June 24th

Jules —  June 28, 2006

I’d like to share a couple of pics from my birthday. I wish I could turn the creative part of my brain back on. I somehow feel like forming a complete, coherent thought is difficult these days! I catch myself wandering around Wal-Mart in daze; I so easily shut down! Maybe it’s a mom thing because I spend most of my energy on my family. It’s definitely making blogging difficult!


My bestest, longtime childhood friend, Elizabeth, spent three days with me last week. It was so nice to have her company. She left the morning of my birthday, after James snapped this pic of us. I think we’ve aged well, girlfriend! (Some of our childhood pictures are rather scary!) We met as pre-schoolers and became friends in first grade. She looked like Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls. I looked horrible with my giant cow lick. Liz thought I’d cut my bangs off! Our friendship grew stronger during our Duran Duran days and has perservered throughout all the joys and pains of our adult lives.


My girls decorated a cake for me at Mom’s. Anjelia kept blowing the candles out while we were trying to get a picture! They are such sweet girls when it comes to birthdays. They were so happy for me and I so enjoyed them.

I have been so lazy with my camera. I wish I had more pictures to show. James and I kept waiting to ask someone to take one of us but we never got around to it. We need to have more pictures taken together.

The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” Morrie Schwartz



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  1. Hi Julie,Im glad you got to see your old friend, their pretty special. layer lovey.

  2. Jules, :birthday

    I am glad you had a nice birthday!!! You and Elizabeth both look awesome!

    (I fixed it Mary. It has to follow something. It’s a gliche. ~Jules)

  3. You and your friend do look great. Is’nt it cool to have a friend for so many years. I’m glad you had this time together, OH my do I feel a song coming on. :band Little girls always love birthday parties. One of these days soon, they will be baking your cake for you. :p

  4. Jules Aunt Marilyn June 28, 2006 at 8:50 pm

    It’s the heat Jules, just saps the strength right out of you. Eat more raisins, sorgum, spinich, Etc. Just do what you have to. It takes a lot of energy to be a Mommy. You need a Nanny so you can nap once in a while.

    You and Elizabeth still look very young and attractive. Glad you had a great :birthday

  5. I am doing fine and I actually do have plenty of energy most days. I guess what I am lacking is creative energy or maybe it’s just desire. It’s my life season I think. I am ok with it though. I really love my life.

    Does spinach artichoke dip count?

  6. Jules:
    Happy Belated Birthday!

    Oh, hey you should have your thyroid checked.
    I have thyroid problems, and so do others in family. Are you cold a lot, go to bed real real tired and early, Anemic alot, full of energy but cant think, headaches, dry skin, peely nails, constipated etc…. I am not a doctor but you should get your thyroid function tested.

  7. I’m so glad you had a good birthday. You look so cute in your hat with your sugar daddy shirt on! I love the pic of you and Elizabeth. I’m so glad I got to visit with her too.


  8. Gosh, Julie, in that picture of you with the girls, you look like the college aged babysitter, not the mommy. Really, I’m not just saying that.

    Maybe it’s the hat–you got rave reviews the last time you were pictured on the blog with it! :rotfl

    Looks like you had a wonderful birthday. And it’s so special that you’ve stayed close to your friend over the years. That’s hard to do sometimes.

    I didn’t see anything wrong with your blog entry. But I understand the feeling of lacking creative energy. Mine comes and goes a lot. You’ve had a busy time lately what with Mother’s Day trips and girls weekend, birthdays, Father’s day, etc. plus the extra activity at home with the girls all home for the summer. You’ve probably spent a lot of your creativity in all of those.

    Love the shirt!

  9. Geez, I should wear the hat more often. Or maybe it’s all the Avon I keep buying from my sister!!

    I love my shirt cuz it’s a family joke to call James, Sugar Daddy! Hey that’s where my creativity goes–silliness!

  10. I think its summer. I know beyond a doubt that I have the equivalent of seasonal affective disorder only where most people get run down and depressed in the winter I get that way in the middle of summer. I just hit a wall, usually around the middle of June, and a few months go by and I sort of come to and realize that I haven’t done anything but (pardon my french) piss away weeks doing absolutely nothing and getting nothing accomplished. I don’t read as much, the yard work goes to pot, I don’t enjoy myself as much. Its weird. I’ve really tried to keep this in mind this year and I realized the other day that I was in the middle of about a 3 week stint of this and now I need to try to get a handle on this before I waste the entire month of July. I’m so glad for this evening’s get together to just spend some time getting out of this funk.

  11. Man I didn’t know you were that tan. …Or is it the large number of candles burning that caused it?

  12. Heh-heh. :evil

  13. It’s BRONZER, Tom!

    (A really good friend can tell ya you’re too pale! Hehe! Thanks Liz!)

  14. Carl, you have a point. Maybe it has something to do with the middle of summer. Hummmmm

    We are looking forward to your company tonite!

  15. Jules you are so in a great time of your life! Enjoy those friends to the fullest and those little girls! Have a blessed year!

  16. Carl,
    Don’t know you from Adam, but I’m sorry to hear about your funk you’re in. I’ve been there myself lately. I’ll pray for you. Sometimes we just try to accomplish to much and don’t enjoy just being.God has been really good to me and I just try to remember that.

  17. Tom, the tan….the candles…good one! :rotfl

  18. I know that this is late but happy anniversary Kelli and Alex.Happy anniversary Kathy and Joe.Happy birthday Jules and Kathy :birthday :birthday I know that I am really late on some of these but I just haven’t felt like talking.I do check the blogs everyday so I am keeping up with the family news.I really am sorry if I have missed somebody’s birthday or anniversary.Linda left for Mississippi on a mission trip this morning and will be back next weekend.I really struggled with whether I wanted to go.I decided not to go but I really wanted her to go because she really wanted to go bad.I pray God’s blessing on this group :worship :worship

  19. I guess there is still a lot of work to do for the hurricane victims.Marlis,you are doing a great job on your blog.I forgot to have Linda to show me how to get on your blog.Kandi my computer is really slow when I try to get on your blog.I guess I could turn your blog on and it would probably come on after a while.

  20. Butch when you bring up Jules blog, to the right side is a list of links, tizzy wizz and mine are there. Just click on one of them and it will come up. All three of us have links to the side, just click on the one you want.

  21. Jules Aunt Marilyn July 1, 2006 at 8:10 pm

    Hey, Butch, Sorry you’ve been left “Home Alone.”
    Talked to Kathy today, you are in my prayers, Linda too if she went to Miss. Our youth went to Gulf Port, Miss. to help for a week. She probably won’t have time to read on this trip.

  22. Marlis,I guess I should have explained myself better.I know how to get on your blog but I don’t know how to send a message.I read your blog everyday.I really enjoy reading these blogs.You people really have a lot of fun with each other. :rotfl :rotfl God Bless Everybody!

  23. Butch, you go down and click on comments like here, then click on “other” and put your name in and start typing. When done, click on login and publish. Thats it. Love ya.

  24. Yes we do have a lot of fun with each other, and can think of NOT ONE person to have more fun with than my family. Any and all. It’s to bad that all families can’t love each other as we do in our family. :love :love :indeed

  25. Your so right Tootsie,I really feel sorry for those people that don’t have anyone or are not close to their families.HEY, Butch, I hope you don’t get too lonely while Linda’s gone, you can just talk to all us any time. later lovey’s.

  26. Tom was asking last night who everone was again. I think he enjoys y’all. He was real proud that Debbie responded to his candles and the tan comment!

    I think we grow on people!!!

  27. Now, how could anyone not like us?????? 😀 😉 We’re just the bestest :angel :indeed

  28. Deb, Steve and the kiddo’s made it to Punkys at 5:15 safe and sound :band

  29. Jules, are you all OK? I’m not asking you to do new post, just worried about ya girl. I know you have your hands full. :eek

    I know you have felt pooped out. Hang in there girl. Love ya’s

  30. Happy belated b-day Jules! Love the cowgirl hat.