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Jules —  July 24, 2006

I am sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting lately. I took this pic today to help give you some indication as to why I haven’t been around. This isn’t a very good picture but I think you’ll get the point. This is a picture of my ceiling in my bedroom. Do you see those spatters? That is yogurt. Any questions?

“All of us have moments in our lives that test our courage. Taking children into a house with a white carpet is one of them.” Erma Bombeck



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  1. Did someone flip their spoon? I have spaghetti sauce on my ceiling, I don’t know how it got there. I cleaned it off, but you can see where it had been. Will Elaina be going to school this fall? Are you needing an escape for a while?

  2. I get to have Elaina at home with me another year. She doesn’t start school ’til right before her 6th birthday. I am glad. I can’t believe she’s almost five.

    We are going to Colorado in a couple of weeks. That will be a nice escape from home!

    I don’t know how it got there. I didn’t even ask! Jessica must have flung it or jumped or something with the drinkable yogurt in her hand.

    It’s been a good summer, but today I thought about standing out in my driveway with a white sheet tied to our flag pole while desperately waving it in the air. Maybe someone would have stopped to rescue me. Ya think?

  3. Julie I knew the grandchildren liked the stars and my first impression was the “Big Dipper” was put up there for them. Thinking you bought something to put up there for them.

  4. I checked you out earlier, but no new post. Then I just now saw on my blog about it. Since the girls did’nt do it, are you sure you did’nt flip something up there just for a new post. Hee, hee.
    Just kiddin. How cute. :evil You also must have the patience of Job.

    I’m glad to see ya postin!!!!!!!! Take care.

  5. Ha! It does kinda look like the big dipper! šŸ˜€

    You’re on to me! I was desperate for a new post so I totally set the kids up! Flipping yogurt is quite fun. :drool

  6. Mom D. I think your right. Looks like the dipper to me, Jules you did good. :rotfl :rotfl

  7. Hey, it does look like the big dipper. Just git the glitter out and sprinkle up, maybe it still has some sticky left.

  8. Wow Jules, the Big Dipper on your very own ceiling, Cool :p Glad to hear from ya. later lovey’s

  9. You all have me laugh!!! I love it! :rotfl :rotfl

    Julie you are so funny, but I really thought you were being creative for the girls which you do all the time.

  10. I just read something today that I know you’ll relate to (I did!)….”Lord, give me the patience to endure my blessings.”

    Or maybe it should have said,”Lord, give me the patience to ENJOY my blessings”.

    You’re a wonderful Momma, Julie–just keep that wonderful sense of humor and y’all will be just fine! I love your Big Yogurt Dipper :rotfl

  11. I have been takin my kiddos to the pool. They love playing with other kids and the lifeguard is like having another momma around. Really I take them cause it makes them tired. :evil. Sarah actually went under water yesterday!
    One of the girls at work gave me some little baby clothes her 3 month old granddaughter has outgrown. The kids were so excited looking through all the cute stuff, they sounded like 2 old ladies!!!

  12. Hey! I resent that!!! :love

  13. Me too Trish, I resemble that remark, I mean I resent that remark. :rotfl :rotfl

  14. Mom, are you claiming the “old lady” title already? A bit early on that, dontcha think? :rotfl

  15. Julie, I think it is hysterical the amount of comments you’ve managed to get over a single photo of yogurt splats. We must be DESPERATE to talk!

    (said in a whisper) I’m not sure we should tell our husbands about this–I’m sure they already think we can yak about nothing as it is. This may give them ammunition for their argument! :oops :rotfl

  16. Oops you slipped that comment in on me, Aunt Tootsie. You’re too young to be an old lady, too!

  17. I have a question: What kind of sex is happening at the D House that you guys have yogurt on your ceiling?!?!?! :rotfl

  18. Now how can you go from the big dipper to that?! Nevermind, forget I said that. CARL!!!! :fish I should’ve known better than to ask for questions. I thought I was safe with Tom out of town!

  19. I guess I’m claiming that because I see one in the mirror.

  20. I should have said “jumping on the bed” instead of “sex” but didn’t think of it quick enough. :drool

  21. Carl V.,You are too much!!!!! I needed the laughter and have enjoyed AlL the comments about the yogurt. Julie you and James are BLESSED to have such wonderful family and friends thats make life so-so much fun. :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :indeed

  22. Yes we are very, very blessed. I am glad you got a giggle out of this thread! That makes it worth it. Life needs lots and lots of giggles. :rotfl At least I do or I’d go coo coo.

  23. That’s funny, Jules! I know the thought that must have went through your head when you saw it. “Great! How am I supposed to clean that one up!?!. . .forget it. I’m not looking up anymore.”

  24. You’re right. It’s still there. I’ll get to it sometime!

  25. At my house I would have lined everyone up and handed out whippins. That kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. No one would admit such a destructive deed so I would start with Karen and work my way down. No matter that it is on the ceiling where no one will see it. Now at my house I would just have to wipe it off the mirror on the ceiling but at your house it’s alot harder coming off of drywall.

  26. Tom’s back. :evil

  27. Oh dear. . . :rolleyes

  28. Tom, your else.!!! :eek

  29. Haha, too funny. Nice, Carl.