Here’s a pic of the home we have a contract on. As you can see, it’s really pretty. It’s also much bigger than our present home. James and I have been through many adventures together and this new home is a big one!

The man who built this home is a great guy. He seems to be as excited as we are. (He says he’s more excited) He’s an international commercial airline pilot who is getting started as a builder. This is his first home. It’s obvious after talking with him that he has poured his heart and soul into this house. His eye for detail and perfectionism is one reason we decided to go for this home. (Gotta love those engineer types!) He doesn’t believe in “builder’s grade” and the home should be very energy efficient.

Our real estate agent is one of our local TV news anchors and journalists. She’s been very helpful and enjoyable to work with. It’s been fun working with such interesting people!

Our present home looks great. We have freshened it up with lots of paint, cleaned it thoroughly and organized it (half of what we own seems to be in storage). Our first showing is scheduled for tomorrow and our agent is having a virtual tour done tomorrow as well.

I am sorry I have missed out so much on everyone’s blogs. I feel “out of the loop” and hope to take the time to get caught up soon. I miss chatting with the fam. Hopefully the kids will be back to school Thursday and my days will slow down a bit.

Love to all.



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  1. Oh, I’m so excited, I sure hope you get it. It is beautiful. Love the windows with an arch. We’ll have to schedule a family homes tour soon. You will like Marlis’s too. Bet the girls are excited. Does it have a basement?

  2. Yes, it has a finished basement. It’s a walk out basement. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom down there with a giant family room. There’s also a big storage area. Upstairs there’s a living room, kitchen, formal dining, three bedrooms, hall bath, master bath and laundry room.

    We are excited and nervous. It’s a big change for us. January is a slow month for the business which causes James to feel stressed. It’s always so up and down with a business. It’s hard to keep the spirits up all the time. His reports this year just came back from the accountant. The business did very well and looks to do as good or even better next year!

  3. The window with the arch would be Elaina’s room. It has a 10 foot ceiling. She should feel like a princess in there!

  4. This is a great reason to be ‘out of the loop’! We are excited for you guys and can’t wait to see the new place.

  5. Hey girl, I know how you feel. I felt overwhelmed by the costs, can I make the payments? Am I doing the right thing? With Richards death, buying a home, moving, leaving my neighbors and friends, and the feeling yet of leaving Richard behind, it all scared me and all I would do is cry. I turned the house down once and stopped the closing once and when I realized Richard was in our town already and I had a lot of friends already in our town, and the house had not sold yet, I knew GOD was saving this one for us. Kandi and I both commented that we felt good about the houses’s feel. You know, some things just don’t feel right or comfortable. This house feels good. IT FEELS LIKE MINE and I’m not worrying about the bills, guess God will get us thru the worst.

    Your new home is lovely. Hope it goes easier for You. It’s a big move, and it scared me to death. But it’s working out.

  6. WOW–sounds and looks wonderful.

    We’re gonna to have to have a HUGE family new house tour–Aunt Tootsie’s/Kandi’s place, Trish and Chris’s new apartment, Mom’s new window seat, Jules and James’, Heather’s new apartment, and Justin and Kiki’s (to be done in a few weeks!) Our family is ON THE MOVE!

  7. We went by it on Sunday, looks great! Can’t wait to be invited over on a weekly basis. heh-heh.

  8. I’m sooo excited for you, Jules! It will be so great to spread out and have space. I’m praying for your house to sell quickly.

    I miss chatting with ya! Call me when you aren’t busy – well, when it is less busy. :)

  9. Very cool times for the D family! And it was built by an engineer? Then you know it’s good. 😉

  10. Wow, Jules!
    That is SO beautiful…and BIG!! I’m so excited for your family. I will pray that your house sells quickly & everything goes smoothly. What a blessing!

  11. well, rob, I said engineer type. I don’t know if he has an engineering degree but he has an engineering personality!

  12. Thanks Amber and everyone else. I appreciate your excitement for us.

    Tom, we’ll definitely have you guys over more. We’ll have more comfortable space. We may not have furniture for awhile, but we can sit on the floor!!! We’ll be like those people that people judge for having a nice big house but not enough money for furniture! Be nice, now. It will take time to fill it up, comfortably. I’ll be a garage saling maniac all summer!! I can’t wait!!!

    Can you believe it? The girls are out of school tomorrow, too! These rural areas are still very icy.


    She did it!!!! She completed her marathon!!! Amber is the mother of three young children five and under!!!! What an accomplishment!!! I am so proud to be her friend!!!!

  14. Thanks Aunt Marlis, I think we are feeling some similar things. When we drive by the new home or go in it we have complete peace, but then when we go home the anxious feelings return. Change is always a bit stressful, I suppose.

  15. Now you all have me all stressed out!! Someone needs to tell me what is an “engineer type” and what is an “engineering personality”? Should I dig a cave and go hide in it or what?

  16. I want them to get the new house also! Alco Cabinet (our old business) made the cabinets and vanities. A friend of mine and I hardwared the cabinets so our DNA is already there. It seems only fitting that they own the house. I too am praying.

  17. Be careful what you ask, Dad. Do you really want to know anyway?
    Julie and James, I am so excited for you, and just think, once you get ready to move, it will be so much easier with alot of stuff already packed up!!!

  18. hehe! Come out from under your rock, Uncle Gil! I meant that in a very postive way. Engineers tend to have an eye for detail! They don’t miss the little things and tend to be perfectionistic enough that things are done well when they are in charge! Those are really positive personality traits!

  19. How are you guys doing, Trish. Are you getting settled in your new place?

  20. Mom D., Rick said that Richard helped him design the kitchen. He needed to make some changes and he was so impressed when Richard came over and redesigned things.

    James’ company did the countertops!

  21. Hey, way to go Son! There it is; DNA of “D’s” every where. Haha

  22. The home is in a brand new community. Most of the lots around it are still empty. I think we will love living there. There’s a four mile walking and biking trail around the entire sub-division. No more worrying about traffic and the kids! There’s one small lake in about a block away and another one to be dug. Both lakes will have biking and walking trails around them.

    The community pool will be going in soon. It’ll be one street over from our home! We can just walk over to the pool each day!!!

  23. Hope your house sells quick. The house you are looking to buy is beautiful.

    Whoops, never thought you would take me serious. I have been teased about my engineering “traits” all my life. I used every one of them when I picked my future wife and that has worked out great.

  24. Hehe! I wasn’t too worried!!! Rob, is an engineer, too. Who doesn’t love an engineer? hehe!

  25. I sure do love an Engineer!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I love an engineer, too! :-) I’m SO happy for your family, Julie. You all deserve it!

  27. Thanks, Sarah!! I love your “new” kitchen!

  28. I’m praying all works out well. I know it will. I wonder if the kids will be in the same school distric? All the stress will be worth it. Be still and KNOW that I AM God . I love that verse so much comfort in it.

  29. Yes, it’s in the same school district.

    Thanks for the verse. That’s a good one for me to meditate on.

  30. Jules your home is beautiful. Sure hope you get it. I was afraid to proceed myself, but everything I said or did turned around and always lead me back to the one I got. Finally after much prayer and crying and uncertainty, I became very relaxed and knew God was saving this one for me. I’ve taken on a lot of things, but this was scary. Starting a new life and buying a new home, Lordy it was almost to much.

  31. Oh yes, I have a whole bunch of TURTLE DOVES at my bird feeder, their cooing is so comforting. We didn’t have them at the Lake. We also have I think VESPAR SPARROWS, they are as big as BOB WHITES. Pandy sits on her stool and watches the many kinds of birds and sure would love to have a “BIRD PIE” she just chatters at them.

  32. Hey Julie,
    When we had our new house built 35 years ago it seemed so expensive, how could we afford it, we were scared to death. It cost us $16,000 and we paid a house payment of $77.00 a month. After a few years we doubled our payments and paid it off 13 years early! Things work out just trust in the Lord.

  33. THanks for your encouragement! James really apprecitated it too. James and I are risk takers when we feel the green light of the Lord on a situation. I am really glad we are willing to make big moves. (Like foster parenting, starting a business etc.) This is another big one. I can’t wait to be out of this neighborhood. The house across the street has just been turned over to a man’s young sons. The dad moved in with his girlfriend. I’m afraid it’s going to become party central. There was a band staying over the weekend. They go so fast around the corner onto our street that I’m afraid for the girls just to cross the street to go see their Daddy at his workshop. We’ve only had two showings and I’m trying to trust in the Lord’s timeing. I want to be a part of a real community with sidewalks for the girls!!!!

  34. Oh, my–you can’t get a new CAR now with $77/month payments! When my kids are grown, are they going to be spending on cars what WE now pay for houses!? I know, the salaries are different, but jeez!

  35. Yeh, Linda, we were in the same situation on homes. When we bought ours the payments were $118.00 a month, the house cost, 18,500. Now I wished we bought a bigger one at the time. We didn’t think about the pay increases we’d be getting and stuff like that. But they were not certainties you could count on so we got what we thought we could afford. We bought ours in the early 70’s. It sure sounds like a nice place you are hoping for, Jules, I pray you get it.

    We are leaving for home on Wed. morn. hopfully early, so we don’t get home so late.

  36. Try 971.00 a month. Now you know why I shake now.

  37. I guess y’all figured out that last post with my name was actually Mom. No way do we have $118 house payments!!

    I was shaking when we bought our house too, Aunt Tootsie. But we had crunched the numbers in our budget so many times that I knew we could make the payments (unless Steve lost his job, of course.) Now that we’ve refinanced, the payments are even better and we were able to knock off a few years on our mortgage. YEAH

    Big purchases ARE scary, at first. Once we made it through the first few months and got a feel for the cost of utilities, etc. I felt more comfortable.

  38. Yes Deb,
    We will need to refinance someday to get our house payment DOWN!!!!!
    I refinanced and got way cheaper payments on my old house.
    NOW I just want it gone, I hope I do not have to wait MONTHS……………..
    Or worse….

  39. You emailed me a way to see your home you are in now and I couldn’t get it to work, maybe I did something wrong but I don’t know what. Faith is a great thing and boldly going in the direction the Lord points is admireable!

  40. Some people got it to work and some had trouble. I’m not sure why. No big deal. I just thought I’d share my home with you since you’ve never been here before.

    Kandi and Tootsie, you’ll be fine. It will work out, especially since you have each other.

    No matter how much we logically think out a decision or crunch the numbers etc., we ultimately have to live our life in faith in God. I think that’s a good and healthy way to live each day! It’s difficult, but good for us.

  41. Very good Julie.

    On “Focus on the Family” a very wise woman who was molested by a friend of her grandmother when she was a child gave a beautiful testemony of her life and why she loves Jesus Christ.

    She said its not what He can do for me but Who He is that causes me love Him. He is God!

    I to love Him because of who He IS.

    It is difficult and what wise words you said my dear daughter-in-law.

  42. I got the 2nd link you sent to work–I’ll try mailing it on to Kelli.

    Life is definitely a leap of faith sometimes. Sometimes I pray for an answer on decisions, but don’t feel like I get answers. So I usually go ahead and ask God to stop me if I’m going the wrong way. I’ve learned that even if I make a bad decision (and I’ve made lots), God can bring good from any situation.

  43. Well that is ultimatly why I got this house. Prayer! I backed down once and prayed alot, a whole lot. I asked him to guide me to the right decision. Then I started all over again looking at homes and this home kept coming back at me. So I decided this was the right house and to go ahead.

  44. I recieved the link to see the house. The new house does look alot bigger, The old house is nice but does look small, I bet you love that it is close to work though. The plusses of having a neighborhood to ride bikes and swim in are very motivating though

  45. Actually I think James wants to move so he’s not across the street from the shop all the time. Sometimes on weekends he wants to leave and go do something so he can get away from work! He likes the idea of having a five minute commute!

  46. I wanted to see what you had done to the home you are in now but it didn’t work for me. Is there a video on the new house too?

  47. Jules,
    The link did not come up with anything. Can you send it again???
    I want pics of your old house re-done as well….Or bring them at our get together in May or June whenever we can do it…..

  48. I thought her “old house” looked very nice (but a bit small in the bedrooms) and bet it will sell very soon to a nice young couple.

    Spring is on it’s way—prime selling time!!!!

    My poor daffodils have been confused by all this warm/cold weather–they’re poking out of the ground about 4 inches. After this week’s colder temps at night, I bet they wish they could pull back into the ground for some more warm winter sleep.

  49. I hear ya, my crocus are popping up too, and it sure is cold out today. Jules, I also want to see what you have done to the old house. I’m hoping soon you can say “The place we used to live”.

  50. I think the high temp. today was 19 degrees. It was bitter cold. I am glad the sun has been shining though. I was starting to get depressed. I always struggle with that in Jan. and Feb. If the sun shines I seem to do much better.

    No matter what happens I will be ok — as long as it is God’s will. I don’t want anything outside of his will.