Father’s Day 2009

Happy Father’s Day to my AWESOME hubby! I am soooooo thankful you are the father of my girls. They are very blessed! I am so very proud of the man you are and thankful you are the head of our home. (I don’t care if that’s not politically correct. I love it!) You provide a great deal of security and love to us all. Thank you for all your love, faithfulness and sacrifice.

We participated in our second swim meet. I’m starting to get this swim league stuff figured out. I love pool gating! I don’t know how to describe it. I thought some pics might help. We are LOVING our new sport!

James is always eager to jump right into the girls’ activities. He helped out timing the races. He had fun cheering on the kids in his lane

We aren’t afraid to do dorky picture poses in front of lots of people!

I snapped a couple of shots of Jessica waiting at the block for her race.

Many of the kids write stuff on their bodies with Sharpies. We are going to invest in some green sharpies this week so we can decorate our bodies with the team colors! I am such a newbie!

I was so confused about how to keep track of all the girls’ races. The more experienced moms showed me how to write the races on their arms so we can keep track.

Elaina watching the races.

Anjelia loves playing during swim team. She spent much of the morning making tents with our blankets.

A father is a fellow who has replaced the currency in his wallet with the snapshots of his kids.



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  1. I am truly blessed to have this family. It’s an honor to serve you all.

  2. Marilyn alias(Punkie) June 21, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    What a beautiful family picture. We are proud of both you and James for the kind of really cool and wonderful parents you are.

    Looks like a really fun family sport. Do you get to jump into the pool sometimes to cool off?

    I like Anjelia’s “My Dad Rocks” shirt.

  3. What a great tribute to James! It’s so nice to have GREAT and HEROIC real men that we can be so proud of, isn’t it!!

    The swim meets look so fun! Julian asked me this week why everyone wears the swim caps. Besides keeping your hair out of your face is there another reason? Does it help you swim faster with aerodynamics or anything? He really wondered since the men’s olympics can just shave their heads, but they still wear the cap. I thought it was an interesting question and maybe you guys knew the answer.

  4. James, you are an amazing servant leader!

    Aunt Marilyn, we don’t get to jump in. I am going to buy some of those pool balls. They saturate water. We can squeeze them on ourselves this afternoon and evening. It’s going to be almost 100 degrees today! We have to be at the pool at 3:45 today. It’s our only evening meet.

    Karen, I am proud of our men. I am so sad that manhood is under such attack in our society. I know there is the excuse of misuse of power, but that’s an excuse. I still believe 100 percent in marriage even though there are abusive marriages (on the part of both male and female) and over 50 percent end in divorce. Despite this fact I have not given up on marriage. I will not give up on the idea of manhood just because it’s been abused, either. I feel badly for men, especially young men. I think there is a lot of confusion out there.

  5. I think the swim caps are supposed to help with speed. Some boys and girls wear them, but they don’t have to as long as their hair is pulled back. Jessica takes whatever she’s involved in very seriously. She wants to do everything the right way, so she always wears her cap. I love that about her personaltiy.

  6. Marilyn alias(Punkie) June 22, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Also I think the caps cut down on hair in the pool filter. I know at the Y we are supposed to use a cap. I haven’t been swimming for quite a while as my ears get plugged up and it affects my sinus’s. My shoulder was hurting for a while too. Hope to go back to it sometime.

    I believe what the Bible says about Marriage, Man and Wife. I think a lot of men are more involved in the marriage and raising of children now than they used to be. Used to be “Womans Work”. Uh Huh!!!!!

  7. Ah, hair in the filter. . . That makes sense!

    Yes, I am so thankful that men are so involved with helping the family and being more involved with the kids. James is very involved with the girls and the day to day activities of our home. I love him for it. I just get tired of it being somehow bad for men to be leaders. I think it will ultimately hurt our society. Our pastor spoke on fatherhood yesterday at church. It was sooooo good. He spoke about being a father being so much more than being a dad. Fathers lead and mentor other people. They are pillars. He gave a lot of scriptures about the subjest. I decided to do a post for James because everything he spoke about Fathers reminded me of James!

  8. Auntie, thanks for your prayers for James and the business. He thinks he is going to get some of the government work that’s out there. I have become skeptical over the last five years. (lack of faith on my part) He is very encouraged however. If he can keep the doors open for three more months he thinks everything will be ok if he gets the government work this fall. Please pray. It’s hard for a white male business owner to get because of the quotas. James deserves this work. He has sacrificed so much and worked so hard to keep the doors open this last year. My heart hurts for him sometimes. He has so much on his shoulders.

  9. Ian loves his swimming “lessons” I wish he would want to get into swim meets. Maybe he will, so far swimming has been his “thing”. He is so good in the water, the coaches say he is good.
    I wont push him though, he is not very sports orientated and that is my fault but his father was not into sports either. I hope swimming continues to be good for him. I love watching him try and he trys so hard.
    The girls are growing up so fast.
    Jules and the girls are so blessed to have a Husband/DAD like you!

  10. Julie I so agree that manhood is under attack in our society. I so hate the shows on TV that portray men as idiots and women so smart. I am trying to teach the boys not to believe what they hear and see. I do believe that women are smart but so are men. I appreciate Larry’s knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for your comments defending our men!!

  11. Dad D and I are so proud of the girls being in the swiming team! As the summer goes by it is great to see how much they have improved.

    Happy Birthday Julie! We hope you have a great day. I believe you are prettier now then when you were when you married our son and back then you was “cute as a bugs ear”! Ha!!

    Yes, James is a great father and husband and we are so very proud of him. He does have a big heart and loves his family!

  12. Marilyn alias(Punkie) June 24, 2009 at 7:12 pm


  13. Kandis, Ian is a good boy. God made him special, with speciall talents and purposes! I know you know that but it’s nice to hear it from another mom, isn’t it. You are a good mama bear.

    Kandis, I’m glad you found Larry. He’s a good man! I am happy for you!

    Robin, we are very blessed aren’t we. Larry is a catch and we love the boys so much! You are raising amazing young men. I will stand up for our men! I know you will too!

  14. Mom D thank you so much for your eternal encouragement. You are a great cheerleader. You should really carry pom poms around! hehe! I am glad you spent the day with me. It made it that much better!

  15. Thank you, Auntie!

  16. Oh, Robin, thanks for taking that family pic for us. It turned out nicely!

  17. I’m pulling a Julie trick, I’m getting caught up on your blog. Sorry.

    I see you had a wonderful birthday. I love that pic of the family. Just wonderful.

    You and James are both so good. I agree with you and have for a long time that men get put down so much. James you deserve all the gratitude anyone can give.

    Love ya all