cart napping

Jules —  November 1, 2007

I am going to miss these days so badly when they’re gone. I love spending my days with Anjelia. How many more shopping naps do we have left? Usually she pretends and chatters away to herself as I shop. I hope I can survive the heartache of my children growing up.



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  1. I thik I’ll be able to handle them growing up then i see pictures like that and realize it will kill me.

  2. Sweet girl.

  3. How sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ohhhhh I miss those days….Ian always helped me shop and would just be so sweet in the stores.
    He is going to break my heart someday when he does not need me.

  5. Anjelia is in complete denial about sleeping in the cart. She won’t even look at the pictures. Silly girl.

  6. She is such a doll!

    My mom says I used to sing & be in my own world during our Friday evening grocery shopping trips. When the aisles were empty, I can still remember doing cartwheels. Too bad I don’t still enjoy the grocery store so much!!

  7. That is so cute and her being in denial, priceless. They don’t want to give in to being tired, do they.

  8. My James was looking at your pumpkin pictures with me–we were looking at the picture of the 4 girls with their pumpkins. He asked where the littlest girl was. I pointed to Anjelia and said that’s her. He said, “No, there was a little bitty girl that was their sister.” I pointed to Anjelia again and said, “That IS the littlest sister.” He said, “She’s big now”. (he hasn’t seen her since you all were here for Gma’s surprise Mother’s Day celebration.)

    Just another sad reminder that your girls are growing up, huh?. It IS hard to see that sometimes, isn’t it?

    I’ve had more and more reminders of how all those little “lasts” moments are going by everyday and I didn’t even note them at the time. There’s a poem by Karen Kingsbury about how we note all the first moments because our children are growing and doing something new like the first steps, the first little prayer and the first time they spend the night away, but we don’t always notice the last moments until we look back and strain to remember those treasures…like the last time I rocked each of my boys to sleep, the last time I gave them a bath, the last time I nursed them, the last time we did our little bedtime special kiss routine…and even some of those moments that were chores that I thought I’d never miss and couldn’t wait for them to do on their own, like brushing their teeth or washing their own hair. Did I smile at them and treasure that last time…no, because I didn’t realize it was the last. OK now I’m making myself teary. I’ll have to look for the poem–it was very beautiful and said so much more beautifully than what I wrote. It was just such a good reminder to treasure those moments, which I need that right now in the midst of busyness.

  9. Here’s a link to a book that Karen Kingsbury wrote called “Let Me Hold You Longer.”

    In one of her series books, she had a character write a poem to her son for his wedding and it talked about all those “last moments”. I think the above book is an expanded version of that poem.

    I discovered Karen Kingsbury’s Christian fiction books this summer and love them. I can’t get anything else done when I’m in the middle of one.

    OK, I hope my above post wasn’t a real downer; it’s just that it seems my boys are growing so fast now that they are all three out of the baby/preschooler stage–my heart isn’t keeping up with the changes.

  10. Wow! Thanks for sharing, Debbie. Those were great thoughts. I’ve always concentrated on the “firsts” and now I’m trying to enjoy the “lasts”. How bitter and sweet at the same time.

  11. Sorry for the long post…I get on a tangent and sometimes don’t stop. Yes, those moments are bittersweet. I guess it’s really hit me hard this year having Connor turn 13, Christian hitting 10 (double digits) and James,my youngest, leaving the preschool department at church Them getting older bothers me more than me getting older!

    I love the picture of Anjelia sleeping in the cart. My boys rarely did that.

  12. Thanks for the good cry, Debbie and Jules! I am so glad that Evely is where she is right now. I am treasuring those lasts on this last one. It makes me sad that Jaden’s all just happened and I was too busy to notice.

    Life flies.

    Love Jeli’s pics!!!

  13. Evely is adorable beyond words.

    Debbie, you don’t need to apologize for the length of your post. I love your comments. I want to hear your thoughts. I think sharing our lives is important.

  14. Oh, how sweet! “Cart Napping” is something my kids have not done since they were itty-bitty, but I always thought it was so cute when they did.

    I remember bringing extra blankets to the grocery store for Chandler to lay on when he was a baby because he had outgrown his infant carrier (at 5 months), but he wasn’t old enough to sit up yet. I had to lay him on blankets in the basket of the cart and stack groceries all around him! He fell asleep doing that on several occasions :-).

  15. Now your making me cry Deb, and I wish I had written down more of those moments . It would be fun to read and remember. I did do some but wish I’d kept a daily journal now.

  16. I just looked back at the pumkin pics and looks like a wonderful time. I wish I had gotten me a BIG pumkin to get the seeds out to roast. I like them. I like to make pumkin pie the old fashioned way, OUT OF A CAN. He, he. Love your dresser too, like the black, gives it a whole new look. I don’t remember the girls ever falling asleep in the gro. cart unless they were tiny babies. I usually went when Gil was home to watch them. Anjelia looks so peaceful.

  17. Hi Julie, The pictures are so cute. It won’t be the last time really because they will have children that look just like them and you’ll feel like you’re doing it all over again when you babysit. All of Tara and Heather friends including them have children that look just like them. It’s like going back in time.

  18. Check out Kandi’s new blog. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

  19. Thanks, Aunt Linda, that’s a good point. I have something to look forward to!

  20. Too sweet!
    I recently found out that my sister is having a girl. I’m so stinking excited to be an aunt in March! And my neice will arrive very close to my birthday!

  21. CONGRATULATIONS, Angela! Little girls are so fun!!!

  22. Fun things like Build-a-Bear workshop will soon be a part of your life — good times!

  23. I DID keep a diary of my children growing up. I was a young mother at the age of 16. It was a mistake, but the most beautiful mistake I’ve ever had. I gave birth to a baby girl, Hayley. Then, at the age of 19, nearly 20, I got pregnant again with my boyfriend of five years (also Hayley’s father) – but this time, he did not want to commit to more responsibility. He went out drinking all the way and became quite violent. He dumped me, and I moved away. He rarely comes down to see Hayley, or her twin siblings, Ryan and Nikki.
    I kept a diary of it all. I read back some of it to Hayley, 6, Ryan and Nikki, both 3, and their cousin Lucy, 1. Sadly, Lucy’s mother [my sister] was killed in a car crash and as our parents both died of cancer before the kids were born, there was just me, so I took Lucy in.
    It’s been very eventful, my life has. I’m very sorry for writing this long comment. I kept a diary, but I didn’t take many pictures when they were babies.
    It will hurt me to watch them grow up; but they need to see the world and what’s out there. They will come back and see you! But I’m dreading the days too.

  24. Thanks for your comment Liana. It’s so interesting to read about the lives of others.

    May the Lord give you strength and wisdom as you raise your babies by yourself. We can do ALL things with His help. We have much hope in any and all situations. God Bless!!!