Weekend re-cap

Jules —  May 30, 2006

I had a very busy, but relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to take very many pics. I did manage to snap a few at my dad’s.

We camped on Janet and Richard’s (James’ mom and dad’s) property Friday night. Richard cooked dinner and breakfast over a campfire. The food was delicious. There’s a certain flavor that only a good campfire can give pork chops and bacon and eggs. James and the girls slept in a tent in the front yard!! I figure I have one more year of taking Anjelia home and sleeping in our own beds before I will have to join them in the tent! I think next year we’ll have a two room tent with a tunnel. There’s just not enough room in one tent for the six of us! Thank you Mom and Dad D for a wonderful time.

The next morning we went swimming and then headed home to get ready for a night out with adults. Tori babysat for us while we went out to dinner and a movie with Carl, Mary, Jeff, Keri, Abby and Mike. We saw the newest X-Men movie. It was very entertaining. James and I really needed a night out. I think I could use another date night with James!

Sunday we went to my Dad’s for barbeque. He fixed me the best grilled cheeseburger I’ve had in years! My dad and Connie are basically raising her two grandsons. The girls have a lot of fun playing with them. We spent several hours four wheeling around the property. James took me for a ride clear up the big hill to the back of the property. It was really fun and the view of the countryside is GORGEOUS. Lydia told James that it was romantic for him to take me there! Girls!!! I wish I’d snapped a pic of the view, but I didn’t take my camera.

My dad and Lydia.

Daddy, Elaina, and Anjelia. The girls had a blast!

James and Baby. I fished a lot in that lake when I was a kid. I loved to stand in the water and watch the little fish nibble on my toes.


Me closer!

Yesterday, we picked up Grandma Dorothy and spent the afternoon and evening at Mom and Larry’s. There was a big dead tree in the back by the chicken house. Saturday Mom and Larry decided to pull that huge tree clear out of the ground roots and all. Next weekend they are going to tear down the chicken house. James had fun helping Larry burn the limbs and the gigantic stump. They said it will probably take a couple of weeks for it to completely burn up. We had a nice relaxing time watching the pyromaniac (James)!

I won’t keep boring you with the details of the weekend. I hope everyone has a good week!

I’ve learned that good-byes will always hurt, pictures will never replace having been there, memories good and bad will bring tears, and words can never replace feelings.”



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  1. That quote of yours, I think,is the story of my life. It is so true. Sounds like you had a good weekend. I did not know your dad!!!! He has gained weight and I simply did not recognize him.

  2. About three years ago he stopped by the house while mom was babysitting. She did not recognize him either. She asked him who he was!!! She called me laughing and horrified and told me what happened!!! He looked at her and said, “I’M JULIE’S DAD!!”

    I think I take after my mom :rotfl

  3. That is to funny :rotfl He looks nothing like he used to. He looks nice, but sure not like himself, back when .

  4. What a fun and busy weekend! That looks like fun on the four wheelers. We used to do a little four wheeling during deer season on the farm. It was always fun. The property looks really beautiful!

    That quote is really true!

  5. I am so tired today; I just can’t get motivated. James feels the same way. It was a nice weekend but it’s left us feeling really wore out.

    It is very pretty out there.

  6. Looks like fun! My boys would have loved the 4 wheelin’.

    And I agree with Aunt Tootsie–thanks for labeling the pictures. I didn’t recognize your dad either. Of course I haven’t seen him since I was about 16. (But it hasn’t been too long a time since I was 16! ha) :disgust :rotfl

  7. Aunt Linda, I just saw your post about Tara on the other entry. Know that I’m praying for all of you. Hang i there–I know you must be feeling weary. May God lift you up as on eagles’ wings. :worship

  8. I loved my 4 wheeler, I wish I Still had it sometimes. I felt so free when I was riding it. I think the wave runner is good though, because everyone can ride it and someone can ride with you. Mine is a three seater and so three of course can ride. I love to go fast. :evil

  9. Jules, I would never have reconized your dad, he looks sooooooo different, what is he like now? I have’nt seen him since I was 4 mo’s pregnant with Joseph, Joseph is 30.Tell us somethings about him. later lovey’s

  10. Linda, did something scare Tara while they were camping? You be sure to get her to the Dr. or she may get in patient help better if you take her to the E.R., then maybe the Case Manager could get her into a facility that could help her more. I will cont. to pray for you all. Stay strong, you know you have to, we’ll all be thinking of you all.LORD,PLEASE GIVE THEM PEACE, CONTENTMENT AND HAPPINESS,GUIDE THEM, SPEAK TO THEM,BLESS THEM, IN JESUS NAME ,AMEN :worship

  11. Jules:
    I love the story about Brian and Nita. I am sure she felt real silly after your dad left.
    Makes me laugh.
    I wonder what your dad was thinking?
    Thanks for praying with me at Kelly’s. It has really helped me. I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Even if the deer were a coinscidence I felt it was some type of a sign.
    I think it was. They could have ate at the blocks and they went back into the woods. I wish I could find that passage the woman was talking about when you pray in nature, nature stops or is still or something. I will look tonight. Maybe you know what passage she was talking about.
    Kandis :worship 😀

  12. Kandi, that was NOT a coincidence. I do not believe for a second that it was happenstance. It was Him. I was there, and I know it to be true!!

    Kandi, I am humbled and honored that you feel comfortable sharing your heart with me. Thank you so much.

  13. We had a really good time with you guys on Saturday and I’m glad the rest of your weekend was so fun.

    What you should do next year if Anjelia is old enough to stay is stick James out there with all the kids and have a night at home to yourself!!! :indeed

  14. That sounds heavenly, Carl!! :angel

  15. Carl, that’s quite enough of that!

    Kandis, you like to give Ian good gifts right? God likes to give good gifts too and that’s what that deer was, a good gift to help encourage you and remind you that He cares about everything you are going through.

    This weekend was so much fun. I really enjoyed the four wheeler rides as well. Of course playing in the fire was fun. I didn’t even wet the bed this time!

  16. hI,YA’LL,Kandi, you know God sent you those deer, don’t try to analize( sorry spelling) things, some things you just know honey. Talked to Linda this morn., Tara is alittle better, they had to take her to the E.R. she was so distrout. She stayed with Linda andButch today.Linda does’nt know what Dr. to take her to or how to help her, please cont. to pray for all them!!!!! Kelli and the girls and I went shopping today, we had a good time ,I love to shop, is’nt that awful. later lovey’s

  17. :cry
    Oh, James and Jules you sure do know how to make me feel good. Thanks…..
    I know. Julie I felt like he was just lookin right at me.
    I dont know if you or Aunt Kathy noticed but I was looking around getting rather weird feeling like I wanted him to give me a sign. Something kept tellin me to look around but all I saw was that dumb cat. But actually after I look back, I think that Kitty played some part in the whole scheme of things.
    It was a little show from God. He had a nice stage set out.
    Where oh Where is Deb. She needs to be checking my spelling. She must be upset since I have really let her have it on TizzyWizz.
    She is probably throwing a Tizzy right now reading it.
    Jules you and James lift me up!!!
    Oh, by the way do you remember the kitty???

  18. I do remember the kitty. He must have been out there hunting mice. He was the pre-show entertainment!