Country roads take me home

Jules —  July 5, 2006

Childhood bliss and country roads. The kids love Grandpa’s giant sand pile!

Monday evening was spent at my Dad’s place. It is so relaxing to take the kids to the country. There’s so much for them to do and I don’t have to worry about traffic–unless you count the go-carts and four wheelers!! Beth, Gerald, Emily and Elan joined us there for Daddy’s yummy grilling and James’ truck full of fireworks.

I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. Please check out my photo gallery to see the rest of my favorites.

My niece Emily brought her new gas powered four wheeler!

Little brothers have to try to keep up!

SPOILED! This is Jason, Connie’s grandson.


I love wide open spaces. My soul can breathe out there!

Daddy’s M-80’s. Still trying to be a bad boy.

Orange pop!

Is she going to stop?

Gerald and Beth went on an expedition in search of gooseberry bushes!


The property. Ahhhhhhhhhh. . . I love driving the four wheeler up the big hill. Lydia and I kept driving around up there in the woods while the deer just stood and stared at us. It was beautiful.

Pouty, dirty face.


I’ll post the July 4th pics soon. If you are curious, they are already in my gallery!



12 responses to Country roads take me home

  1. Wow what a wonderful day. Beths children are darling. It was good to see Beth. My this makes me miss my 4 wheeler. I just may have to have one again one of these days. :evil I do know you really enjoyed yourself and I’m so glad. Of course James :angel I know was in seventh heaven.

  2. Just so everyone knows, be sure to click on the word (more….) at the bottom to see the rest of the post. I am doing something new to try to help my page load easier for those of you without high speed. I have so many pictures. Thought I’d make sure the fam understands. I know how y’all are! :evil

  3. Jules Aunt Marilyn July 5, 2006 at 9:14 pm

    Enjoyed your pictures of everyone. Glad you all could be together. Start working on Beth now so maybe she will come to the next Girls week-end or next gettogether. Looks like a lot of fun. We have been enjoying our visits with Deb and family and having Gils family over to visit.

  4. What an awesome day! I love the sandpile picture. Aren’t you thankful that your kids have somewhere to go to experience what we all did when we were kids. There is something about those big wide spaces full of creation that make everything seem okay again inside your head.

  5. You said it perfectly Karen. There is something about those big wide spaces full of creation that make everything seem okay again inside your head. That is so true. I really have a hard time with feeling suffocated in town. I guess it’s cuz I came from big open spaces. I am happy where we are though!

  6. I am glad Deb and fam made it safely. Wish I could visit. Have a great time!! I know it will end all too quickly.

  7. Love the pics, Julie. I had to look twice to recognize Beth with her darker hair–I still think of her as a towhead!

    I second what y’all say about wide open spaces. I grew up in town, but still have a deep satisfaction when I go to friends’ homes that are in the country. I have a friend that lives in the foothills and I call her when I need a country “fix”.

  8. I was just wondering if Beth lives in town or country, was just wondering where she will plant the gooseberry bushes.

  9. She lives in the country. She doesn’t have a huge yard but she has a little garden and they just put in a goldfish pond. Gardening and growing things must be a family thing. Goldfish ponds too! She is planting the bushes in the back. They have a cute home surrounded by pretty land. They have real nice, supportive neighbors too.

  10. I found out this morning that I have strep throat. Please say a prayer for James and the girls. I don’t want anyone else to get this.

  11. Looks like a ton of fun. Wish we had some wide open spaces to light our parachutes off Monday night instead of the streets of Blue Springs. I think I aged 10 years worrying about where that heavy debris was going to fall.

  12. There are no worries in the country. I was so fortunate to grow up on that beautiful land. There’s not a spot in my picture The property that my foot did not tread.

    It is kinda stressful doing fireworks in town.