fight for love

Jules —  February 13, 2006

Lydia gave me this picture this weekend. The girls love the idea of fighting for something worthwhile. To them there is only one good reason to fight and that is for L O V E! Little girls are such little women. I think fighting for love echoes the heart of every woman. We can be warriors. Just threaten our kids, husbands or girlfriends and you’ll find out just how ferocious we can become! I thought this picture would be great for a Valentine post.

I think we are finally ready for the big day. Valentine’s Day is HUGE around our house. Lydia has been making Valentine crafts for two weeks now. I had no idea how much little girls get into Valentines. Oh my goodness!!! We spent Saturday afternoon at mom’s kitchen table filling out Valentine cards and stuffing little mini goody bags. All four of the girls have Valentine parties tomorrow. It took us awhile to do all 63 valentines! Last night we decorated Valentine boxes for school. I think we are finally ready!

James is going shopping for the girls today. Isn’t that sweet?! He’s going to get them jewelry and candy. I can’t wait to watch them open their gifts in the morning. They will be way beyond excited!

“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.” ~ Mother Teresa



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  1. I remember Valentines was big in school too!!!!!I got to make the box a couple of times and what a thrill. Ours was done at school, where the teacher bought a bunch of stuff and I could choose what, and how to do it. 😀 At home I went thru them and choose which one’s to go to who. Mama usually made cookies. The parents volunteered sending goodies. I loved coming home and going thru all the cards I received to see what was wrote on them.

  2. That is so awesome! She needs to sell this one to me for my art collection! I love Princess Leia holding a mace, that is too funny! I have her card she made for Razz’s 100th birthday set aside somewhere safe as I’m sure she’ll love to see it someday when she is grown up.

  3. Lydia is going to be an artist like her Gma Vera and aunts Kathy, Linda and me.

  4. I had a blast getting their gifts goday!

    I really think that Valentines is going to end up being my favorite day of the year to get gifts for my girls.

  5. Love the eyes and hair, you can tell who it is supposed to be. Horray for James, he’s going to put all those fathers to shame, or be a good example to them. I envy those 4 precious daughters of yours. Keep it up James. I used to spend a lot of time making out the valentines cards too when I was in grade school. I think we made our own personal boxes for the kids to put the cards in. I agree, I think I see some potential in Lydia’s art. Am anxious to see what the future holds. Hope you’re still posting then, Julie. What a great way to see my nieces mature. 😉

  6. That’s great. I shared the picture with my daughter, Ashley. She loved it too. I hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  7. Thanks Jeff. Happy Valentine’s Day to the Smith family! I’ll tell Lydia that Ashley saw her drawing. :love

    Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Marlis, I like to think she has some talent. She LOVES to draw and write. She authors and illustrates books all the time. When she was in kindergarten they began teaching them about writing books. She came home and told me she wanted to be an illustrator when she grows up. I don’t know if she has any more talent than other kids her age but she sure thrives on it.

    James, you’re the best. :love

    Carl, maybe we can work out some kind of deal with you! I’m her agent. 😉

  8. Lydia, you do such a wonderful job with your art work!

  9. Happy Valentine’s Day to all you romantic, loving women, girls and guys. I remember making boxes too, we all tried to outdo each other because we had best box award. I was Valentines Day Queen my 4th or 5th grade year. I love how talented my family is!!! Great picture!!!

  10. Happy Valentines Day Trish, Chris, Aaron and Sarah! :love

    I forgot to mention that James has discovered something that I’ve known about since I was a young girl—Claire’s Boutique is AWESOME. It was so cute. When James came home for work, he kept talking about how fun that store is! Only a dad with four girls can truly enjoy Claire’s that much. He sure loves his girls!

  11. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the D gang!!!

    Jules, it would depend on the agent fees. I prefer to have the artist get the greater part of the spoils for her work! 😉

  12. I work for free…believe me… 😐

  13. Awesome drawing, Lydia. James you’ve come a long way, huh? 😉

  14. How fun!! Love the drawing, Lydia! Keep fighting for LOVE. . .it’s worth it.

  15. Julie – the agent fees comment was from Carl. He forgot to change the name.

  16. I fixed it for you Mary! 😀