more fun than ever!

Jules —  December 25, 2006

The only thing more fun than being a kid at Christmas is being a parent of four young children at Christmas! I am so happy that we are a family of six. It’s the ultimate in fun!!!

Lydia and Jessica were up at 5 a.m. We told them they had to wait quietly, keep their hands off of the loot, and wake us when the sun comes up!


Please say a prayer for Louise and her family. Louise and her husband George are very, very close, lifelong friends of Richard and Janet (James’ parents). George passed away 8:30 am Sunday morning in his home. Their church had service in their living room surrounding George. It sounds like it was a special time. I know Louise would appreciate your prayers. She has known George her entire life. They grew up together and were even born in the same home. They have been married many, many years. You’re in our prayers Louise. (Louise made the girls THESE matching Christmas dresses last year)


Saturday evening we put a contract on a house!! I would appreciate your prayers for us. It’s a DREAM home!! I will tell more later. I have three days to get my home ready for the agent to come over to see it and take pictures. It will go on the market soon after that. I have soooooooooooooooo much to do. She told us to put half of the things in our home in storage. We have to paint two rooms and move our bedroom back to the play room. I feel a little in over my head. Plus, the whole thing needs to be cleaned — carpets, windows and all. I doubt I sleep this week! James is going to try to work from home Wednesday and Thursday so he can help me. I hope our home sells quickly. Our purchase of the new home is contingent on us selling our home. If he has a cash buyer come along they can take it from us. Pray that I’ll have much energy and enthusiasm with all the work ahead of me. I also want to not feel stressed and anxious. I’d like the home to remain peaceful. I doubt you’ll see me on the blogs this week. Thanks for the prayers. This is a HUGE deal to our family and something that’s greatly needed!



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  1. Louise, will definately be in my prayers, but the only thing that will ease her pain, is time. Been there and done that. I do not make light of this, time and trust in God, and more time. God bless you Louise.

    I wish we or I could help you, but we are in the same situation here Jules. Cleaning and getting ready to move and trying to sell.

    The girls are darling as usual. Yes you do need more room. Good luck girl.

  2. Jules:
    I am sorry for Louise’s loss. She will need people checking in on her for awhile.

    Jules Good Luck on your new house buying adventure. I will need strength as well…
    I feel bad having mom putting up with us and feel like I cant do things on my own, but I need the strength of someone I can trust.
    I cannot trust anyone anymore but family.
    I failed at every attempt in my past……
    Now it is time to focus on Ian amd my mom….and myself….
    We can make this work, we just need patience between us three….
    Jules, you will love it when you are in your new home.
    I need space, I think this small house always drove me crazy and did not realize it….
    Good Luck Oh, and Merry Christmas.

  3. Aww! Your girls are cute as always!

    That is sooooo exciting about the possibility of a new house! We will definitely be praying for you!

  4. I can’t explain how badly I need to move. I’ve prayed and prayed about it and I don’t think it’s a lack of contentment I’m dealing with. It’s just time to make a change. My dear friend Elizabeth is my cheerleader. She told me necessity is the mother of invention and she’s glad we are finally desperate enough to go for it and move!! James even counseled with our pastor about this among other things. Pastor said, “Go for that house and fight for it with everything you’ve got!”

    Kandi and Tootsie, I am happy for you and your fresh start in a new home. I’ll pray for you as I am working!

    I am thankul to have so many balcony people in my life cheering me on.

  5. Jules, I pray for you that God will smooth the road ahead of you, clear the path of worries and work out all the details. I pray that if that is the home He has for you that there won’t be any buyers interested to take it out of your hands.

    Marlis I hope all goes well with you too, in your move.
    Deb & Steve left this morning. He was feeling some better but they were afraid if they didn’t leave this morning others would be getting sick and would delay their departure even more. Please help pray them home.

  6. Yeah!!!! It’s begun. I’m so excited for you. I am praying that you will see the desires of your heart fulfilled. How fun.

    I will pray for strength for you all as you get ready for a home sale. It’s hard to keep a house spotless when it’s on the market with kids around. BUT whoever is to buy your house will. My Mom sold their house in R- the day after Christmas when their were gifts and wrapping and everything scattered all over the house. It was a MESS! So don’t stress too much, God will bring about the right buyers at the right time.

    I’ll be praying for Louise. I’m so sorry to hear about her loss. I’ll be praying for Janet and Richard too. I know they are grieving as well.

  7. I am so excited for you and your potential new house. Prayers have been said. I am sorry for your friend’s loss! Merry Christmas to all of you, we love you so very much and look forward to more fun in 2007!

  8. The girls had their rooms completely packed in less than two hours! The boxes are neatly stacked at the end of the hallway. The only thing they kept out was their new Christmas things! I think they are beside themselves with excitement!! I got the play room cleaned out this morning. Everything is in the garage. The owner across the street has storage for us to rent! How convenient!

  9. Marlis here, I’ve got my fingers crossed girl. Hope things go smooth and you sell quickly. I hope we can get Kandi’s sold soon. I also hope our move is smooth. Since we don’t know who to call, we will find someone to help us. I wrote 3 numbers down from Kandi’s phone book and I think I have someone to help me down there.

  10. How exciting, all this moving going on at the same time. Wish Gil & I could be of help, but we are about worthless in the moving & lifting dept. anymore.

  11. The girls are so sweet, I bet it was fun watching them opening gifts Christmas morning.

  12. Sounds like you are making some good progress over there! It helps to have the kids on board and excited to move, doesn’t it.

  13. Wow! So much going on! I love the picture of the girls. They will be like a little army. My kids were a big help in our moves. God will do great things for you. We are praying for His divine order to work out for both you and Kandi and Tootsie! He will reveal His helpfulness in neat ways.

  14. Thanks to all who pray for my dear Louise. And those who know such loss know how hard the first year truly is. The visitation was tonight and the line did not stop for two and half hours.

    Thank you Julie for sharing.

  15. Mom D. I’m sorry about your friend. Louise like I said needs time. Some people tried to help me too much. Everyone is different. I now can appreciate the help offered to me. But at the time memories were twirling around in my head and I felt like I was on a carousel, and I just wanted to be alone. God helped me and he will help her too. He says in the bible he will help and be with the widows. God bless Louise! It is so hard to bear at times.

  16. Thank you Marlis!! Your advice is greatly appreciated. Another one of my dear friends lost her husband a year ago and no one gave her enough time to be alone long enough for the healing time and needed for those memories for the healing process. Like you said we are all different and I am not sure how I would be since I have not been there. One thing for sure I want to give her space or be there. You are very dear! Thanks.

  17. Not having been there, I can only feel sad for her and pray that God will be very close and comforting. I can imagine how I would feel, lost, lonely, unmovable, afraid, very sad. One thing I do for my lady friends who are alone is to give them a hug, cause I figure that is something they might miss, being alone. I know I like to get my daily hugs from a special person.

  18. George wanted my father-in-law, Richard, to build his casket. George owned the cabinet shop for many years and sold it to Richard. He wanted the shop to build his casket. They finished it two hours before visitation, yesterday!!! My dear in-laws have done nothing all week but pour themselves into this project. IT’S SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s walnut with beautiful white lining. The side panels are beautiful. The detail and craftsmanship is amazing. The lid has gold name plates on the top with George and Louise’s names, their children’s names and each of their grand children’s names. Each of George’s kids went to the shop and helped a little with the project. The grandkids are going to screw the lid down. The screws are pretty gold screws.

    I can’t imagine the emotions involved with doing this project for one of your best friends.

    George made it to heaven in time for the big birthday party!

  19. In the end family and friendship is all that matters.

  20. I am sure that helping build that casket was very good for the soul of all the grandkids and everyone else. Sounds lovely. What a huge task to do for a good friend. . .

  21. Congrats on your new home.

    We are praying for Louise, her family, and friends. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His children!

  22. Thanks for the congrats, Mary, but it’s not our home yet. We are getting our home shaped up. We asked for more time, so the realtor is coming on Wednesday. James has had to work all week and I just couldn’t get it all done by tomorrow on my own. If our home doesn’t sell, good will still come of it. My home will be clean and orderly!

  23. Jules I know how you feel. I had to ask for more time today. I found myself standing in the dining room here bawling and unable to think. I feel so much better that closing is Tues. the 2nd now. It was just going to fast and I could not get it all done today, to close tomorrow morning.
    I was totally out of control.

    When I got it postponed and went out with my girlfriend for awhile, I was fine.

  24. So wise Tootsie! And Jules too!

  25. Your welcome Mom D. Yes at times I see children and family staying with a widow from a long marriage and they don’t realize that this person needs time, not company. I didn’t want someone around, I had to be to myself. When I did want co. I called. But otherwise, like I said, Time-GOD-and more time.

  26. Thank you Julie! By God’s grace He gave us the strength to get it done ALL honor and glory goes to Him or we could not of got it done and on time. A lot of people were praying for us and even our pastor’s wife came to do the satin for the inside as well as the pillow case. George was buried with his own pillow.

    We were very very tired when it was all done but it was a good tired.

    His brother preached a wonderful message,then our Pastor said a few words. His Pastor brother had the sisters and the brothers who were in the audiance to sing “Come Home,its Suppertime”. It was so very beautiful! They also carried the casket to the grave sight.

    For those of you who have been praying for Louise( his wife) Thank you!!

  27. I love that song and thought about using it for me but didn’t know if people would think it a funeral song & joyful. I hear some secular songs that we don’t associate with funerals but they fit real well. Like the lil boy who was lost and an angel led him home. It was a fairly recent song but can’t think of the name of it or who sang it. I think the lead singer in Alabama sang it.

  28. Boy it’s heck to be selling and planning on moving especially with little ones and in school too.

    We notice you don’t get to blog any more.
    Love ya, take it easy, I know it’s hard work.

  29. I miss you too Jules, hope all is going ok.

  30. Thanks Punkie for your comment. And I did not realise that that song would be so fitting, but it was.

  31. Hi Julie!
    I just wanted to say “hi”. Hope everything is going OK with you! I know you are super busy right now, but I just wanted you to know I’ve been thinking of you. I hope the house selling/buying plans are going smoothly. I know this is probably a very stressful time, but also very exciting too! Thanks for checking out my blog today!

    Love You, take care!!

  32. We had a birthday here and a wedding shower on the same day but all went well. Justin and Kiki are hoping to get moved in soon to their new house. Alexis is seventeen and will have four friends spend the night tonight. They went to the drive-in movie first. I have junk food ready for when they get back and a matress on the floor
    ( hopefully someone will sleep!).

  33. Girl I hope your days are going better than mine. I did get the Art Studio cleared out today, hope to get ev erything where it looks best in time.

  34. Congrats on you and James finding a new home! I hope everything works out so you can sell your home and move soon. If you need a hand on moving day just let me know and I would be glad to help if you need it. I along with Carl think it’s cool that 007 will be incorporated into your new address. We’re such geeks. :)

  35. Thanks Jeff!

    Yes, I love the address. The street name goes right along with it, too. You’ll laugh. I won’t give it on here though. Gotta love Bond!