The tooth fairy

Jules —  March 14, 2005

Our five year old, Jessica, has had a loose tooth for some time now. Over the weekend it was driving her absolutely crazy. She was becoming quite grumpy and every couple of minutes she would let out a frustrated grunt.

When I picked her up at school today, she was so excited! She had finally lost that tooth. It happened during lunch. She was eating an orange and she thought it was a seed until she stuck her tongue on her tooth, but it was gone! Her music teacher gave her a little pink box to bring it home in.

After dinner, James took her to the store to pick out some ice cream to celebrate. She chose vanilla ice cream bars with chocolate coating, yummy.

A few months ago I bought a tooth fairy box. It’s a little wooden box with a lid. The inside is drilled out with a bit the size of quarters. She put the tooth in it and put it under her pillow. Now it’s just watch and wait. Will the tooth fairy come?


She came in last night
And vanished away…
With the tooth I pulled
Out yesterday

If I could follow,
I bet I’d spy
A mountain of teeth that
Would reach the sky!



18 responses to The tooth fairy

  1. With a pretty face like that, the tooth Fairy
    better show up.
    I”ve never heard of the tooth fairy not, so don’t worry Jessica, she’ll show. Aunt tootsie

  2. She better come…Mary can tell you stories of the times she ‘forgot’ to take care of tooth fairy duties.

    She’s a cutie!

  3. Congratulations Jessica, on losing that annoying tooth! And I love your photos of Jessica and the little gap! So, did the tooth fairy leave a little something for Jessica??

  4. The tooth fairy came, took the tooth, and filled the little box with quarters!!!!!

  5. i got my all-time favorite toy from the tooth fairy! :)

  6. Don’t leave me hanging!! What was it?

  7. well i don’t remember the name of it, but it had these plates that you could inter-change to design your own clothes by rubbing a pencil on paper over it, & then color/make designs on them in with the colored pencils. i think it was a barbie brand.

  8. I would have loved that!!!

    Sounds like you had a pretty cool tooth fairy!!

  9. Congratulations, Jessica! Loved the pics. Did you take those with your phone?

  10. Yeah, comes in handy to download, since I don’t have a digital camera.

  11. Hurray for Jessica! Wow, she is going to have all kinds of money to feed the gumball machine.

  12. Jessica, what a beautiful little girl, congratulations on getting that tooth out of there. I remember trying to pull 1 of my 1st teeth. I was afraid to tell dad because I didn’t want him to put a string on it. So I hid in the closet under the stairs and twisted and worked it til it came out. Love you Jessica, Aunt Marilyn

  13. Where did we live that you hid under the stairs?
    Daddy always wanted to tie a string on and slam the door. Tootsie

  14. I was always so happy when those annoying, wiggly teeth finally came loose. Don’t listen to those string-and-door stories. Chocolate bars with caramel are just as effective and far tastier.

  15. Chocolate and caramel–why didn’t I tnink of that?! My oldest son, Connor, has a tooth that the doctor wants him to get out this week on his own or it will need to be pulled. Why didn’t I think of caramel–that’s how I lost my first crown (tooth crown–not royalty crown! Although I think I deserve a queen’s crown living in a house with 4 boy-barians of varying ages!)

    Congrats to Jessica! What a cutie!

  16. You definitely deserve a crown, Debbie.

    I think you should get a tiara and just start wearing it each day!!! Bobby pin that sucker on and wear it proudly!!

  17. When I was arond 10 or 11, I lost 3 baby teeth (2 of them molars) in the same day. I knew that two of them were loose, and they came right out with a piece of caramel. Imagine my suprise when I bit into my second piece of candy and lost the third tooth!

  18. I lost two teeth on the same day! And they were my first teeth, so when I lose my first tooth I got 2 dollars instead 1. So when I lost them I got 4 dollars!