gone are the days of diapers

Jules —  September 2, 2006

After nearly nine years of changing diapers on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, we are now officially a diaper free home!! Our last (sniff, sniff) baby is out of diapers for good!

Isn’t she adorable in a really ornery way! My baby is almost three! It just can’t be!

There’s a little training left to be done. For example, Anjelia needs some coaching on the appropriate amount of toilet paper usage. I think half a roll per pee is a little too much!

I hope this isn’t too much. I felt a visual aid would be helpful!

I am surprised there’s any water left. It’s nearly all soaked up!

This is such a pivotal time for us. James and I keep talking to one another about it. It’s like we are totally shocked that this diaper free time in our lives has arrived. It’s odd. . . very odd. Our babies are all little girls now.

A girl is Innocence playing in the mud, Beauty standing on its head, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot” Allan Beck


We had a great time at Beth’s this morning celebrating Emily’s seventh birthday. We headed to my dad’s late this afternoon. Lydia, Jessica, Elaina and James are camping out there tonight. Anjelia was so sad to leave and cried all the way home. No doubt we’ll be getting a new tent soon. One isn’t big enough for our family. (I kinda like coming home!)

The girls took off on go-carts and four wheelers tonight. You could hear the giggling and screaming from quite a distance!

Emily and Lydia.


I adore my husband. I absolutely LOVE spending time with him, especially doing fun activities like four wheeling.

I love riding on the back of the four wheeler with James. He likes to go fast over the terraces to hear me squeal!

I took this while James was driving. Aren’t cheesy pictures awesome?!!!

I’d really love to go canoeing with James soon and eventually I’d like to tour the lighthouses on the east coast. I want to swim with dolphins together and do some scuba diving and snorkeling. Oh, I have a whole list of adventures I want to experience with this man of mine!



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  1. Well, getting rid of the diapers is a step towards adventure. Also a money saver, after the family size tent. It is a good feeling and sad feeling when the children grow up. I think the worst is when they leave home. It has to be the ultimate eye opener that they are not little any more. I love your blog, and that Emily is a cutie is’nt she.

  2. Yeah, my hope and prayer is that we have a good 30 plus years left together. That leaves time for a few adventures. I really want to take the girls to the ocean. I want to see the looks on their faces when they see it for the first time.

    Emily IS adorable!

    They have some fun tents. They have two roomed ones with a tunnel in between. They aren’t too awfully expensive either. We can apply some diaper money toward a new one!

    Well, I best get around and head out to the fam!

  3. Ian wants to see the Ocean, and so do I. I have never been to an Ocean. We want to go to a pretty one though.
    Ian’s dream is to swim with the dolphins and go parasailing over the Ocean. My dream is to have a good beach to pick up a ton of shells.
    I do say though I want to swim with the dolphins in that big dolphin/shark thing in Florida. I have had friends who went swimming with the dolphins and held baby sharks and they say it is the best fun they ever had.

  4. Julie, I remember that short phase when the boys were newly potty-trained where SOMETIMES I still wished they were in diapers. There was pretty yucky toilets situations (overflowing toilets due to too much paper, poop on the toilet seat, or having to use nasty public toilets when out and about,etc.) But that’s all better now.

    Now you can start planning vacations and funding your retirement funds with all the money you’ll be saving on diapers (only if all that savings doesn’t get used up by Anjelia’s higher toilet paper bill!)

    Kandi, I’ve never heard of that big dolphin/shark thing in Florida–do you remember what it’s called. That sounds so cool.

    Glad to see you back, Julie. I guess peer pressure still works, huh?! (thanks, Aunt nag nag–whoever you are!!! )

  5. PS Loved the pictures. Emily is a cutie just like her cousins. That onery little pic of Anjelia is priceless. And love the 4 wheeler pics. Gonna have to get us one of those!

    I know what you mean about adventures. Steve and I were out canoeing the other day, and it brought back wonderful memories of us dating. We used to go rowing around on a pond fishing at his family’s friends place. but I’m also finding I love just sitting on the porch swing at night with my guy after the boys have crawled in bed, just talking and snuggling.

    I’m hoping to “kidnap” Steve at the end of this month–Steve’s parents are going to watch the boys so we can have our first ever getaway for the weekend since becoming parents. (I don’t think an evening at the hospital birthing counts as a parents’ getaway!!). Shhhhh–the vacation’s a secret!

    Steve’s already making plans for us to go away in 2 years for our 20th wedding anniversary. He’s talking St. John’s island or some other Caribbean Isle. I can’t wait! :love

  6. I do have to laugh at progress. I did’nt have throw away diapers. I dumped, dunked, rinsed and soaked in bleach water and washed two or three times a week. You have to admit one good thing, soap and bleach are a lot cheaper than diapers in the long run. I think once Marilyn, Gil, Tommy and I went to the Lake for a day run and walked the OLD, meaning gone, Hurricane deck bridge close by me. I did get a small pack of diapers for that trip, but they hardly existed at that time. Tommy squalked at the price, but we both agreed it was of need.

    Yes, the bridge of course was rebuilt. I forgot to mention that.

  7. I agree, Debbie, spending time with James after the kids have gone to bed can be just as fun and relaxing as any other activity. We spend nearly every evening together hanging out after the girls are in bed.

    You guys need a weekend away once a year. You are waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy overdue. I don’t even know how you’ve kept your sanity. James and I try to get away every year on our anniversary. Even if it’s just a night. I hope with Steve’s family close that you’ll get to do that every year. You guys sooooooooooooo deserve some alone time!! Can we go to the Carribean with ya!!!! Hehe!! You must make that happen for yourselves!!!

    Kandi, I love you and Ian’s dreams! I know they will be fulfilled someday. I want to swim in a dolphin tank sooooooo bad. My heart does flips just thinking about it!

    Tootsie, I am sooooooo thankful for disposable diapers!!! We are spoiled these days and I am very thankful!

  8. I remember our first diaper free home, since I had 2 in diapers at the same time! What a joy. Now I walk down the baby food/diaper isle and sigh.
    When we went to sea world in San Diego, we petted the dolphins. You will never forget their feel. Like wet rubber. I am lucky to have seen the ocean in several areas. Definately the East coast is the best. The west coast is pretty with the huge rocks, but it is colder and the sand isn’t as fine or white as in the east. Fort Lauderdales beaches were beautiful, soft white sand, like Nausau’s. Our country is very awesome. Chris and I are travelers because by the time we get everyone out of the house, we’ll need to go straight to the nursing home! hehe

  9. It’s cool that you guys get to travel and see so many neat things. I don’t have much desire to go out west. James and I eventually would like to go out east and tour some of the neat old lighthouses. Have you done that, Trish?

  10. I lived on the east coast and loved it. Virginia beach. I don’t want to go past Arizona into California, but other than that I loved the west.But in all honesty, here, IS THE BEST. I only have the northwest to travel but know I will return to here. 😉

  11. Oh and Kandi, tell Ian James went parasailing over the ocean when we were in Mexico. He LOVED it. I wish I’d gone tandem with him. Maybe next time if I’m brave enough!

    Tootsie, when you say “here” do you mean our great state or the region of our state that you live in?

  12. We had a blast sleeping in the tent last night!

    It rained on us about 4AM but it was just a light shower. Jessica’s pillow got a little wet since it was close to the edge of the tent but other than that we were dry as can be.

    Julie, only 30 more years? That’s just the start, baby.

    That sounds like a lot of adventures together to me, I can’t wait!

  13. Our GREAT state.

  14. I love the ocean too, we’ve seen it in San Diego and up in Vancover, in San Francisco, and I love the beach at La Jolla, California, thats a real jewel. I love the beach at St Simons Island on the east coast and Ft Lauderdale is wonderful too.Daytona Beach is nice too.Gulf Shores in Al. is wonderful but my all time favorite beach in the U.S. is at Ft. Walton Beach/SanDestin in Florida panhandle. The waters are blues, greens, aquas just like they are at St. Johns, St Thomas, Barbadoes, and all the other carribean Isles. If you take a cruise Julie, you’ll love it and you can get them very cheap for three or four days or even a week. Out of New Orleans you can both go for 800.00 for 7 days or 600.00 for 5 days. The ships are wonderful!

  15. So far my favorite beach is in Sarasota, Fla. I never saw so many shells in my life. All kinds and shapes. We went there with Deb & Trish when they were in high school. We had a pop up camper and found a camp place right on the beach. It was great. Gulf of Mexico is the best place to go in U.S. Water is nicer. I hope you young uns get to do all those things you desire. I’m not very adventuresome, but like to see places. Deb, glad you have some permanent sitters near by now. Enjoy. Julie, I enjoyed the Badlands of S. Dakoda, and some of the places out west. You have to see the Grand Canyon. Trish & Chris took me there for my 60 bday. Wonderful!!!

  16. Loved your photos, Emile is really cute. Hope to get to see more of them in the future. Love your family photos. Gil & I have enjoyed the adventures we have been on for the past 42 years. We still feel the same way you all do about each other, He’s my friend, protector, sweety pie.

    Love the visual aids. I guess you’ll have to leave little swatches of paper til Anjelia is over her obsessions w/paper. She is adorable.

  17. Can Anjelia count yet? Make her count out about 4 or 5 squares of TP. Math and plumbing preservation all in one lesson! Now you’re home schooling! ha

  18. This is totally off subject–but I was sad to see in the news that the “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin died after being stung in the chest and heart by a sting-ray (a very rare thing to die from a sting-ray barb, the article says). He was 44 years old, married and has 2 kids, 3 and 8. I know he lived out his adventures with his wife, just like we’ve been writing about. We loved his shows–and loved it when he talked about his family. He was a proud dad and husband.

    Man knows not his number of days–may we live our lives without regret and In Christ.

  19. Yes that was terrible. I heard about it the minute I turned the news on this morning. Another person who did’nt get to say goodbye. That poor woman must be devastated. :cry

  20. I hadn’t heard that. I am so sad. He is very popular in our home. We all love his family, too. I always thought about how much fun they have as a couple. That is just soooooo sad.

  21. Very sad, she has all that film of him so the kids have some way to remember him. Not a good substitute but maybe a help. He personally made me very nervous, but know he loved his work.

  22. Hooray for you guys! What will you do with all that free time now that the diapers are gone?!?!?!

    That picture…lets just say I’m glad I wasn’t eating…or drinking Mountain Dew!

  23. Sorry Carl, I know it’s kinda gross! I just had to add that picture. I think we’re subconsciously trying to gross the Aunts out.

  24. SUBCONSCIOUSLY trying to gross the Aunts out????…..uh, I think it’s an all effort!!!! :p

  25. Not a “gross out” but it freaked me out…I was dragging some boxes across the planking in the attic about an hour ago and it must have shifted the subflooring Steve has all over up there. Anyhow before I know it I was sitting down on some of the boards and my leg was dangling through the floor into the garage below. I nearly fell through! I’m OK other than a huge bruise where my leg hit some boards…and of course that huge hole in the garage ceiling. It shook me up a bit–so I had to share (Steve and the boys are gone canoeing). Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I just said “Thank you, JESUS!!” My guardian angel must have pushed me down so I sat down on some safe flooring as I fell so I didn’t go all the way through. Maybe I’ll stay out of the attic when Steve’s gone. D’Ya’ thank?! :fish

  26. Gross us out, not completely. I can handle most anything but boogers on my walls, which I’ve found, :eek and spit. A stool does’nt bother me, or outhouse, I’m pretty tough. I worked in a ward with SPECIAL children, take it from me, I’ve seen more than you can imagine.

  27. Listen here little girl, you stay out of that attic, especially if no one is around. If that bruise gets very bad, you go easy, you do know that blood from them can break off and go to your heart, and you know what happens then. I’m telling you, you tell her too Punky.

  28. Debbie, I am so glad you’re ok. That’s scary. You have a real good excuse to take it easy now!

    Do you think if you taped the ceiling back together that Steve would notice? :evil

  29. My first thought was thank God it was the garage, you’d have plenty of stuff to break your fall.
    And shame on you Marlis, you know our OCD family, Debbie, if you get freaked out about a pulmonary embolis, take an Aspirin.

  30. I’m sorry Trish, I was just repeating what a Dr. told me when I hurt my leg real bad once.

  31. It is true it can happen, that’s what makes it scary!


  33. Aunt Linda,
    My dream is to go to the Florida Panhandle. I want to see an Ocean someday while I am halfway young and see pretty water and parasaille with Ian!!!! I want a great memory to look back at, what better place. Ian loves water and ocean life so I hope we can enjoy this before he gets too old to want to play with mom!

  34. No, Mom, I think my guardian angel DID his job–he made me sit down on the safe boards which helped keep me from going straight through. So my thanks to him!

    And Ha Ha, Trish, about my garage being full of stuff to break my fall! You know me too well. You know, you really don’t HAVE to share EVERYTHING you know!!! ha

    Actually the ironic thing about the whole thing is…I was TRYING to surprise Steve by cleaning up the garage while he was gone for the day with the 2 older boys. That’s why I was up in the attic…putting things up there and bringing down some things to get rid of. So here I am trying to impress him with a clean garage and I ended up giving him a bigger job to do…repairing this big hole in the ceiling. :fish I don’t think he even noticed the clean garage; he was so worried about me. :love

    Oh and thanks for the info about the clots, Aunt Tootsie. I’m so sure I’ll sleep well tonight! :eek :eek :eek Actually I already thought of that possibility and was planning on taking some aspirin for the next few days. Do you think a handful will be enough? 😀 I know, one a day, right?

    James was home with me today when it happened. Afterwards (after the fact, of course) I taught him how to call 911. He knew to call it in emergencies, but, bless him, when I asked him to show me, he didn’t know which button turned on the cordless phone! You can be sure, he knows now!

    Thanks for your concern. I was so shook up after because of all the what if’s going through my head that I HAD to tell someone that I was OK!! What freaked me out the most was that James had kept asking me if he could come up to the attic with me. I told him no. I’m glad I did. If he had stepped there instead of me…..well, I’m just glad it was me.

    Can you tell I’m still a little freaked?…I’m all alone babbling in blogville.

    GOOD NIGHT!!!!

  35. Debbie, you have my respect. I do not go up into my attic. I just know something bad would happen. I’m soooooo clutsy. How sweet of you to go up there to try to do something nice for Steve. My garage is full of junk right now. I can’t park in it. You’re not alone!!

  36. Kandi, that trip sounds awesome. I am going to say a prayer that it will become a reality for you and Ian. I think he’d love a trip like that no matter what his age. You and I are dreamers.

    Aunt Linda, thanks for all the great destination tips!

  37. I have never been up in my attic above the garage. I guess I could store stuff up there but not sure what it looks like. Oh, well, after reading about Deb, I think I will wait for help.

  38. We have storage in our attic above the garage, but the only way up is a ladder. I’d like to have a stair way like Debs that pulls down. I could use that space at the moment. MMMMMM Maybe I need to work on this idea a little more before Trish get here. Hope your bruise isnt to bad Deb. I’ll pray for you too Kandi, for that trip to become a reality.

  39. Oh, Debbie, btw I really liked your counting toilet paper squares idea!

    Kandi, there just might be a coffee can full of hidden cash up there or some kinda priceless, long forgotten antique!

  40. Steve and I have been talking more about out trip to St. John on our 20th anniversary. The boys seem to think they can go…..Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, NO!!!! :p

    They want to go to the ocean so bad! The older 2 barely remember our last trip to Gulf Shores B.J. (before James, who’s 5 now)

    Aunt Linda, I told Steve about the great cruise rates you mentioned, but he doesn’t want to cruise–He doesn’t think he’ll get enough beach time and exploring time that way. He doesn’t want to just float around on the boat and eat (that’s his idea of cruises)! Don’t you get a lot of time to explore islands each day? What cruise company do y’all use?

    Now that we’re talking about the trip more—2 years is gonna be a long time to wait!!!

    Kandi, you and Ian start a coin jar right now. Stick a big picture of the ocean on it or a dolphin and write “Dreams DO come true” or something like that. Throw your spare change in it. Everytime you decide to eat in instead of pick up fast food, throw the money you saved in the jar. Throw birthday money in it. Squeek a dollar a week out of your weekly budget. Whatever. You’ll be on that beach before you know it. We throw all our change in a jar–it adds up quick. Hey this is such a good idea, I might start an ocean vacation jar with our boys. They were helping save our change for just a cool local treat (drive-in movie) but maybe we need to think bigger!!! :cool :cool

  41. Ok Deb, I read your note in a hurry as Wanda was still here and I must have read it wrong. Sorry Angel, keep on watching over my lil girl. Love ya.
    Trish called here, she was worried about you and couldn’t find you. She thought I might know where you wandered to.

  42. Great ideas, Deb. As always. . .

  43. Greetings to a most wonderful family. I enjoyed the blog, but then again, I enjoy everything about your family.


    Love, Aunt Joyce

  44. Hi ya’ll,
    Jules, I bought some of that puppy toilet paper that shows you where to tear off the paper. I think it’s White Cloud.

  45. You know Deb I just didn’t realize you two haven’t gotten away. I feel bad :(wish I’d of
    run you two off for a night once in awhile.
    I haven’t seen you much, I left a message about
    about Sunday night at our house. Everyone was leaving Monday, Joseph & Ashley & Erin & Nicky.
    Call me sometime.

  46. Erin is working in a daycare at college and say’s
    the kids are horrible. She takes swimming classes,
    algebra, CPR, English and FOED (classes for teachers)

  47. Jules, you are finishing and we are beginning at the potty training stage…bet you guys have advise. I got Aiden some pullups, we bought a potty chair. He is 17 months old but he seems to be ready…no pressure on him.

  48. Aunt Joyce!!!! WELCOME!!!!! I am so happy to see your name on my blog!!!!!!!!! :love

  49. Kelli, that toilet paper sounds fun and helpful! I’ll look for that.

    I don’t have much advice. None of the girls were completely trained until they were three or close to it. Jessica took Anjelia potty all to the time and that seemed to do the trick. She wanted to train her and I said Go for it!

    Is Erin living at home or at school?

  50. Man Deb, that was scarry and no phone call to tell us you’re o.k. I’m about to call you but since I was here…I want you all to pray for Morris Jr. , he was walking in the backyard and didn’t realize he was on hot coals…said it looked like dirt but he fell in and has severe burns on his feet. They have big bubbles on them.Infection is our biggest worry so we are keeping it clean.