Grandma Tootsie, a quote, a song and praise!

Jules —  June 2, 2006

My cousin Kandis decided to give my Aunt Tootsie (AKA Marlis) the nudge she needed to start her own blog. Kandis set it up for her last night and surprised her. My Auntie has already made her first post!! Check it out!

I wanted to share a quote that has meant a lot to me recently. God has given me several opportunties to help out a neighbor lady/new friend. It’s an honor to help out one of his children, but he had to give me several nudges. This quote was one such nudge.

I never look at the masses as my responsibility; I look at the individual. I can only love one person at a time – just one, one, one. So you begin. I began – I picked up one person. Maybe if I didn’t pick up that one person, I wouldn’t have picked up forty-two thousand….The same thing goes for you, the same thing in your family, the same thing in your church, your community. Just begin – one, one, one.Ò€ ~Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Another nudge was a song that I’ve grown very fond of by Martina McBride. I am having a mental block and can’t remember how to go about linking to a song. Maybe later James can give me some pointers. Anyway, if you have Rhapsody, you may want to check it out. I LOVE it! Oh, it’s Love’s the Only House by Martina McBride.

James’ business is really starting to look very, very promising! God is soooooo good and I give him all the honor and glory! I just had to share how thankful I am. He is able to far exceed our expectations above and beyond what we can ask or even imagine!! James worked ’til nine last night because there’s more work than he can get done!!! He has worked so very hard over the past couple of years through blood, sweat, tears and lots of prayers. I am SOOOOOO proud of him. Thank you so much to all of you who have prayed. May you be blessed. And, hey, keep it up!!!

Have a good weekend!



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  1. Jules, thanks for letting everyone know. I hope mom did not mind but I wanted a place where she could record her beautiful pictures and she needs a place to record her own thoughts.
    What a wonderful place Ian can go to someday and see our thoughts/pictures.

    I think God has a hand in all of us communicating.

  2. Yes, I agree, God has really used our blogs to draw the fam closer.

    I need to slow down my blogging. I am real busy right now. I am glad you all have blogs. I may put mine on auto-pilot for a while and visit my family and friends on their blogs. I wouldn’t have posted today except that I wanted to announce Grandma Tootsie. Then while I was sitting down I thought I’d share a few other things, as well.

  3. Good for her! I love seeing people get out there and brave technology!

    As always I’m glad the business is doing well and look forward to watching it grow and prosper.

  4. Hey, Aunt Marlis, what happened to the post with the pictures of flowers? It was there this morning and I left a comment. Having problems?

  5. Well, I was in there checking things out and then this stupid gmatootsie thing popped up. Let me go back and direct you. I’ll be back. I have posted another one also that has pics. You’ll like it. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. Just click under previous posts, where it says walk with god. I don’t know how to get rid of the gmatootsie post which is nothing. Don’t even know how it got there.

  7. I fixed it, I deleted that one myself. Jules I hope you don’t feel there are too many blogs. I’ll get rid of mine if you want me too.

    James is a hard worker and I know it can be tough at times. When you own your own business, it can be pretty tough. It sometimes takes awhile to get established I imagine, but persiverance will pay off, just keep God in your hearts as you are and everything will work out great. Thanks for announcing my blog. your sweet. :angel

  8. I am really glad you’ve started your blog! It has nothing to do with anyone. I just need to take a break from mine for a bit, me thinks! Yours is really good timing!!

  9. James is a hard worker, as long as he looks to God 1st in his decisions all will be ok in the end. Get some rest Jules, I’m sure you need it. Having a blog seems like a lot like work to me. I guess I’m just to lazy for that. I sure appreciate the 3 of you though for your blogs to keep us connected.

  10. I love this quote from Mother Teresa–it rings so true. Just investing ourselves in people one at a time, building relationships and sharing Jesus along the way, and let Him take care of where that will all lead. I’m sure if she had known what was ahead for her, Mother Teresa may have felt too overwhelmed at first. I’m getting ready to order the boys’ curriculum for next year and I was excited to see that we’d be studying about Mother Teresa. I know just the basic facts about her ministry in India so I’m really excited to read about her more. I’m getting a 2nd education with my boys! (and a spelling lesson on Kandis’ blog!!)

    I’m so glad things are going well for James’ business. I know he was under a bit of pressure while you all were here. Running a business long distance was very challenging, I’m sure. And I’m thankful of his sacrifice of his time to come here for Mother’s Day.

    Jules, don’t feel pressured to keep up your blog over the summer. Even though your blog has helped draw our family closer, we’ll still keep in touch through email and the other family blogs. Have fun spending time playing with your girls while they’re all home.

  11. I know very little about her, myself. I love all the quotes I’ve read of hers. Sometimes I feel so busy with my own family that I begin to feel kinda inward. This quote made me think that just helping one person at a time, now and then, as they come into my life, is what I’m to do anyway.

    I think I’ll have to cut back this summer and only post pictures etc. of things I really love and just HAVE to share with everyone.

  12. Jules:
    I hope you get to come for our girls weekend.
    Do you think you will?
    James I am so proud of you and your business. Our family is really proud of you. You are a great Husband, Father, Businessman.

  13. Hi all, when is the girls week-end? I forgot when Nita said.Im goin to Kandi’s blog after here and then Tootsies ,Im goin to try and get on hers again, if i can figure it out. Im glad everyone is doin pretty good right now. Jules Im gonna get Deb to send you the pics of the chain gang, I got them developed now, they look better than they did on my camara. later lovey’s

  14. what a wonderful post! I am so glad that James is doing well. It warms my heart to hear that business is good because I do pray for him. I feel like I had a small fingernail in helping it get going and I am so blessed when I hear how he is being blessed. I also feel blessed because the better the business does, the better my friend Julie has it!!! Yeah God!

    Love the quote. That is so good and so encouraging too. It also makes me feel that focusing also on my three “ones” at home is doing a lot – if that is all I can take on at the time.

  15. I tell ya, it takes a long time to get any results with the 007 spy Kathy. She better get a digital camera and memory reader for her comp. and just shoot them to us. The suspense of the chain gang is killing us.

  16. Aunt Kathryn, our girls weekend is June 16-18. I wish you could come and all the other ladies in the family, too. It’s soooo much fun!

    Kandi, I am definitely coming. I feel like I should come home early for Father’s Day. I would be hurt if James were gone on Mother’s Day. He wants me to stay all weekend though since this is a once a year thing. I am not sure exactly when I’ll head home yet. James is such a sweetie.

    Karen, I know you’ve prayed a lot. You are that kind of friend. I’d say you’ve had more than a fingernails worth of involvement in the business. No doubt your prayers make quite a difference. You are a wonderful blessing to me. Can we get together soon. I am having withdrawals!!

  17. Praise the Lord for His Goodness! I pray our Jehova-Jireh will provide for all of us according to our needs and His riches are endless!
    I need my driver’s ed. car worked on and that
    puts a damper on my clients! Pray for me.

  18. Jules, I’m happy James business is going good too! I know your busy, but look at it this way, you don’t get bored.

    The garden is in full bloom and needs a little watering and weeding and its only in the high 70 today ,nice weather, so I better get going.

  19. I wish I could see your beautiful yard.

    How is Tara doing? Heather, too?

  20. ALERT,ALERT, All special agents, this is covert special agent 007. THEIR BACKin this residents, out on the street, looking as though they are weed- eating along the side of road, rest easy for the moment,I don’t think they know Im inside. I am abit more alarmed , there are four of them this time, which mean that much more threat. I have taken many more servalance pics. of them at a close range.Im saying now all covert special agents put on your special decoder rings now and stay alert for any new updates. This I repeat stay alert. 007 signing off.Do not let your guard down! :moon …………

  21. Alert from agent 007 registered at headquarters–decoder ring activated. Awaiting transmission. It is vital that you complete your mission and share your data with our other agents ASAP. It is of utmost importance that they are made aware of the infamous “chain gang” so they can be on the look out. You MUST transmit your surveillance pictures to our agents in the field. Over and out.

  22. Special agent 007 it is imparative that you update your office equipment, utmost speed is best with digital camera’s, so it can be fed into 007 computer by way of card reader to deliver utmost 007 information alerts. 007 command headquarters, over and out.

  23. Agents, thank you for your quick response.I will take in consideration your exellent advise on new and better and up dated equipment for all our cause.Please stay in very close contact at all times, it is imparitive to do so. This is 007 over and out . later lovey,s

  24. Christa Ballew-Matthews June 5, 2006 at 4:22 pm

    I was trying to figure out who this Jules character was I kept seeing pop up on Kandi and Marlis’ blog. I have an idea now. The four children thing is something I can relate to…if you count my husband as a child.

    Look forward to hearing from you from time to time.

  25. Jules is the lovely mommy that got our family together, by having the first blog. We have always been a close family, but now it’s everyday nearly. We all love Jules. I love all of them, including agent 007. :rotfl πŸ˜€

  26. THANK YOU AGENT (OLE COUNTRY GAL) I LOVE YOU TOO! Jules , Christa is my sweet little neice, she perhaps could be an angel in disguise,and I am Auntie Kathryn(sis)and there are 5 others just like me :rotfl I am also known as special covert agent 007,but don’t tell anyone else. πŸ˜‰ O.K. guys Joes back is messed up, he is really down with it , pleases pray for him :worship Linda, Im glad to see you back on, you know you need to check in with us much more often. I hope ya,ll are doing better , let me know how Tara and Heather are doin. Butch, where are you hiding at, I know your there,show yourself. Here is a song for you :band . later lovey’s πŸ˜‰

  27. Christa,
    Jules (Julie) is my mom’s sisters daughter.
    She has a great blog. It has brought us all together as a family.
    Jules is a great mother of 4 beautiful girls.
    She has made this blog one of the best I have ever seen. It is full of family, religion, and great pictures.
    I hope she continues to post, I think she is busy lately.

  28. Christa
    Hedorah link on my blog is Ian’s blog.
    He wanted to start one since he has a couple of friends who have one and now that he knows Eilish has one he really wanted to get one.
    I think he will learn how to type, brush up on reading and he really will enjoy downloading all his Godzilla stuff this way.
    He wont be on it much but he will be in it on weekends.

  29. Welcome, Christa. I suppose I am quite a character!!! :cool Thanks for visiting. Come again and I’m sure I’ll chat with you on the other blogs, as well!

    Thanks fam for the compliments. You guys lift me up and encourage me so much.


  31. Hi All,
    I was telling Marlis on her blog that Tara is doing much better. The Dr. took her off two meds and upt one other. Her obsesseive behavior is even better, hopefully it stays that way. I’m beginning to think they will always have ups and downs. Heather is about the same, Tyler seems better the last two days. He was having muscle spasms where they cut the muscles but is doing better.

    I had a little visitor the other day, he climbed up my lilac bush and looked in my bedroom window, it was a baby possum. So sweet.God knows I get a lift through nature. Christa, all my sisters are nature lover nuts. All love to paint too! Most do acrylics, a couple of us do some water color.

    I have to go paint 10 wooden drawer knobs for my granddaughter Katelyn who turned 8 on Sunday. She had a cute Hawaiin Birthday party with her little friends. Love you all…thanks for all the prayers and thoughts, it helps so much.

  32. Linda Lou, glad to see you back, now you better check in every day, several times a day, you miss so much that could potentially lift you up and don’t we all need that ? :indeed Now where is that Butch lurking at? Butch, come out, come out where ever you are. :p I sure do hope Tara cont. to be better,even Joe says there has got to be some one that knows what to do for Tara and Heather, you know Joe, he never says too much, he justlistens, he concerned for them to be happy, maybe their on their way, God knows, maybe he wants us to quit trying to figure something out and let him do his work when he sees fit.AMEN. Linda Im trying to get in the mood to paint, I have a friend at work that has been waiting on a painting for his new house and Im just fartaion around, yes thats my word for the day ,fart a ion. πŸ˜€ Well gotta get the kitchin cleaned up , Im goin into work at 1:00 p.m. today to help a friend out,and so I don’t have to work 12 hours, the Doc’s. and P.T. says I gotta quit workin 12 hour shifts cuz of my back. Please remember Joe, hes still down in his back. later lovey’s

  33. Jules is a Jem, because her mom is a diamond, and Jules didn’t fall far from the tree. We love em both to death. :love They aren’t the only Jewels in the family, all my sisters are. For that matter all our family is a National Treasure!

    Linda, don’t be tempted to pet that lil rascal, Dad got a nasty bite from one years ago. I was 4 but I remember as clear as day.

  34. Between the nail in a board, near his pen, and the possum bite, daddy had it pretty rough for awhile. So don’t pet a possum. :rotfl :eek

  35. I agree, Mom…our family is a treasure.

    Hi, Dad, I know you’re out there!!! :p

  36. Hey,all just another little jewel a checkin in on everyone.I had to work today , is’nt that awlful, I had some trying patients, I wish I could retire, corse that would mean I would be older than I am, oh well better get ready for bed. Later lovey’s

  37. “National Treasures” πŸ˜€ I just love that! All that 007 talk is too fun to! My drivers ed. car
    is on the blink and I have been dealing with people who want me to teach them anyway! It will be back in commission soon. Wish I could get some
    007 special equipment put on it! So glad to hear Tara is better, what about Butch? Where are you??
    Does Linda have you too busy to blog? I put some flowers in the ground Sunday and it was so peaceful out there and I heard a wimper will.
    Jules, tell James I’m so happy for him and he’s a blessing!

  38. Hey everybody I am still hanging around the blog everyday.I just haven,t felt like talking lately.Does anybody ever get in that kind of a mood?I know that we keep on saying that we have a great family and we do.We do a great job of lifting each other up in prayer. :worship Heather called us at three in the morning to go out to the hospital .She was worried about her blood pressure so she went to the emergency room.She wanted us to take Tyler to our house to sleep.Courtney was staying all night with some friends.I got back up at five in the morning to go fishing with my cousin.He is about my age and his wife passed away a few months ago.They had been married for a long time.The poor guy is lost without her.We did a lot together when we were growing up.We went to an auction yesterday and are going fishing today.Hey I will post again later because I am running late.

  39. James is a gem. So is Jules. James, I am so glad your business is going good. You deserve it!
    James thanks for letting Julie come for our girls weekend. I am sorry for not realizing it was on Father’s day! I apoloagize.
    Honestly I tried months ago to get a room, Col books up so quickly in June and July.
    Next go around I will be more aware.
    I wanted to cancel for Julies sake but mom already had someone lined up to watch Richard, so she felt we better go ahead and do it.
    Sorry James!!!

  40. I’m sorry, :worship I’m sorry :worship I did’nt mean to be mean :cry It was OK to change, I just could’nt come, and that was fine too. :( I feel picked on :cry

  41. Kandi, you need to stop worrying about it. The date is totally fine. I want everyone to be there and James is fine with it.

    I am so wore out. Having a business is a roller coaster ride. If I am wore out from it I can’t imagine how James feels.

  42. Jules, cut out anything that don’t have to be done. You have to take care of yourself 1st so you can take care of the rest of the family. Go out and lay in the shade, be lazy. Recoop.

  43. Mother you were not mean!
    I forgot about the Craft shows, Senior olympics, Summer olympics, SHOW ME STATE GAMES, etc…
    going on. Next time I will book right in June for the following year. I booked in Jan or Feb and that was too late!
    Mom you worry too much :fish :fish