a christmas visit

Jules —  December 22, 2005

Friends and fellow bloggers, Rob, Melissa, Jim and Sarah (a new friend) came to our home for a visit last evening. They’re in town for Chistmas and it’s always a treat to see them. We had a good time eating pizza, visiting, and playing Sudoku. I excitedly showed them my new washer and dryer. My lovely washer sang it’s perky little song for them. I’m sure it had to have been an evening highlight for the guests. I also decided to do a physical demonstration of the immense capacity of my awesome new dryer. If I remember correctly, I was egged on.

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail…but, a true friend will
be sitting next to you saying, “Wow…that was fun!”



20 responses to a christmas visit

  1. That’s hilarious!!

    What is Sudoku?

  2. It’s a math puzzle game. Rob enjoys them so we gave him a Sudoku daily calendar. I did not do them. It hurts my brain too much to try to figure it out.

  3. Funny picture, Julie! It sounds like you kids had a great time- wish I could have been there! :-)

  4. We missed you Sarah! :indeed

  5. Get out of your dryer and answer my questions!!!!

  6. Jules:
    I am old you know. :cry
    :disgust and I have been in a very bad mood for the past 15 years, so you have to answer my questions promptly…

    😀 Just teasing.
    I like teasing you…

  7. tease away… I am a good target. :love

    At least I’m not the oldest cousin!! :fish

  8. That’s all right daughter Kandi. I was the oldest sister, I had the first baby, Ah, guess that makes us the first of the best. :evil The best of the best :rotfl Is it times for me to stop? Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yeah even I could fit in that thing. In fact, I bet James AND I could fit. How about a little cuddle time?

  10. :rotfl

    Too funny!

    I haven’t tried the number game yet – I’m afraid it would either hurt or become obsessive…..

  11. I don’t know why the little icons give me trouble!


  12. Julie your so funny!! I didn’t realize your dryer was that big. Your so fun. love Aunt Marilyn, (at Debs) I’m trying the Magniziune (Sp) That Kandi mentioned. Hope it starts to work soon as the spasms are coming back again. Deb & Kelli both have some of the powdered kind.
    Have a Very Merry Christmas to all of you.

  13. This is Aunt Marilyn again, I took your Gma Vera up stairs today and got her caught up on all the pics. on the blog. She really enjoyed seeing them and the girls. Am using the Magnesium Kandi suggested hope it starts to work soon.

  14. Merry Christmas to all of you. We are safely in New York visiting Chris’ family. Guess what I did yesterday? Played Suduko!!! I love it, we are all addicted at work in our downtime. I have moved up to the medium ones now, as the easy ones have become too easy!!!
    The kids played with grandma all morning and afternoon, while Chris and his brother hung out painting Sarah’s rocking horse. And I got treated like a queen, laying around with my suduko and being served. I love it at grandma’s house!!!

  15. Trish, It’s nice to feel special. Enjoy, you surely deserve it.

    I had christmas with Kandi Fri. She loved her christmas gift. I got her a digital camera, and charger. She was playing with it last night when I called her. I think she felt special. I hope so anyway. Next, the printer.

    Hope all my family stays well during the christmas season, and we must remember it is CHRISTmas. Our saviors birthday, I hope he is Happy on the whole with us. Love ya all. 😀

  16. Unfortunately as much as you talk about your washer I am more likely to think that they stumbled upon you in this state. I have a hard time believing this is the first time that you crawled inside! :rotfl

  17. It’s funny that you mention Sudoku; it’s exploded in popularity lately! I even gave my dad an electronic Sudoku game for Christmas… It’s great to see that you guys are doing good; I love the pictures!

  18. Thanks Mark! Happy New Year!!

  19. I forgot to comment on this! You are so dang funny! I’m so glad that you climbed in to the dryer. It made my night–well that along with the song at the end of the cycle!