another day at the office. . .

Jules —  October 30, 2009

It’s no wonder James was stressed when he left this morning. He had to rent this big machine for a multi-unit job that started today. He had to figure out how to get several hundred cabinets out of a semi and onto the third floor of an apartment building! Yikes!

Today has come and gone with a pretty hefty price tag for our business. I am hoping and praying we reap the benefits of the work in a timely manner! It’s funded with government money. I guess the government jobs are starting to come around. It’s a bit hairy though. Since it’s government funded James has to pay prevailing wage. (LOTS of bucks per hour). We won’t start getting paid for the work for weeks to come and payroll is just around the corner each week. Pray for James!



8 responses to another day at the office. . .

  1. Marilyn alias(Punkie) October 30, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    This makes me nervous looking at this pic. I hope he got all the cabinets in safely. Sounds like he’ll be needing prayer for payment to come in real fast.

  2. yikes! That stresses me out looking at it!

    I’m praying for you all and the business.

  3. I am stressed as well……Man, what a job.

  4. Thanks for your prayers. James thinks it will be after Christmas before he gets paid. God can speed things along though, or provide what we need to make the wait.

  5. Is that James driving the tractor or is he inside sweating and freakin out?

  6. No, it’s Johnny. Johnny had an injured knee so he got the job of figuring out how to operate the thing! He learned quickly and did a great job. James was a good boss. He was the only one that walked out of the window onto the platform to get stuff off the lift. phew!

  7. James is a good person!
    He does keep his cool with our family.
    heee hee heeee

  8. Yes he is! We don’t even ruffle his feathers!

    The second floor cabinets were delivered today. I spent the day helping at the job site. It was fun.