Lydia finally lost her two front teeth! She wanted her picture taken with her favorite stuffed cat Puff. Lydia LOVES cats. It’s really an obsession! She draws the cutest cats I’ve ever seen. I’ll have to scan one of her cat drawings and post it. Her favorite color is yellow. She has loved yellow since she was a baby. Everytime she’d see yellow she’d babble and squeal and point. Isn’t it amazing that we develop personal favorites at such a young age? She is still drawn to anything yellow. Lydia likes to journal and write and illustrate little books. I am very proud of Lydia. She is an amazing little girl with a big heart for people! (Although, her sisters say she is too bossy!)

Would anyone like a “special delivery”?

“My first business is to so live that at least a few will thank God that I lived when my little day is done.” ~ Alfred A. Montapert ~



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  1. What cuties, and I see you did use my line. Or is that an accident. You can probably can get a lot of people who will want that special deliverly. So sweet. It is neat how they form personalities and likes at a young age.

    Besides Checkers, Aaron likes to rake the leaves, he managed to get Chris & I out to help him today.

  2. Cute photos–Congrats to Lydia! 😀

    I have some cute photos of the boys in boxes over the years. When we were packing to move when we bought this house, they LOVED all the boxes.

  3. Thanks for humoring me. I guess this post sounds a little braggy. Being a Mom is soooooooooooooooooooooo hard, it’s nice to brag about our kiddos a little. :love

  4. Trish, are you talking about the quote? I got it off your Mom’s blog. Did you post it? I have short term memory loss. Just call me Dorie.

  5. I love that picture!!!!The ones that you look down on them are so cute!Trish will have more time to chat with us now!

  6. How cute. That is a big box. :eek Lydia sounds like she will be a famous leader some day. You have a hard job Jules, but boy your pulling it off well. Those girls love you and it shows in their eyes. They are happy. Nice family.

  7. Awwwww. . . thanks. Somedays I don’t feel like I am doing well at all. Sometimes it’s hard to be patient. Sometimes I just want to tune everyone out and do my own thing.

  8. That was my (punkie) post up there where it said Trish, I didn’t notice that she, Trish, had been on the computer yet. Maybe she will be on soon.
    Sarah has been sick all day. Think she slept all day while we were gone and after we came back.

  9. Sorry to hear that little Sarah is sick. I’ll say a prayer for her. What a bummmer to get sick right after arriving at grandma’s house.

  10. Cute pics!! That’s a great one of Lydia. She is such a special kid. Julian has been admiring her picture on our fridge. He keeps saying “she’s an artist, Mom!”

    Love that quote too!!! Isn’t that so true as a mom.

  11. Ahhh!!!! That box is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen! :rotfl Just kidding! That is a box of sweets if ever there was one. They are all growing up so fast. I can’t believe how much Anjelia is talking now. I don’t see her for a few weeks and its like she’s skipped ahead a few years!

  12. Cool! So she can start singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…”

  13. The box is great, I remember playing in them especially the big washer/dryer or refrigerator box. You can make a fort out of a frig box.

  14. Punkie and I used to love to play in boxes or at least make things out of even the smaller ones. We used to make a stage and have stick puppets and stuff. 😉

  15. Lydia’s class did a project that Lydia absolutely loved. They’ve been learning about communties in social studies. Lydia and her classmates brought in a bunch of small boxes in varying sizes and they built their own communtiy out of them. They had a bank, school, etc. It was really neat!

    Boxes are fun. Lyida is always using boxes to create something.

  16. Thanks everyone for your comments. I love my babies so much and it’s fun to show them off!

  17. You know I’ve moved a million times and haven’t got any box pictures, that’s funny.
    I took the Iron man test and still came up with cat woman. It says I know how to be a theif and stand up for social outcasts!
    I only stole something little when I was a teenager, but I had to be honest on the test.
    Does Nita have her doggies go on the hay ride?
    I’m not really feeling up to going, I feel like a weeble. But, if I have to deal with Sarah and dogs that will be the deal breaker for me. I know Nita pretty well, so she probably will have them with her.

  18. Congrats to Lydia!

    I love the box picture; it reminds me of the picture that Rob took of the girls…except Anjelia had wondered off if I remember correctly.

  19. I found it, Jules. Look under May 11, 2005! My how they have grown, but they still look beautiful.

  20. Oh how sweet and kinda sad. They are growing up so fast. Lately, it seems like it’s really sped up.

    Here’s a link for those interested:

    Trish, Mom’s weiner dog Josie usually goes on the hayride. We’d LOVE to have you and your family there, but if I was at the end of my pregnancy there’s probably no way I’d be comfortable going on a hayride. That sounds very painful, so I understand. However, you could always hang out at the house while we are out. There will be plenty of people to help with the kiddos. You should do whatever you want to do. That’s a pregnant woman’s prerogative.

  21. Marilyn alias(Punkie) October 11, 2006 at 9:37 pm

    Part of the problem is that Trish is preg. but the real problem is that Sarah & Aaron are terribly afraid of animals, and it’s harder for her to deal with in her condition. I was talking to Trish and am thinking about maybe her and I coming up. We are still in the thinking stage.

    I love the box pic. of the girls. Trish does have a box pic of S & A each sitting in one reading a book. The girls are so cute we don’t mind you bragging on them, we would.

  22. If you can’t brag to your family who can you brag to?They are all so cute and individual. I would be wore out all the time with four children, how do people with 6 or more do it? You here about people fostering 10 or 15 kids! Good thing you had them young while you have energy.

  23. I think I would have had five if I hadn’t had them all so close together. I think that made it really tough for a few years! It’s starting to get easier. Babies are so much work 24/7. When Anjelia starts school I am going to be lost. :cry I love being with them all day. We’ll see how that goes over. Maybe James will work me a little. I can adjust doors and drawers and drill for hardware! I don’t think he’ll let me do office stuff. He loves it and won’t share.

  24. You’ll find plenty to do and won’t know where your time goes. I keep trying to get Heather to volunteer at school or find some hobbies like she use to but she can’t seem to get going. She’s working still on the same job 10pm to 6am and really seems to love it.It’s really helping us.

  25. Marilyn alias(Punkie) October 15, 2006 at 2:18 pm

    I’m glad Heather still likes her job, and that is really helpful to you, Linda. Kinda a drizzely day here today, but we sure need the rain. Trish is sleeping after going to Worship this morn., Chris is at the Y, Gil is planted by the TV, probably a game on and the kids & I are in the basement. I have a knee chair down here the kids think it is a car, they spend a lot of time on it. I have been on the computer. Think I’ll go make some Chili.

  26. I love Chili!!!!!!!Oh please, please.

  27. Julie,did you get our new e-mail address?

  28. Yes, I did. Sorry I haven’t responded yet. We got back last night and I had a bunch of e-mails! Thank you!

    I want to post. The pictures are in my gallery under OUR 16th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Something on my site is broken so I am waiting for James to fix it before I can post about our weekend.

  29. Julie,I understand how busy people are especially those that are raiseing familys.We can’t all be retired!HA!HA! OOPS!I didn’t mean to rub it in.You have a wonderful husband and you both spend a lot of time with your kids.Thanks for lettimg me know.