Jessica’s birthday part 2

Jules —  April 5, 2006

Well, we’re back from a fun night of partying. Jessica opened her gifts from her sisters after school. Lydia bought her a Strawberry Shortcake doll, Elaina gave her a Barbie Mermaid and Anjelia was proud to give her another cute doll. Jessica practiced riding her new bike and then we headed for Chuck E. Cheese. The pizza was actually pretty good. The girls had a blast playing games. I think James has as much fun as the girls. He loves to play skeet ball and win lots of tickets for them. God is so good to us. A gentlemen gave the girls 1000 tickets tonight! They were able to “shop” and get some neat things. It was yet another birthday blessing. (Jessica’s bike rang up half price at the register!)

I made Jessica one of her favorite cakes, Red Velvet. I finally got Mom’s wonderful cream cheese icing recipe from her. I grew up eating this delicious icing. She used it on all her cakes. Mary, I owe you a cake with this frosting!

Cream Cheese Icing

1 – 8 oz. package cream cheese
1/4 cup oleo
1 3/4 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

Cream all ingredients and ice while cake is warm.

The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.” Richard Moss



14 responses to Jessica’s birthday part 2

  1. What a beautiful MOM & DAUGHTER. Sounds like everyone had a good time. Nice man to give those tickets to the girls. It probably gave him joy to watch them spend it. Sounds so wonderful, all of it.

  2. What a beautiful picture.
    Jessica I am glad you had fun at Chucky Cheese.
    Ian loves going there. He loves getting tickets but he only buy’s cotton candy with them. Oh well I end up eating some of his cotton candy too.
    I am glad the birthday went well..

  3. Jessica, what a day!!!!! Your mama and dad sure love you girls. First bicycle is something you will always remember. I remember mine, what a wonderful time I had for years. Fun night out, just had to be the icing on the cake. :evil was’nt I sneaky with that one. That is my favorite icing. I have a Broom Stick cake, (pineapple) that the icing is so good on. You never said if your boyfriend gave you a present.

  4. Nice action shot of Jimmy boy! :rotfl

  5. He has a nice backside! :oops

  6. Now don’t everyone scroll up to take a look! :rotfl

  7. How did ya know what we were going to do :rotfl :evil

  8. Dear Lord…no worries there Jules! :moon

  9. It loked like you and Dad was having a good time Jessica, were you bowling? Im not sure. I can’t wait to see you and your sisy’s , I hope soon, you don’t remember your Auntie Kathryn I bet , believe me ,once you meet me agsin you probably won’t forget this ol lady. Happy happy birthday sweetie. :birthday :flowers James thats a great shot of the ol behind, woo hoo. I talked to Linda today , she is soundin like her ol self again,thank you lord. Well I got to get back to my cookin, Im fixin Justin barbecue baby back ribs for supper, gotta get them on the grill, its so pretty and warm out, about 75 and sunny ,yeh hah. later lovey’s.

  10. Love the picture of you and Jessica. That’s such a good idea to always take your picture with each girl on the birthdays! The cake looks so pretty on that plate. I’ll have to try that cream cheese icing.

    Look forward to the party! :birthday

  11. Kathryn, I was hoping for a fuller report on Linda, where is she, where are they going next, Etc?
    I’m going to start having you plan my birthday, Jules.

  12. Jules:
    Thanks for helping me out!
    Please dont give up on me, I will be blog independent someday!
    Hopefully for James sake as well…

  13. Happy late birthday wish! Many wonderful bike rides to you. When I was 9 I got a new bike and I learned how to ride it standing up for fun! I loved my bike. I rode it alot. I had one stolen at the fair in Bremen once.
    My girls are 16 & 18 and they like to go to Chuck E Cheese with friends and get their picture taken with the thing that looks like it drew it with a pencil.

  14. Happy b-day, kiddo!