track player. What’s that?! ha Just kidding–I’ve seen them at garage sales! :rotfl

  12. I liked his “Ring of Fire” song or was it June’s? I can’t remember.

    I really like the pic of James buried by leaves! the leaves collect at a certain spot on the sidewalk outside of our school building and the kids love to just wade right through them on their way back and forth to the bus [uhm, so do I!}

  13. Mom, I second what Julie said. Our life and the joy that we have through Christ speaks louder than any words that we say. We DO need to speak the words of Christ, but the way we live gives those words substance. If our lives are not different, we are just Pharisees blabbering words with no heart hehind them(see Matt. 6)

  14. Crunching through the leaves always reminds me of what Connor said when he was about 3 or 4. He said, “It sounds like we’re crunching through potato chips!”

  15. I’ll try to remember what you,Deb, and Julie say. Thanks for the uplift. We have 2 little neighbor boys, they came over one day when Gil was raking leaves and wanted to know if they could have them to take home. Gil said,”well you better ask your mom 1st”. They came back later and said, “Mom said No.” They wanted to take them home to play in. Gil let them play in the leaves til they started to scatter them to much. I noticed the other day they had a whole yard of their own to rake up, and jump in. I remember Deb & Trish doing that when they were young. Last year I used trash bags and a holder to put the leaves in, and my neighbor went out and bought the same to do his leaves. This year I thought I’ll just lay a sheet on the ground and wisk them into that. Worked great. Guess what my neighbors did that were watching. Yep, a tarp.

  16. I love the pic of the girls and Leaf Man. cute.

  17. Debbie,
    I like what you said. Every knee will bow and every tongue WILL confess that Jesus is Lord. Romans 14:11 :worship


  19. Aunt Marilyn, you must make a pretty good neighbor. Sounds like your neighbors keep a close I on you so they can emulate you!

    “Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.”

  20. I believe he wrote the song Walk The Line as a promise to be faithful to June. She was the love of his life. I like how she loving looks on during his song. Awwwwww……. Life has soooooo many ups and downs, mishaps and mistakes, it’s so special when a couple makes it to old age together.

  21. I’m anxious to see the movie too! I don’t own any of his music, so I just keep playing the video over and over!

    Missionettes! Wow that takes me back! I’m getting old!

  22. Amen Julie
    Iam going to play it again!!!!!

  23. I listened to your Cash video yesterday morning, it was very haunting and intense to watch. I get that way when I know people are dead and in heaven, but still “coming through the grave” to teach me lessons. I still can’t watch Little house on the Prairie or John Ritter. It must be an unnamed phobia I have.
    Anyway, the point I originally was going to make is that one of the WWE wrestlers died Sunday, he was 38 yrs old. We watched the show last night and the wrestlers were sharing memories. They were proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ as their Lord! Chris and I were watching with our jaws dropped. Evidently the wrestler that died was a strong witness, always pulling out the bible and able to pray easily with his co-workers, a true testimony to all those kids that were watching!!! Guess what song they played along with the memory pictures…Yep, the Johnny Cash song that you have on the blog!
    It’s following me now!

  24. I may be wrong, but best of my knowledge,” I’ll walk the line” was long before June came into the picture. He had a troubled first marriage. He did finally settle down when he met June. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Johnny very much, but he was somewhat a rebel in his early years.

  25. Melissa, I know- I haven’t thought back to my Missionettes days in a long time!

  26. :banghead
    can you send me that Cash video clip again. It wont play on my computer.
    I get video clips all the time and have no problems but this one would not play for me.
    The old cousin,

  27. Yes he was not a faithful man and thats what broke his heart in his latter years. This is what his song is all about. Thats what made June such a wonderful wife and he was humbled by her love for him and her faith in God.

  28. Wow! I left for a few hours and came back to all these wonderful comments! Thanks everyone. You are what makes this blog so fun. I LOVE reading everyone’s comments.

  29. I LOVE it that my girls are in Missionettes. How wonderful, Sarah and Melissa, that you were a part of this program as young girls. I did not get to be involved in anything like it and I feel like I missed out. It makes up for it, though, seeing my girls get to be involved in something that’s fun and teaches them the Word! What a blessing!

  30. I am so glad everyone has enjoyed the video so much!

    Sorry about the creep out factor, Trish! It’s shocking to hear Jesus’ name proclaimed on TV or other places that’s not expected. What a testimony this guy must have had. I feel like my sphere of influence doesn’t go beyond my walls.

  31. Old Cousin, I will have James e-mail you the video. I am still learning…

    Aunt Marlis, Thanks for the correction. I am sure watching the movie will help me understand his history better. It’s about his earlier rebellious years.

  32. I thought for sure that was just James hiding so he didn’t have to rake leaves!!!

    Just think…one of these days Lydia and Jessica will be Stars and going through the crowning ceremony…I’ll really feel old then!!!

  33. With what’s happening with Gma today and the kids playing in the leaves, reminds me of the times Punky, your mom and I had, rolling in the leaves at Grm’s where your mom lives now. :cry Our memories, can make life harder at times. But, thank God we do have memories of good times.

  34. The yard is still covered in leaves. It was so windy saturday that they just kept blowing around as we tried to rake them up.

  35. Memories of good times can be bittersweet, can’t they? I am sorry I had to deliver bad news.

    My great grandma who is 106 years old is not doing well. She was born in 1899. Mom and I and Grandma Dorothy went to see her today.

    When I look at her, I can’t help but think how happy she will be to leave that worn out body! Someday, Jesus will wipe away our tears and we will all be together for eternity. That’s why it’s so important to know Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Our eternal destiny depends on whether or not we believe He is who He said He was. This life just lasts for a moment when compared to eternity.

    I am glad I will still get to hear all your childhood stories. Grandma will be able to tell them too!

  36. Julie,
    What a special gift that you have looking into those wonderful eyes of your great grandmother.
    God let her live a long life.

  37. It amazes me those wrestlers can act so mean, then when you see them as themselves they are so different. There are a lot of athletes with a witness out there.
    I couldn’t get the video to work either. June and Johnny were a great couple together, a good example to look up to after he got it all together.
    Talk about windy, it’s really windy out there now. I was working in the yard this morning in the rain, and finished up just as the cold front moved in.

  38. The Hawaii info was really informative. Very interesting.

    Love the pics of the girls and James. I love leaf raking events, there is just something very “family” about it.

    Loved the video too. You will have to show me how to attach a video to a blog.

  39. Jules, have you heard any more from your mom about grandma?

  40. I called your mom, Gma is about the same. 😉 thats not to mean I’m glad, only that she is not seeming to be suffering.

  41. Mom wanted me to let everyone know that they gave Grandma an IV so she will get the fluids she needs. She was dehydrated. They wanted to send her to the hospital but mom didn’t want that. The nursing home was able to give her the iv.