For the love of coffee

Jules —  April 25, 2006

In my purse I have a tube of Latte Love, Bonne Belle coffee flavored lip gloss. In my freezer there is a delicious half eaten container of Breyers coffee flavored ice cream. On my counter is a warm mug of Cafe Francais General Foods International coffee. And now I am chewing a piece of Wrigley’s newest creation, Kona Creme coffee flavored gum! Life is good!!!! Thanks, Mom!

My blood type is coffee.



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  1. Happy Birthday, Trish!!!!!! I love the pics on Kandi’s blog!

  2. Hi Ian..I know you’re out there!!! :cool

  3. I’ve been enlightened! I about flipped the other day…Steve brought home…………..CHOCOLATE COVERED COFFEE BEANS!!!! Someone at work gave them to him, they didn’t like them! And the thing is, I hadn’t told Steve that we were talking about them on the blog. He had the goofiest look on his face when I launched at the bag whooping and hollering! (I’m sure he thought I had the goofiest look on MY face too!!) I LOVED them. There were milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate coated ones. MMMMMMMMM.

    Mom, you said you didn’t know I liked coffee. This past year I started liking it, but the problem is…I only like it with milk and sugar. And I started gaining weight so I rarely drink it. Back to my morning cup of….ice water. But I’m just sure that the chocolate covered coffee beans are calorie free, right?! 😉

  4. Yes, I’m sure those don’t have any calories in them by your discription. Be careful you girls out there, and I hate to be this way cause I love coffee too, but coffee helps delete calcium from our bones, and you know how important that is. I just hate to be the bearer of bad news. :cry
    I plan on eating some of them too, the beans.

  5. We need an update from you Butch. Hope your silence don’t mean that you are feeling rough. :cry :cry :cry

  6. By the way Jules, you better look again. You look just like Lydia or vica versa.

  7. Ahhh, thanks for saying that. People stopped saying we look alike so I thought we didn’t anymore. That makes me happy. She looks a lot like mom from mom’s childhood pics.

  8. Debbie, that’s too funny. What a coincidence!!

  9. Hi All, Butch is still doing fine, just washed out and tired. He’s up about every half hour to an hour at night.They make him drink so much water and his kidney aren’t quite back to normal. He has not needed the pain medicine or the muscle spasm medicine at all. They sent it just in case.
    We had Tylers birthday today because I have to work most evenings again this week. He will be 11 on the fourth of may. Him and Jazzy did real well on report cards again.
    Happy Birthday Trish, hope you have a nice dayday. :birthday :birthday

  10. Glad Butch is doing Ok. My Dr. said to take Vit. C to help keep those stones from forming. Did his say anything like that? It makes you more acidic and its supposed to keep those stones disolved. HOPEFULLY. Tell Tyler :birthday

  11. No Marilyn, they didn’t tell him to take vitamin c, but I take it, I’ll tell him to start. He doesn’t want them again. Glad you and Gil and Richard are all better.

  12. Aunt Marilyn May 1, 2006 at 9:59 am

    I always thought you and Lydia look alike. Isn’t God good. :worship :flowers

  13. Hey all, we miss you guys terribly. Please everyone pray for Linda, things are weighing heavy on her right now, sorry the spelling. Gotta go for now, later lovey’s.