Jules —  April 21, 2005

Last week, I began seeing a chiropractor. James wanted me to go to the family doctor, but I had no peace about doing that. I was suffering from a chronic cough that had become progressively worse over the last two or three months. My muscles were sore from my coughing fits and I hardly slept. My asthma came back and I was wheezing all the time, especially when I laid down at night. My sinuses were always full and my head hurt a lot. I used hot pacs on my head to bring me relief. Sudafed was my closest friend. I was miserable and I felt physically tense all the time. I prayed about what to do and I felt led to give Dr. K. a call. James had gone to him a couple of years ago. Well, praise God for His guidance, after several adjustments, I feel like I have a new body! All the symptoms I just listed are COMPLETELTY GONE!!! After attending a women’s conference a few weeks ago, I couldn’t get the word ‘adjustment’ out of my head. Well, now I know why!!!!

Dr. K. seems to be a very passionate person. After seeing him the first time, he sat down with me, his eyes full of tears, and told me I need to take care of my body. He gave his testimony of his fight with colon cancer last year and how his faith pulled him through it.

Well, this morning, before I left, he asked me if I wanted to hear a song he wrote. “Sure!” He got out a piece of paper. I figured he was going to read me some lyrics. Next thing I knew, he opened some doors in a cabinet in his office- revealing a stereo, cranked up some music, grabbed a microphone and began singing as if before a church full of people!!!! It was a worship song he wrote to a Neil Diamond tune. It was beautiful and his voice was super! He worshiped with all his heart. I thought, for a minute, that he may start dancing!!! After the song, another patient came in. Dr. K. began telling us about his cries to God, during his chemotherapy, and asked the man if he would like to hear a song that he wrote during that time. It was to the tune of Shiloh and it was a very touching song about crying out to Jesus during suffering. The man, who was displaying symptoms of Tou·rette syndrome or something similar, sat with his head bowed and eyes closed, while my kids danced.

I’ve never had an experience like this one, especially at a doctor’s office!!! I wondered on my way home, what my life would be like, if I had half the passion that Dr. K. has. Selah. . .

“Love without passion is dreary; passion without love is horrific.”



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  1. Wow that’s… truly bizarre! I’ve read funny stories about chiropractors, but this one takes the cake!

  2. He’s not a weirdo. He has a beautiful wife and a really cute 5 year old son. I really like him. I think he is so thankful to God to be alive! I would imagine, after what he’s been through, that he has his priorities straight!

  3. I could tell you about Dr. Jones, another chiropractor. He does some strange things, but you can’t argue with the results!!

    I am thankful for western medicine. We are VERY blessed, but sometimes it’s better to get to the cause, instead of just treating the symptom. That’s my soapbox for chiropractic! Nice and short.

  4. Sounds like a really cool experience…doubly so since the results speak for themselves! I am, of course, convinced that the only reason you didn’t go to your old chiropractor is the fact that you were worried that would lead to another little blessing! (okay, I know that sounds horrible but everyone here…almost…knows what I’m referring to and I typed it several different ways and couldn’t find any way to make it sound better)

    Anyway (he says, blushing) the guy sounds real neat..its nice to meet sincerly devout people. Love the quote as well…the last half brought Hitler immediately to mind.

  5. I’ve heard of barber shop quartets but this is ridiculous!

    Honestly, if you lived everyday knowing you should be dead, I bet you would want to break out in worship a lot.

  6. Oh Carl, Carl, Carl… Money and distance were determining factors!!!

  7. You keep telling yourself that Mrs. D…twas fear of babies and you know it!!!

  8. Hmmm, your post makes me wonder if a Chiropractor could help me right now. For some reason my “morning sickness” (make that ALL DAY sickness) has come back. Oh lucky me! I just can’t catch a break with this pregnancy. I fear my bp is on the rise too…(sigh), but I choose to live in denial right now. I have a drs. appt next week anyway.

    I’ve told you about my experience with Dr Jones…..can’t argue with results I guess. Sure, he may have me hold some glass vials, while standing on my head, facing the north, reciting the alphabet backwards, while he uses the famous “clicker” on my back, but it works! When all else fails I go to see him :-) I’ve heard of Dr K as well. I think it was FOX 4 that did a special report on him last year. He sounds like a great guy! Glad you are feeling better :-)

  9. What an awesome story, Julie! Wish I could have been there to see that one.

    He is a great guy. I know the first time Tom went to him they were discussing something and it reminded Tom of a new testament scripture. They ended up sort of quoting it together and Dr. K said it was why he was doing what he was doing. I think he cried, too.

    He’s also one of the people who led us to our decision about the whole “vaccination thing”. I know God really used him in our lives at that time.

  10. I think God is trying to tell me something today. After I read your post about your chiropractor, I got off the computer and did my Bible study (I know my priorities are backwards!) Anyway it was about the same thing–worshipping with passion.

    I’m studying Beth Moore’s “Beloved Disciple–The life and ministry of John”. Today’s lesson was John 21:1-15,the disciples’s 3rd encounter with Christ after His resurrection. They are in the boat fishing when John recognizes Jesus on shore. Peter jumps overboard and swims to Jesus. This is what Beth Moore wrote: “Oh, that we would come to recognize what is the Lord and what is not…I can’t let this moment pass without putting the flashlight on one of Peter’s sterling moments. In our Christian circles we often surround ourselves with people of similar practice of faith. We have unspoken codes. Spiritual practices that we consider acceptable. We also agree on things that are not. Things that are weird. Behaviors that are just, well–overboard. Then someone among us jumps ship and decides he or she doesn’t care what the rest of us think. Nothing is going to get between Peter and Jesus. Glory!…Have you jumped out of the boat of the comfortable and acceptable? Do you want Jesus even if you have to make a fool of yourself to get to Him? If not, what’s holding you back?”

    Ouch–my toes are getting stepped on. Anyway–I love that your chiropractor went overboard. In fact, I want to go overboard more often.

  11. And, Julie, what’s up with this about your old chiropractor and him having something to do with more little blessings? I’ve missed something. I’ve got 3 little blessings myself and there was no chiropractor involved. Um, you can email me privately (blush–giggle).

  12. Debbie, thanks so much for sharing that!! I am going to write that Beth Moore quote in my notebook. I want more and I feel like I am missing out. I want to be more hungry.I want more of Him. I admit, even with my blog, I worry about being over zealous. When I posted my Alabaster Box post I worried that people may think I’m weird. I shouldn’t hold back. Thank you for encouraging me!!

    I love Beth Moore. I did her study, A Heart Like His. I learned so much. Are you doing it with a group or on your own? My church doesn’t have any small group bible studies. Wish I could get in on one but maybe it’s not the right season for me now.There are other neat things going on. Just went to a women’s conference that was very meaty.

    Well, as far as Dr. Jones goes… Over four years ago, I spent several months going to him regularly. I was happily busy with Lydia and Jessica. He had me list my health problems. One thing I listed was infertility. I’m thinking for 6ish years. He said that he’d work on the other issues but often there is a domino effect and I’d be surprised what can happen. I believe, less than 6 months later I became pregnant!!! I guess he’s seen that happen a lot!!!

  13. Oh, Debbie, by the way, thanks for your comments about Jessica on that post, Altar of Remembrance. I was touched!

  14. Debbie, there is an ‘over-the-top’ book called, The God Chasers by Tommy Tenney that you might enjoy. It’s basically about hungering for God and worship. Here is a prayer from that book.

    Father, I pray that a spirit of spiritual violence will grip our hearts, that You will turn us into warriors of worship. I pray that we will not stop until we break through the heavens, until there’s a crack in the heavenlies, until there is an open heaven. Our cities and nation need You, Lord. We need You. We’re tired of digging through the carpet for crumbs. Send us Your hot bread from heaven, send us the manna of Your presence…

  15. Amber, I’m sorry you are feeling bad. :(

    I think we should all say a prayer for this pregnant gal. She has a one year old and a three year old to care for, as well. Not easy…

  16. A red flag popped up here: “vaccination thing”. Please explain…

  17. What an awsome trip to the Chiropractor, I would have loved to been with you so I could dance with the girls. Glad it helped. Love what you and Deb had to say. We all need to get out of the box and serve the Lord His way. I have a diary I keep on “Fears”, and try to face them. A huge fear I had was working with Youth at Church, now I love it. He is faithful.

  18. Awesome, Aunt Marilyn, thanks for sharing!! What do you do with the youth?

  19. My usual job with the youth is on Wed. nights, We have a youth minister, and several of us are his assistants. We guide the Y in discussions. I also went on a week-end youth trip,to St. Charles. I really enjoyed that except for the ((( L O U D )))music. They also had skits, talks, audiance participation,worship, etc. Had 8,000 kids constant attention. Sun. nights I help drive to mission acts in Mexico. I am praying about a trip w/Y to Miss. in July. Not sure if I am up to that physically. Pray for me on my decission. Since I don’t have what I call a bubbly personality, I was concerned about working with the Y, but decided I’d just have to be myself, I’m sure they would see through an act. I just went to a seminar in Arnold for Youth workers, and they said what the Y want is someone who cares. I am definately getting fond of them. We went Bowling last Sun. eve. w/Y & that was fun.

  20. Julie,
    You mentioned “God Chasers”–that is Uncle Alex’s favorite! He reads any and everything by Tommy Tenney. I haven’t read it yet, but Alex gave Connor a child’s version God Chaser devotion book when he was baptized. Connor loved it–read it twice–and has shared some of it with me. Excellent!

    About the Beth Moore–I’m going through it with a small group of ladies at church. We meet once a month (so it’ll take us a year to complete this book). We call ourselves “Mary Makers”–we’re Martha’s that want God to make us into Mary’s. We’re all mothers with young kids that just couldn’t commit to a weekly Bible study. Find some friends and start one yourself…1 chapter a month…you can do it! Or maybe you could do it online on your blog! Hmmmm…

  21. As they get to know you more, especially the girls, I know you will be someone they can talk to, Aunt Marilyn. Your right, I think they want to know adults care about them.It’s cool what you’re doing.

    Debbie, Uncle Alex gave me a book called Worship: The Pattern of Things In Heaven. I really like it, too. Loaned it to my father-in-law.

    Hmmmm….I’ll have to think about an on-line bible study. You are full of good ideas aren’t you?!!!

  22. Thanks Julie!

    I know you have been in my shoes before. I don’t want to complain because I feel so blessed to have 2 beautiful children & one on the way. I truly see each pregnancy as a miracle I get to take part in. I am so thankful to God for giving me the “desires of my heart” as He has promised.

    Thank you for your prayers. I actually felt good enough today to get some housework done (first time all week!). Funny how cleaning can be such a highlight of my week-LOL! I was honestly really happy to have the energy to get something done though.

  23. It’s Ok Amber. The biggest of blessings can also be the hardest of work. Sometimes I think, gee, this is really hard, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I would be missing out on soooooooo much living without my kiddos. I wouldn’t want my life to be any different. I am excited about having such a legacy. The fact that it’s one of the hardest things in the world doesn’t take away from the blessing. I know that you are happy and thankful. What you are doing is really, really hard! Taking care of several little kids while pregnant was incredibly exhausting!! Sometimes, I’d wake up in the morning, cry and beg God to help me through the day!!! (Actually, I still do that on occasion!!!)

    Glad you got some stuff done yesterday. That helps a lot. We’ll be praying for you!!

  24. Hey, you didn’t respond to Rob’s ??? about “the vaccination thing.” I was curious about that too.
    (hey, I actually managed to write a short note this time instead of the books I usually write in!) oooops–I blew it—now it’s a long post!

  25. I’m waiting for Karen to respond. Karen, are you there? People are asking you a question.

    I will answer for her if she doesn’t respond. Hehe!

  26. Okay, I will respond. I do this with fear and trepidation of what people think. I don’t broadcast my views about vaccinations to many people, so here goes.

    When I was pregnant with my second child, Jaden, a couple months before he was born I started hearing and seeing things about how vaccinations can be harmful to young children, causing autism and many many other effects. It sort of alarmed me that in a matter of a few days I had heard about 3 or 4 different sources on this subject.

    I hadn’t mentioned it to Tom and that same week he went to Dr. Keesee. They were visiting and he found out that we were about to have a baby. The first thing he said was “Are you gonna vaccinate?” Then he went on to tell Tom he didn’t vaccinate his children because of what they do to the body, the brain stem, etc. He urged him not to get our child vaccinated.

    Tom came home and told me about it and I shared with him all the things I had just heard. We began to pray about all this and determined that God did NOT want us to vaccinate Jaden. So we haven’t.

    At different times we have thought about getting his shots because of the whooping cough scare but when praying about it again several things would suddenly come to out attention out of the blue and we felt we should not to do this.

    I totally vaccinated my first child with no problems. I now have a third baby and I plan to vaccinate her but at a very slow pace (1 shot at a time) and when she is at least 6 months old.

    I don’t want to force my views on others, but I have done a lot of research and there is good reason to use some real caution with shots. I would suggest that every parent pray about each child and see what they are to do. I am convinced that God has spared Jaden from something that could have happened from vaccinations. And at this point we will keep him vaccine free until we hear otherwise from God.

    Rob, what made you have a “red flag”?

  27. With Anjelia, we waited until she was several months old and then did one shot at a time.Immunizations have always scared me.Before Dr. visits, James and I both lay hands on and pray. We bucked the system but our dr. was very cooperative.I wouldn’t do it at all without praying and asking for His guidance first.

    We had a foster daughter who’s older sister went in for shots at 6 months old. Right after leaving the Dr. office she started having seizures. She is now a vegetable.

  28. Thanks for sharing, Karen. I know it’s hard to share things that go against the accepted norm. I had heard some about the vaccination concerns on homeschool sites (a lot of homeschoolers do not vaccinate). We vaccinated our 3 boys, but that was before I’d heard so many of the concerns. Now, I’d think twice before I let them do 4 and 5 shots at a time when my babies are so little. All turned out OK for ours(as far as I know). I’m thankful that God protected them despite our lack of knowledge.

  29. I really didn’t know anything until my fourth. I think word is starting to get out more. With Lydia and Jessica I just did whatever the medical community said. I, too, am glad they did fine. I was always nervous because of what happened to Latecia’s sister.