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Jules —  March 10, 2009

James jumped at the opportunity to spend a couple of days at Dan Miller’s home, author of the book 48 Days To The Work You Love. He said it was an amazing experience to spend time with nearly 50 other entreprenuers at the Idea-Into-Business Academy. I think he enjoyed the feeling of fitting in. He was among his own! I’ll let him share more about his experience on his blog.

I must admit that I really enjoyed having a few days off from being a wife. James is intensely working on his life and business and I share that with him. I try to support him as best I am able and we are definitely on this journey together as a team. It can be, well. . . exhausting. But, by Sunday evening I was pacing the house looking out the window everytime I saw headlights to see if James was home! I couldn’t wait to see him!

James is very generous towards me and he brought home some fantastic gifts! My favorite is a beautiful beaded necklace made by African women in Rwanda! One of the men sharing this weekend (Dan Miller’s son, Jared) is teaching women of Rwanda how to be in business for themselves. How awesome is that? I have a passion for business (capitalism) and women! These women are able to support their families and feel good about what they do. Check out their site at  Amazing! You can order your own or buy someone a special gift.I am so proud to have a string of my own. It makes me feel connected to women a world away. Instead of making 200 dollars a year these beautiful women are making 200 dollars a month! Jared is involving fashion designers from America to help their products be current. The line is growing to include more pieces and he has landed a spot on QVC!

Here I am showing off my Keza necklace! The beads are handmade out of recycled paper that the women find.

My second favorite gift is a signed copy of Scott Hamilton’s new book, The Great Eight! I’ve always been a Scott Hamilton fan. In 1997 James bought tickets so I could see Scott Hamilton live at Stars on Ice!  I witnessed his famous back flip! Awesome memories! I’ve already read the book and he’s amazing and inspiring!

Last but not least, I finally possess my own copy of Mike Huckabee’s book, Do the Right Thing! Governor Huckabee is a hero of mine and I know his book will be a great read.

See my necklace?!

James is an amazing guy. He’s a passionate go-getter and I look forward to our future together. I know James is going to do great things. I am thankful to share my life with my best bud. Despite the ups and downs of life we are truly happy.

Now it’s back to working hard and keeping the vision.

What kind of world do you want?
Think anything
Let’s start at the start
Build a masterpiece
History starts now
Be careful what you wish for
Start now.



17 responses to my new favorite things

  1. I had such a great weekend!

    I missed all you guys so much. I was ready to get home to you.

    Thank you for all your support over the years!

  2. You two have more than a lot of married couples…you two share passion and life for each other . You two hold each other up and look forward to the future. You are a great couple. Some couples live day to day not looking for a better future, they just take whatever happens to them and never try to change for the better. You and James have changed your paths and keep moving forward and still have deep passion for each other. I think you two will go far in life, farther than you think.
    I know, I am rambling, I will shut up.

  3. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 10, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    What neat favorite things. I have a necklace like the one made by the women. I made it from a magazine, so I know the work involved. Yours looks a lot nicer than mine though. They probably do more to theirs than what I did. I may have to find Mike H.’s book, looks interesting. Gil & I like to watch his show on TV.

    So Glad that James had such a good time. I look forward to his blog about it. Was the meeting held at that guy’s home?

  4. Kandis, those were such sweet words to say. Thank you for the encouragement. Life’s a lot of work, as well as relationships. I’ll take the encouragement! :)

  5. Those necklaces are popular in Africa. They are perfecting them to make them the best Africa has to offer. It seems very good quality. Go to the website and click on Meet Keza and then the photo gallery. The pictures are super.

    Yes, the meeting was held at his home. Some of the time they were in a barn that he converted into a conference room. They also spent some time inside his residence.

  6. Cool stuff! What a guy!

    I like James’ office, it looks really nice. I haven’t seen the desk yet.

  7. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 11, 2009 at 9:06 am

    I loved the pictures of the women making beads. Inspired me to make another necklace. I wonder what it is they are putting on them. Looks like shelac or something. I’ll have to read up on it. The shelac would make them wear for a long time and protect the paper and make them shiny.

    The women are beautiful and look so relaxed.

  8. They are using laquer to seal the beads.

    James’ desk is really cool. It is the length of the wall. We’ve got some more decorating to do but it is coming along nicely.

  9. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 11, 2009 at 10:50 am

    Is James desk in your home or at his business? Looks really nice. He looks happy too.

  10. It’s at his office at the shop. He had it re-sheetrocked and we painted it pistachio green and navy blue. Our home was full of taupes and tans so he wanted something with a brighter color. Blues and greens are the best stress reducing colors. Plus, the blue matched the painting that Aunt Marlis painted for his office of the lighthouse.

  11. That necklace is really pretty.

    I’m glad James enjoyed his trip.

    Is’nt it funny how you think you will enjoy a little time to yourself and before they are gone, YOU MISS THEM? Wonderful, I think.

    I enjoy watching Huckaby on the news myself. I’ve noticed his book, and saw him talk about it on FOX one morning. I think it’s a pretty good book from what I’ve heard.

    Wasn’t Scott just it, when he was skating?

  12. I had no idea that Scotty had a life threatening health problem as a child. His intestines wouldn’t take in nurtrition and he stopped growing form the age of four until nine when he started skating. He had a feeding tube in his nose while he was learning to skate. During his career he has battled testicular cancer and later a brain tumor, yet he remains a guy with a cheery dispostion. It’s a great read about how to be happy despite your circumstances.

    I love Mike Huckabee. He is a hero to me. We share similar passions.

  13. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 11, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    That is amazing, I knew about the cancer after he was in the olympics but didn’t know about his younger years. He does have a wonderful disposition.

  14. Oh my goodness! James forgot about a box that Aunt Kathy sent home for me full of wonderful goodies. I feel bad. It should’ve been in this post but he just remembered to give it to me. It was the sweetest box full of treasures.

  15. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 12, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Now Jules you have to tell us what was in the Goody box.

  16. Body lotions, shower gels, a blouse, ocean treasures, a bag, notecards and a pair of earrings! I feel really special!

  17. What a lovely box of treasures. Marilyn and I could not wait hardly to hear of what you got.
    Aunties are nosey like that, don’t you know.