nutty fun

Jules —  January 8, 2006

I think the strange weather around these parts is doing a number on my sinuses. Ugh. Today was 60 degrees and tomorrow the high is 38 degrees. James is thankful for the warm weather. It keeps construction from stalling. I think I inherited my sinus problems from my mom’s side of the family. Some of her family gathered Saturday for our yearly after Christmas celebration. The nice weather was a plus for the kiddos, who got to play all day outside on the farm. My head is throbbing, so I hope this makes sense! I wanted to post some pics of our gathering. We had a very fun day together.

Mom and Grandma pose with Mom and Larry’s tree, Forest! He was a Christmas gift from James and I.

Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Marlis (AKA, Punky and Tootsie) unwrap my craft.

I saved all the blue jeans that we wore out this year and cut off all the pockets. I glued magnets to the back and they’re great for the fridge to hold grocery lists and pens. It was an easy and very cheap craft!

Kandis and I were very excited about the doilies that Aunt Marilyn made especially for us. Mine are shaped like stars and crocheted with sparkly thread to go with my Christmas decorations. I love them!

Mom made pretty, aromatic sachets and Aunt Marlis painted jars for everyone. She’s such a good artist! Kandi gave out yummy smelling body lotions.

The kiddos, of course! Jessica, Lydia and Ian

Sometimes we bring door prizes. Mom gave away a pretty set of embroidered tea towels. Aunt Marilyn won those. Aunt Marlis brought a beautiful hummingbird painting. She gave it to Aunt Marilyn because everyone else had won a painting in the past.

Kandi and her new love.

After Christmas this year I went to Wal-Mart and purchased another giant nutcracker. It was marked down and I couldn’t resist. I began to debate once I got it home if I should keep it. It’s identical to the other one, except that the new one had a hat instead of a crown. I thought they looked too much alike. This week as we were putting all the Christmas stuff in the attic, I didn’t feel like I was supposed to keep the new one. I decided to bring it and give it as a door prize on Saturday. I had no idea that Kandi was wanting to start collecting nutcrackers, but God knew! The story gets even better! Today, I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed home from church. James went and came home with a set of nutcrackers for me from my friend and Carl’s sister, Abby! Thank you Abby! She gave me a set of four six inches nutcrackers and one bigger 12 inch one. Isn’t that amazing! God wanted Kandi to have the big one and He replaced it with five smaller ones! I don’t believe that was a coincidence! See how much He loves us Kandi!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17



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  1. So much fun. :rotfl I love the tree that came alive this year. I hated to leave. Our family is so easy to please, I think we enjoy a nice tradition of crafts and things, instead of spending a lot of money. Jules that is a good pic of Dorothy and Nita. Their all good including the one of the young ones who don’t know what the doilys are for. Christmas on the Knutson Farm. Larry’s Smoked turkey and Nita’s Sweet tator casserole, Julies corn casserole and all the rest. πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh Yeh, my jean pocket magnets were special, made from the “I think I ripped my Pants” on the blog this last summer :rotfl
    Jules, the Dr. always gives me a Sol Medro shot and this time followed up with Alegra-D RX tablet. That Alegra is really good. Kandi and someone else said they like it too. I never had sinus trouble till I moved down here, but I’m sure my past with smoking did’nt help. Hope you feel better soon, Love

  3. Yes, I forgot to mention that Aunt Marlis picked the “special” set of pockets, salvaged from my blue jeans that I ripped the back out on an outing with the kids. I posted about in May. For the curious, check it out. These are links, just click on them.

    It was a follow up post to this one.

  4. Going back to the ripped my pants, we were talking about Gil and the pantyhose. He wore shorts over them, but this one day he forgot to put the shorts on. “SO NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY”. :rotfl :evil

  5. What a fun time together. You have such a great family with all those beautiful women!! I have enjoyed getting to know your aunts on your blog.

    What is Sweet Tater Casserole? sounds yummy.

  6. It’s very yummy:

    Sweet Potato Casserole

    3 cups smashed sweet potatos
    1/2 c. milk
    3 eggs
    1 c. sugar
    1 tbsp. vanilla
    1 stick butter, melted

    beat till smooth and put in pam sprayed cake pan


    1 cup brown sugar
    1/2 c. flour
    1 cup chopped pecans
    1 stick of softened butter

    mix sugar, flour, nuts and cut in the butter. Sprinkle over the top and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes – hour.

    There is no need for dessert with this yummy dish! :indeed

  7. He’s going to get ya for that one Aunt Marlis! The hose were for going for his morning run in right? Thought we’d best mention there was an athletic/health reason for the hose!


  9. Gil just read this and didn’t say anything so guess you are safe (for now.) I am trying to recall the incident, as it happened quite a while ago. I know he used the hose to keep his legs warm when it was just chilly out. Makes for a funny pic. in ones mind though. He probably wasn’t outside very long before he came back for his shorts.

    Glad you posted the Sweetpotato recipe as Gil asked me on the way home if I had gotten the recipe from Nita.

    Gil & I love the hummingbird & red flower pic. you gave us for our anniversary, It is above the desk where we see it all the time. Thanks again, Marlis.
    I always look eagerly to our MO. Christmas to see what creative ideas you all come up with for gifts. I guess I went away the winner with the towels & picture this year.

    We also had a lot of fun looking through Gma Pearls old jewery. I hope I can come up with some creative remakes on some of it.

    Forest was quite the confersation piece too. Glad Nita has a live tree to watch over things.

    I had so much fun, and yacked so much I was thirsty all the time. I had to stop 3 times on the way home. Julie, hope you get to feeling good real soon, those sinus problems are not fun. It is a problem mom Vera passed on to us all.

    I am eager for our June Girls week-end with our red hats, and no tell’n what else.

  10. Excuse my spelling, I had the dictionary at hand but still mispelled words. conversation :fish

  11. I am not too good at spelling or grammar. I have to edit a lot as I re-read and see all my mistakes. I am sure there are a lot I miss. This isn’t a blog where you need to be too concerned about such things!

    I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations. You’ll have to bring them in June and show them off. (she’s quite good at making pretty jewelry)

  12. I took a pair of earrings and a necklace of gma’s. When I got home and was cleaning them the earrings said “Austria” on the back of the clips. So do feel good about them. Nothing but austrian “crystals” I’m sure. Gil, :love :angel. I hope your not mad.

  13. Aren’t Austrian crystals good stuff. Good for you. No Gil is not mad, he’s pretty mello. πŸ˜‰

  14. Yes, crystals are nice. I had always heard of austrian crystals, but it was’nt till Tommy took me to arkansas on vacation one year, that I found out Ark is the Crystal capital of the world, now that might even be a town in ark, but still, I think that is cool. :cool The earrings had a white setting, I don’t think they were opals, her birthstone, but I have seen a cheap grade of opal that looked like it. Any who!!!!!!!

  15. Oh yes, THANKS :worship Karen for the nice compliments, we accept any and all. :rotfl
    All kidding aside, your a sweety, hope to meet you one of these days. I’m glad your MOM is doing well, I check in once in awhile to see how she is doing.

  16. Thanks for checking in with us and for your prayers. I really appreciate it! Yeah, one of these days I hope to meet you all too.

  17. James, Don’t think I did’nt notice, the PENCIL was cool. Integrity :indeed Thanks. They came with the JEAN PATCHES

  18. :worship
    I am back from my Monday off.
    Jules, Ian had such a good time with Jessica and Lydia. Thats all he has been talking about.
    I love my nutcracker. I fixed it Sunday.
    Max is scared of the nutcracker but he is warming up slowly. I still have it out, I may keep it out for a few weeks.
    I hope Nita did not think I was upset she won the nutcracker. She could have kept it, I just thought he was the most amazing thing I have seen, I never looked at the big nutcrackers at Wal-Mart because I knew they were so much. I have wanted to collect nutcrackers for the past 3 years but never had the courage to buy them at Wal-Mart because I knew if I spent $10.00 on the smaller ones I would have felt guilty for buying it instead of food for our stomachs.
    Boy am I glad my whining worked on Nita, God did know I wanted one and kept my money instead. GOD DOES WORK IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. This year I put two nutcrackers in my cart they were like $7 dollars a piece I put them back 4 times in an hour, so I am sure the security guys at wal-mart get a kick out of watching me. I have always loved nutcrackers. Someone I knew when I was little had them and I loved them. It is amazing it took me this many years to finally get one.
    Jules, tell Nita thank you and I love him, He is the new man in my life…….
    I had fun at Nita’s I always do, Ian is now sick with a sore throat and Grandma Tootsie told him he would be sick and he is…..
    Aunt Marilyn thank you for the doilies they are beautiful…..
    Jules tell Nita Ian spent his money she gave him on another Godzilla movie HE NOW HAS 7 GODZILLA MOVIES.
    Mom, Ian and Max took a bath together in your spongebob soap you gave Ian they both smell good now.
    Larry’s turkey was awesome. Nita’s snacks were awesome.
    Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Gil thanks for the ride, I appreciate it.
    Mom, thanks for the camera now I have great looking pictures…
    Ian has Aunt Marilyn’s mobile she made all the kids on a hook in the living room, he really does think it is beautiful…….
    Love ya all,
    Kandis :flowers πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  19. Debbie:

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Thank you for the crazy daisy gravy boat with matching saucer. I love it. It is above my sink with all my othe collectibles…
    Thank you so much…

  20. I would have gotten Ian something else but he is so hard to buy for, I figured if there was something he needed, you would tell me. I’m sorry Ian did get sick, but any time it’s iffy weather for a jacket and the kids are playing and running and sweating, it’s goonnaa happen. Been there done that with myself and you. Give him a kiss for GMA Tootsie,

  21. Sounds like you all had a great time. We didn’t have a get-together here at Christmas–everyone was going different directions this year. but we do get together nearly every month for birthdays so that’s always fun. In fact we’re heading to Kelli’s on Thursday for Alexis’ birthday–she’ll be 16.

    Kandi, I’m glad you like your gravy boat. My mom-in-law found it at a yard sale and remembered me having a cousin collecting the glassware. So I’ll pass along your thanks to her.

    Pray for Joe and Kathy today–Joe is having his outpatient procedure today. Pray that all goes well–he hasn’t been able to work since before Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for posting the pics, Julie, and to Aunt Tootsie for emailing some, too. I can almost hear your all’s giggles and cackles!

  22. That’s great, glad things worked out with the Nutcrackers! Cute tree by the way!

  23. Your welcome!! That’s neat how the nutcracker giving all worked out. Also, I like you pocket magnet idea (how cute)!!

  24. That is one big nutcracker and a neat story to share. :)

  25. The tree reminded me of Lord Of The Rings! I loved the living trees (don’t know how to spell the name of them so I won’t even try!) He greets people as they come down the sidewalk! Larry wants a grouchy faced one now, too.

  26. Glad you liked the nutcracker story. I was excited about it. I get excited over little personal God sightings like that one. I bet we miss them a lot when we aren’t paying attention, but this one seemed kinda obvious to me.

  27. Kandi, you know when people find out you love something and want to start a collection you end up with more than you know what to do with!!! Now everytime someone sees a nutcracker at a yard sale etc. they will be picking it up for you!

  28. MOM:
    Ian is happy with spongebob bubble bath stuff or That silly bath foam that is in a tall can that comes out and feels like shaving cream. He loves candy flavored lip smackers for lips. He is happy with simple things too. He especially loves Hersheys candy bars (plain).
    But I have cut out all candy and sodas for awhile for Ian they just make him impossible to be around.
    No, Ian loves Aunt Nita’s farm. He and the girls got carried away and his asthma puffer was forgoten at home that day. yes I preached to him all day yesterday about not wearing a coat that day. I did not worry about him that day and now I guess I should have but he has learned a lesson from this.
    Ian loves the farm……..

  29. Kandi, I know that Trish got a nutcracker for Christmas 1 year. I have a feeling she don’t have it now though, probably left it somewhere in TN.
    I loved Gpa’s farm also. Marlis & I were everywhere when we went for visits. We lived there for a while when we 1st moved to MO. til mom & dad found a place.
    Jules your other doily is on it’s way to your house. Snail Mail.

  30. Oh, I had to run upstairs to see if I had an Integrity pencil too. Yep! Thanks James. Suprised I hadn’t noticed at the time.

  31. Oh Yeah!!!!
    Thanks for the integrity pencil James…..

  32. I love the nutcracker story–God is so good to please us in little ways as well as the big. I have a similar story. We spent Christmas with Steve’s parents. She had some mutual friends over for Christmas Eve. We all exchanged gifts and we noticed our friend Daphne seemed especially pleased with a beautiful scarf that Steve’s sister gave her. After we commented on how much she seemed to like the scarf, she shared that earlier that month, she had given away her only scarf to someone at church who had admired it. So we told her God replaced her scarf for her! But wait it gets better. A few moments later she opened another gift and it was ANOTHER scarf. God replaced her scarf two-fold!

  33. PS about Uncle Joe…I was mistaken. He had an appointment with a specialist today. His procedure is to be done Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

  34. Where in the world do you get those faces? The one’s for the trees. Really cute. My neighbor has a big old tree.

  35. Ok, you guys have me REALLY homesick, I miss all the fun, almost makes me want to come back to MO!!! hehehe (Deb)
    I have to brag on my baby, Sarah’s 1st ballet class was a smash hit today. She showed me what she learned and I was so happy, I got teary eye’d and almost squeezed and kissed her to death! haha She is turning 4 in 7 days…we are counting down.
    Chris and I both read “Financial Peace” by Dave Ramsey again, to get us back in line. I was feeling guilty for spending the money for Sarah’s class, as it is not a need, but a want. Guess what, I had a God thing too!!! Chris called me at work today and told me that my recruiter called and told me we have to re-do my contract, because I get a dollar and hour raise!!!
    God is cool. I no longer have guilt!

  36. Your family is so wonderful Julie :flowers

  37. Sarah is very disturbed by Nita’s tree. She hasn’t ever seen a tree that is “alive”. She won’t even look at the picture, it scares her.
    I think it’s cute!!!

  38. Makes me want to be in MD to see Sarah dance, and to be with all of you. You did miss the fun here though. Bet you had some fun at Chris’s, being waited on! That thing with the tree is like Jessica being afraid of the Christmas tree. Isn’t God so great, all these things he does to make us happy. :worship