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Jules —  September 5, 2006

Each of my girls receive a special birthday keepsake from me on their 5th birthday. Elaina received a set of adorable dishes. She’ll get to use them each year on her birthday!

We took the girls to Build a Bear Workshop tonight to celebrate. They each picked out a stuffed animal. It was a real cute process. We brought home a giraffe (Elaina), a bunny (Anjelia), a wolf (Jessica) and a cat (Lydia).

I always have my picture taken with each of my girls on their birthday! Being a Mama is the greatest gift of all!

Elaina fell in love with her monkey James and I gave her. It looks, sounds and moves like a real baby monkey. It hugs, claps, drinks from a bottle, burbs, cries, makes happy excited sounds and gets the hiccups.

This wasn’t the picture I was going for, but I kinda like it anyway. Make a wish baby girl.



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  1. So how was the build a bear? Was it better than you thought? Was it super costly?

    It looks like they had a really great time!

  2. The girls have been wanting to do Build a Bear. When we got there they started going nuts over all choices. At that point, James and I just decided to let them pick whatever they wanted to. Of course they did not pick the $10 dollar bears. We told them ONE item of clothing or accessory each. Somehow Jessica left with a t-shirt and skirt on her wolf. She’s sneaky!

    I got really stressed because it is VERY expensive. If you take one kid for a special thing, no big deal, but four—OUCH. We panicked and put it on the credit card. OOPS!!!

    We figured this is a one time thing, so I am glad the girls got to do it. It was super special for them.

    I had Elaina’s birthday presents in lay-a-way. When I went to pay them off Monday nearly every gift we had bought her had gone on clearance. My bill was half the price of the original! I shouldn’t complain about the price of Build-a-bear. I got her dishes half price at Hobby Lobby, too. She is sooooooooo worth it. They all are!!!!!

  3. That is so cool, special plates for their birthdays each year. Your very clever and a special mommy and daddy. Someone said, I send my mother a card every year on my birthday. I think that is cool.

  4. Makes me want to be a child again. You have 4 very fortunate girls to have such loving memories.

  5. Your are going to have more children than you know what to do with soon. So be careful what you ask for momma!!!

  6. I knew there was going to be a monkey show up somewhere in these pictures!! I was surprised when looking at the “Build a Bear” pictures that Elaina had a giraffe, but then I saw why….she got a really cool baby monkey!

    I love the cool birthday plates idea–I never thought of doing anything like that. I don’t think the boys would get into it as much, but it might be cool to have a birthday plate that comes out every birthday. I’m having trouble coming up with neat traditions like that for the boys. They are not as sentimental, but they do have their moments.

  7. How fun! and the cake looks great!

  8. I wish you could sit down and have a slice and cake and cup of coffee with me Angela. I would sure enjoy the company.

  9. I am glad everyone likes my ideas. I love celebrating the girls’ birthdays. I think I enjoy it more without the big parties, so I go overboard to make it fun with just the fam.

  10. That makes more sense to me.

  11. Sounds like the day was a really great success! I’m glad build-a-bear was fun, too.

    Julian was invited to a birthday party for McKenna. He wanted to go to the party but I had my doubts about him liking the whole build a bear thing – I was surprised that he got into it as much as the girls. You can’t go wrong with a batman bear for a boy! He undresses it and then he just calls it Bruce – for Bruce Wayne.

  12. Let me guess, why would Lydia get a cat? hmmmmmm

    Happy Birthday Elaina!

  13. Happy happy Elaina, you sure are a special girl and lucky to have such a thoughtful Moma.Im not very good at thinking of special things to do , I wish I was.Ya’ll take care , later lovey’s.

  14. So do you not have friends birthday parties for the girls, Julie? Sometimes I’d rather skip those and just do the big family parties, but the boys like getting together with their friends. We let them start having “friends” parties when they’re five, but we usually have them on a separate day from their birthday so we can just relax and have a family day on their actual day.

  15. Hi Auntie Kathy, I miss hearing from you on my blog, if the pictures are slow just scroll down and make a comment instead of waiting on pictures…unless it is slow getting to my comment section as well…..
    Love Ya,

  16. Debbie, I’ve done friend birthday parties and big family/friend bashes. They’re always a lot of work for me and then I don’t feel like I get to really enjoy the birthday girl as much. Our house gets crowded really fast. I have two birthdays 8 days apart in April and two birthdays 5 days apart in Sept. I really just enjoy doing a family celebration on each one’s special day. I’d rather take all the expense of extra parties and just spend that money making our family time extra special. I kinda feel selfish about it, but that’s what I prefer. We are going to Mom’s Sunday afternoon to celebrate. It’s Anjelia’s birthday.

  17. Aunt Kathryn, it’s good to hear from ya! I’ve been thinking about you lately. Guess what I found at a thrift store this week? I’ll give ya a hint. They’re a pair. Can ya guess?

  18. Karen, the Bruce Wayne bear is really cute! Julian is such a funny kid. They sure have some cute outfits.

    Kandi, the cat sure didn’t surprise me. The only one that did was the giraffe. I sure didn’t expect Elaina to pick that one! She picked out a faux black leather jacket for it to wear!

  19. Let me guess, Julie…did you find a pair of black and white chaingang pants at the thrift store?!! :rotfl

    Jules, I definitely understand about the extra birthday parties…I hope it didn’t sound like I was criticizing, because I was actually wishing we hadn’t started doing them every year. Although we usually try to keep them simple and the boys enjoy. Lately what the boys usually want to do is just invite their friends to play at the river and then we come back here for cake or whatever. Usually all the families stay because we’re friends with all the parents too. I guess I like the friends’ party best if we don’t schedule it on the actual birthday. I’m selfish too….I like that to be just us family. :love

  20. Jules:
    Is it a pair of earrings???
    Not sure, with you and Aunt kathy it could be anything…
    How about a pair of chain gang leg cuffs….

  21. HEHE! Funny guesses girls! Think a little more normal!

    I didn’t think you were being critical, Deb!! I wish we had your river. We’d have company over a lot more!!! It’s so fun!!!

  22. Happy Birthday Elaina-baina!!! (Don’t tell Elaina but that I think that new monkey would scare my sister!!!) Looks like she had a wonderful time!!!

  23. Is Abby scared of monkeys?

  24. A pair of shoes. HUH is that it, huh is it , huh is that it??????? :evil 😀

  25. What kind of shoes?

  26. BOOTs to go with your cowboy hat. Huhhuh, am I right, tell me I’m right , oh pleasessss pleaseeeesssss, I’m right are’nt I?

  27. You guessed it!!!! 😀

  28. me too.. one of these days, i am going to have to come visit you all..
    just wish it wasn’t so darn far away.

  29. OH goody, I won, na na na na nanna Debbie. :p :p Do I win a prize?

  30. Well I’m glad you found some boots, Julie, even if I AM wrong about the chain gang pants. We want a picture!!!!!

  31. Oh, and Aunt Tootsie…good job at guessing it. You know, I GOT to let someone else be right once in a while!!! na na na na nannna :p Sorry–I guess being right IS the prize!

  32. I have a picture. You’ll have to wait for the next blog post!

  33. Your pictures are SO CUTE!!! Looks like build-a-bear was a great place for a birthday party. You should enter the girls in a sweepstakes to be in the next Alice productions movie. Then they could all be little movie stars. Did you see anything at the store about it? I saw it on their website


  34. Hey Laura, I didn’t see that at the store but thanks for the link. I’ll check into it!