March 1st

Jules —  March 1, 2006

It’s going to cool back down tomorrow, but today was almost sweaty! My very favorite people to be outside with on nice days are my kids. I have sooooo missed our walks, but I do not like to walk in cold or even chilly weather. This morning we did not even need jackets, so we excitedly hurried out for a morning around town! It’d been too long. I am so thankful to God and James that I get to spend my days with my girls.

Elaina LOVES bicycling!!!

We walked down the bike trail. It was so perfectly beautiful.

The city park was empty. Anjelia loved swinging again!

One of my very favorite things to do, too!!! Swing!!! I love the squeak of the chains and the way my tummy gets tickled. It felt so good to have a breeze blow through my hair!

Of course we got a little hungry and thirsty and had to stop by Sonic before heading back home.

It was a wonderful morning! I am looking forward to our many walks once the warm weather comes to stay.

Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.รขโ‚ฌย



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  1. I am loving this warm weather too! I’ve taken my kids to the park twice this week!!! I can’t wait for this warm stuff to stick around :-).

  2. What a wonderful, special day. Glad you guys got to get out and enjoy the great weather today.

  3. Aaaaaaa, I love to be out in this warm air. So wonderful. Great pictures Jules. :indeed

  4. Oh my goodness. That’s the old bike trail bridge! I remember racing my bike down there and running into one of the cement poles and wiping out bad! And I remember it being more “woodsy” then too. And I remember having a fort back there in the woods too. Wow, good times…

    Neato self picture on the swing too!

  5. So glad you’re feeling better, Julie. Love the pictures–glad you all got to get out and get some sunshine on your faces. It does wonders after being sick and shut in the house. Did you see any flowers blooming yet? Things are early here this year…daffodils and Bradford Pears are showing already!

  6. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I wanted to leave work and go with you ugys. :cry

  7. I love the wind and breezes too. It’s been a pertty mild winter here but no temps even above 50 and then only twice. Butch and I walk at least 3 miles a day when it’s nice out. We walk up town, eat breakfast, then walk home. I love your pictures Julie, and so happy to hear you’re content. That’s kind of rare. I thank God that I’ve always felt content with what I have. The next best thing to that is peace and feeling peaceful with myself and things. Hope we get some of your warm weather soon. We are going to Blowing Rock, N.Carolina on April 1 Hope it’s warm and springy there.

  8. Aunt Linda, those walks sound so nice. James and I went through a period of walking together before work, but it was several years back. We walk to the park with the kids now. That’s even better!! James isn’t the walk lover I am but he does enjoy getting out with us sometimes.

    I wish I could say I am content all the time. Let me say it this way, I aspire to contentment. I am very happy with my family.

  9. Debbie, some things are beginning to spring up around here too.

    Amber, the nice weather should do all us stay at homers some good! It’s so much easier to raise little ones when the weather is pretty! Spring shows so much promise for easier times!

    Rob, I thought of little Robby and Stacy when we were walking near Oak Meadows!!!

    Thanks Carl and Aunt Marilyn!!

    Hon, we wished for you, too.

  10. Nice post, I love the quote. The girls get prettier every day. I got to go out for a walk yesterday with the neighbor lady. I can tell I missed a few walks, but I’ll get back in shape. Richard felt a little better yesterday so I could get outside for a short walk. ๐Ÿ˜€ Baked some Amish friendship bread and shared a bag with my neighbor, she was in the kitchen till 8:00PM baking. It is so good and makes the house smell good for hours. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I am glad Richard is doing better. I’ve been wondering how things were. I’m glad you were able to get out. I’m sure you needed that desperately.

  12. What a fun day with the girls!! We played outside a lot yesterdy too. I was needing to prepare for Bible study but I let the wind blow the pages of my book and just played with the kids. I swang the kids until I thought I would go crazy, but they just wanted more. Wish my swing was big enough to get on myself – like yours!

    Love that pic of you swinging! fun.

    I can’t wait for this weather to stay, too!!

    We took the kids to the track last night. The boys ride around and around on their big wheels and Tom and walked and talked. It was pitch dark when we left and Jaden still screamed when we were pulling in the garage. He didn’t want to leave. Fun days to come!

  13. Chris took the kids to the park yesterday, but it is rainy and 45 degrees today, nothing blooming, but Sarah and I saw a duck in the middle of the parking lot this morning, it looked rather confused.
    I got a great report at my cardiologist today, Sarah got to push the button to do my EKG. It was completely normal. I get to stay on medication, but it’s working so I don’t mind. I was scared going to the doctor, so Sarah went with me so I wouldn’t cry (haha). I have PVC’s all the time, but they are benign, or just a pain in the hinney. He assured me that I wouldn’t die from them. I want to thank all of you for making me the melodramatic person that I am today . :eek

  14. Maybe James should try and swing on some monkey bars for that shoulder pain. ๐Ÿ˜€ I got outside for a little bit behind the hospital and just got instantly in a better mood. Even the usual grouchy nurses were smiling. (Normally I’d think it’s because of my delightful humor that they were happy, but really it was the weather.) BUT freezing rain and sleet for the weekend. Welcome back head colds and sniffies…sniffies.

  15. Karen, the girls can usually go forever without tiring, but yesterday they seemed to poop out quickly. I guess we’re all a little (or a lot) out of shape!

    Trish, I am glad you got good news. That sounds scary to me too. However, maybe that’s cuz I suffer from this melodrama you speak of! Could it be a family condition? :evil

    Tom, no doubt you are a true delight to work with but I am sure the happy moods were weather related. :fish Thanks for doing some information gathering for James. He has an appointment for an MRI next Wednesday. If he has a tear they will have to do surgery.

    (James has been in escalating, excruciating pain for three weeks. Yesterday was the very worst until the doctor called in a narcotic for him. It sounds like he has a possible rotator cuff tear. :cry )

  16. I am very melodramatic. I thought I was the only one!!!

  17. Looks like you had fun! I love family walks.

  18. One of my girl friends down here had a torn rotator cuff. She also was in pain. She had rehab for a long time. Us girls would carry her paint supplys in and out to her car so she could paint with us. I sure hope he gets to feeling better real soon, our prayers are with you all.

  19. Rotatir cuff problems seem to be common to people in construction. We have a friend who has had those problems. We are sorry James is in such pain. He is such a nice person for this to happen to. We will be praying for him.

    Trish, write and tell me what PVC’s are. You probably told me once but I’ve forgotten. :banghead

  20. Gil went for a walk the other day when it was nice and said he wish he hadn’t. Maybe some day soon he will enjoy it again. I know I need to get back at it. :rolleyes

  21. I am sorry you guys have to deal with bone spurs and bad knees. :(

  22. Marilyn, PVC’S, to put it simply is when yourheart skips a beat or has an extra beat.I think it may run in our family, I have them also, just not nearly as much as Trish,alot of things run in our family ,like OCD,MANIC DEPRESSION,BIPOLAR,it can be a blessing and a curse, cool, hah? I prefer to think we’er all just special! Jules, love the pic’s and the quote’ I too have enjoyed the last few day’s, it’s been in the high 60’s and 70’s, it feels sooo wonderful, I think it even makes a person younger.Oh, Jules, about the bone spurs and bad knee’s , don’t forget bulging disk’s too. Hi, Kandis, I appreciated your reply ,lovey. What did you think of my ideal for your web site name? Groovin, cool huh . ๐Ÿ˜€ Linda, can’t wait to see you and Butch in April. Trish, I think we had the lasiest Charge nurse in history today ,she would not get her lazy bottom up out of her chair to help me run blood and I had a lady that was running a constant heart rate of 170’s 190’s short of breath ,sweating, nauseated and c/p, boy it sure would of been nice to have had someone at my back. :banghead Needless to say I left work furious. Please come help me . :cry Im so tired, Ill talk to all later. love you all :indeed

  23. J ame’s Im sorry to hear your in so much pain :cry Im sure every one will be praying for you.Please let us all know what the MRI shows. Tom , you surely did’nt mean to imply that all nurses are grouchy, did you ? You know Trish and I are nurses, and we’re not grouchy all the time , just when we’re under staffed , under paid ,over worked and under appreciated, O well maybe we are grouchy all the time. ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. I love that pic of Elaina with her monkeys in the basket! That’s great. I remember riding my bike with my “friends” attached.

  25. Aunt Kathryn, your job sounds sooooo stressful. I think I’d be grumpy on days like that! I’m sure you are not grouchy all the time. I can’t imagine it!! How’s Uncle Joe doing?

    Tom works in radiology at local children’s hospital. He does lots of MRI’s, etc.

    Karen, I can’t wait to spend some time with you…..AWAY!! (We are going on an overnight to a women’s retreat tonight!! We are going to eat, talk, laugh and learn about seeing ourselves as God sees us. I really need that lesson bad. I am really struggling with being hard on myself!!!)

  26. Jules, I can’t imagine you needing to worry about how God see’s you.!!!!!! :angel Your doing everything right. I know, I ask myself the same thing. But I am doing what I’ve heard him tell me, at the best of the ability he has given me. But it sure does’nt hurt to learn more in anything you do in life. I would say getting a little time to yourself w/the big girls will be satisfying. I went to our art club meeting last night the first one of the year( we are off Dec., Jan, and Feb. it was nice to get with them again. There are a few of us that paint together all year. This afternoon we go to Versailles to set up for the show at the Royal Arts Theater for a week. Reception to meet the artists at 5:00Pm. Richard is feeling a little better and wants me to go on.

  27. Jules, I know how it is to be hard on yourself, I tend to do it too. Maybe if you think of it as God reminding you what not to do it will help. I know you are a wonderful, patient person and I’m sure others see you a lot different than you do. Kathern , Kandi,Tom, Trish,Deb, Chris, I have a lot of respect for Nurses and Teachers, they carry a lot of responsibility. Three Cheers. And Mothers, they are raising the leaders of the future, they need lots & lots of prayer. :angel

  28. Thanks Marilyn and Jules for the thoughtful comments about nurses, Trish can probably tell you also that nurses get very few thank you’s. :cry Im not grouchy very often, I do like taking care of people, Im sure thats what God ment for me to do, it is very stressful, I think I’d be much more sane if I had’nt became a nurse though. Marlis, I envy you, I wish we had an Art club here, Id love to have others to help inspire me and to have new and different ideals. Linda inspires me when she is here she just is’nt here near enough, she has helped me tremendously with my painting, thanks Linda, you know I love you. Tootsie maybe when we’re all together you and Linda can give us an art class ๐Ÿ˜€ . Jule’s sounds like you and karen are going to have a wonderful time, I wish I could go somewhere with just the girls , Trish, Marilyn, Linda, and I went to San-Diago several years ago ,it was fun just doing what ever we wanted to, whenever we wanted to, although I did miss my Honey- Bun, Joe. Linda even got a kiss from some guy on the plane, I have a picture of it the guy was just being silly and leaned over and kissed Linda on the cheek when I was fixing to take a pic. of just her, :rotfl Deb when are you going to Frenches shoes? I may beat you there again. later all :indeed

  29. I should have said the “justifiably grouchy” nurses… No I tell you I do work with the BEST nursing team. They handle all our sedations so the kiddos make it through their exams and most are ex-ICU, ER or flight nurses so their training is excellent, although I do see alot of burnout.

  30. Now let’s see how many comments are submitted that have nothing at all to do with being outdoors.

  31. Stop that Tom. Hee Hee ๐Ÿ˜€ It was wonderful to see Butch on the previous story. Well I’m going to walk, outside, around in the sun, taking pics of Versailles old buildings, today so I have something new to paint. Close enough Tom. Just kidding. Don’t you know women don’t have to keep on track, we change our mind alot.

    Marilyn and I road bikes and horses all the time growing up. We were always outside, in the woods, making mud pies, playing in the creek or something. We were always very close when we were younger and still are. I always feel closer to GOD outside.

  32. I miss those 3 warm days we had. :cry Jules, the trail you were walking on in the pic. is that in the park or around town like a walking or bike trail? Thank you Sister nurse Kathy for the PVC’s Lesson. Come to think of it I think My Dr. said I had something like that but I am not on any med. for it. I wouldn’t even know it except for the test the Dr. ran once. I had to wear a monitor for 24 hrs. He was always scareing me about something.

    One nice thing about being outside, we can always chase rabbits!!!!!!

  33. Right! Right. :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

  34. I always forget Chris is a teacher, too. I greatly admire homeschooling parents!

    You got it Aunt Marlis. Just smart off to Tom. He likes it, dont you Tommy?!!!!! He’s always trying to get a rise out of someone. I can just here his big laugh. Hehe! Hey, Tom thanks for cleaning the van all up for us. Karen bragged about you today. Speaking of jobs, I don’t know how you and the entire medical team deal with all the horror related to children that you see. Not anyone could do that job, either. The medical field has got to be one of the most stressful fields to go into.

  35. Your welcome Marilyn, I don’t take meds for PVC’S ither . Thinks for clearing that nurse thing up ,Tom, I really did’nt take it to heart, I figured you were just kidding. later all :eek

  36. I used to collect rocks with my friends and I still have some very special ones that my talented sisters painted on. All my sisters are very talented in so many ways.