Here’s a pic of the home we have a contract on. As you can see, it’s really pretty. It’s also much bigger than our present home. James and I have been through many adventures together and this new home is a big one!

The man who built this home is a great guy. He seems to be as excited as we are. (He says he’s more excited) He’s an international commercial airline pilot who is getting started as a builder. This is his first home. It’s obvious after talking with him that he has poured his heart and soul into this house. His eye for detail and perfectionism is one reason we decided to go for this home. (Gotta love those engineer types!) He doesn’t believe in “builder’s grade” and the home should be very energy efficient.

Our real estate agent is one of our local TV news anchors and journalists. She’s been very helpful and enjoyable to work with. It’s been fun working with such interesting people!

Our present home looks great. We have freshened it up with lots of paint, cleaned it thoroughly and organized it (half of what we own seems to be in storage). Our first showing is scheduled for tomorrow and our agent is having a virtual tour done tomorrow as well.

I am sorry I have missed out so much on everyone’s blogs. I feel “out of the loop” and hope to take the time to get caught up soon. I miss chatting with the fam. Hopefully the kids will be back to school Thursday and my days will slow down a bit.

Love to all.



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  1. Well,
    My realtor came by and they quoted the price at $93,000.
    But Danny thinks it will go quick at $89,900. He is going over tomorrow to look at house and I have a sinking feeling he will ask for carpet to be replaced…..
    I have to go and rip up toilet and linoleum in bathroom and fix the floor..And fix bat tub.

  2. And I thought 28 degrees took my breath away this evening! hee hee I know, I’m getting wimpy! I guess we’re getting some cold coming in tonite–15 degrees. As long as it brings snow with it, the cold will be worth it.

    I know what you mean about the weather, Jules. After Christmas and New Years is over, the gloomy weather of Jan and Feb can get me depressed too. But I just keep telling myself…this will pass. James and I went for a walk today (well, he rode his bike). It was chilly, but the sun on our faces felt SO good.

  3. Kandis, you have a BAT TUB?! My James would be so excited to see that. Is it kind of like the Batmobile and the Batcave? hee hee

    Don’t mention the carpet to Danny. Maybe he won’t notice! I know when we were looking at houses with Steve’s parents, there was one house that offered a carpet allowance so that the buyers could take care of getting it done. But I expect your house would sell faster if it was in move-in (or nearly move-in) condition.

  4. Hey
    Bat Tubs are cool!!!!
    Hee hee heee

  5. OK folks, VOTE TIME—How many think Jules needs a new blog?

  6. I I I I !!!!!! I wasn’t going to nag, but since you brought it up.

  7. STRIKE 1: Who’s next?

  8. Aunt Marilyn is a real naggggggg…
    So is Tootsie!
    We are having blog block…Like writers block.
    I enjoy others blogs. I will get one going.
    I have to get some rechargable batteries for my camera….
    I will take some pics of Trish and I in a few days….

  9. Excuses, excuses. I read, hmmmmm…let me count…. 4 excuses in that one comment, Kandis. I suppose this double date will be yet another excuse, huh?! I can just hear it now. “I don’t have time to do a blog…I’ve got to get my nails done. Oh, and I’m shopping for a new outfit. And I’ve got to clean my Bat Tub so I can wash my hair!” hee hee You know I luv you, cuz.

    OK…I vote, YES….new blog. Course that’s easy for me to say. I don’t have a blog so I know Julie can’t nag me back about mine!!!!

  10. Deb:
    i dont know what your sister is up to. She might be getting me back for all the childhood things…..Debbie if she says anything about this guy, let me be the first to know…..
    I I love my Bat Tub……..