goodbye kindergarten

Jules —  May 20, 2005

Well, it’s over. Today was the last day of school. I picked the girls up at the ‘kiss and go’ at 11:30. Jessica came running to me like always. I thought I was going to get a big hug, but instead she buried her head in my stomach and started crying. When we got in the car she was completely brokenhearted. Through weepy sobs, she cried out, with her hands over her face,“I never thought the day would come when I would have to leave kindergarten!”. Talk about heartbreaking!

I am getting together with friends tonight. I found this recipe that reminds me of the movie Chocolat. I am going to try making it. It sounds like a delicious treat.

Warm Chocolate Velvet

1 can evaporated milk (12 oz or 350ml)
3 heaping tbs cocoa
1/4 cup golden syrup (you could use light corn syrup)
3 oz or 100 gms Ghiradelli semisweet baking chocolate, chopped
1/4 cup or 60 ml heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
dash of cinnamon
(optional) 2 tablespoons ginger syrup

Place everything except the heavy cream together in a small saucepan, stirring occasionally, over medium low heat until the chocolate melts and the liquid is heated through. (Don’t let it boil.) Add the heavy cream and heat another minute or so. Pour into individual small cups. Makes approximately 4 five ounce servings.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
Charles M. Schulz



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  1. Wow, poor kid. At least she loves school, Julie. That’s a good thing! Hopefully the rest of her school experience will be just as good.

  2. The Warm Velvet was incredibly rich and velvety. It was fun to try and I would make it again for girlfriends to try. Defintely a Chocolat experience.

    Kandi is coming over and we are going garage hopping. There is an awesome community garage sale this morning – it’s a yearly highlight!

  3. I love your mom’s cho. recipe w/a touch of instant coffee in it. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.Aunt Marilyn

  4. Find any art supplys, think of me. I went to one this morning, while walking, nothing. Got to try that drink even if the calories kill me. Have fun

  5. I love that truffle recipe, too. It’s delicious.

    Have a great time at the wedding. It’s heartbreaking to not be there. :(

    Didn’t see any art supplies. I made out like a bandit with girl clothes. We had a great time.

    Karen and Mary, I decided to add chocolate to the recipe name. (The other name was stupid so we came up with a new one!)

  6. Oh, by the way, this chocolate drink will give you a bad case of the giggles. You were warned…

  7. Thanks Mary and Julie for the wonderful girls night out! The chocolate drink was awesome! I could go for another cup of it now.

  8. Mary makes a delicious bowl of pasta!!! I could go for some more of that!!!

  9. Hey, we’re missing all of you that couldn’t make it here for the wedding–Julie, Marlis, Trish, Kandi, Beth (and of course your families). We’ve been checking in on your site periodically, but have been pretty busy so haven’t written. Nita and Larry arrived Thursday. Tara and family arrived last night and Butch, Linda, Heather and kids arrived today. We’ll fill you in on all the wedding details later. After the rehearsal today, Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Joe were preparing us for some unusual things to expect since it is a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding. Justin and Kiki will be wearing crowns, and the parents and grandparents will all double kiss them, then kiss the crown. Anybody know what the crown means and why is it kissed? (You know what the double kiss is? The “air kiss” on each side of your face–we’ve all been practicing!) Looking forward to the reception–it’s a full sit-down meal with Greek dancing after. The wedding shower last month (hosted by all of Kiki’s aunts and cousins) was interesting with lots of unusual foods, including some kind of cake made of semolina wheat and blackberry juice–looked like very moist cake but tasted and felt like stiff Cream of Wheat–hmmmm. We’re expecting more of the same at the reception. I wonder if they’ll have Warm Chocolate Velvet–now THAT sounds addictive!

    More later!

  10. Today has been very upsetting to me. Knowing all my family is together for this awesome celebration and I am unable to be there with everyone is terribly heartbreaking. I hope that I will eventually recover from the disappointment. Thinking about it makes me feel physically sick.

  11. Sorry, that was a downer!

    Please, don’t hold back. I want all the wonderful details!!!

  12. Julie your not home alone. I’m here too. I feel bad that I could’nt go also. Julie my step daughter is in the process of setting up time off to watch her dad so I can go see Mama. But until then yeh, boo hooo, me too!!!!

  13. We can cry together. *sniff sniff* Misery loves company.

  14. Back to kindergarden, reminds me at the time we lived in Rolla Mo, Daddy had a bicycle shop. Daddy would take me on the handle bars to kindergarden, I truly loved that time with him. He enjoyed it and so did I. I hated it when school was out because I knew daddy would’nt be riding me to school. The only thing is Daddy was always there to pick me and my escort up after the dances at school. Do you think he was a little overprotective? Well, I’m glad he was. Of course, I just liked thinking I was daddy’s little girl.

  15. He was so proud to have so many daughters and grand-daughters!!! What a sweet memory.

    I loved his bicycle shop. I rode bikes from his shop for years. I rode all over our 100 acres on them. I loved those banana seats!

  16. I am glad that you all didn’t make me look like the black sheep for not being there. I went into a panic at work Friday, trying to figure out how to be there for the wedding. You both will like Kiki, she is our type of person, down to earth and fun. I have to work on Monday so having the Sunday night wedding was impossible to get to.
    Love you both,
    Thanks for not making me look like a loser! hehe

  17. I am glad, Trish, that some good has come from me not being there. I would not want you to look like a loser. I feel, now, like I can go on! Miss ya cousin.

  18. We’re not losers, just could’nt make it. Besides I’m trying to diet and I’m sure I could’nt do that at the wedding. Love ya both.

  19. Oh my! I never meant to make any of you feel bad. We’ve all missed a special family occasion at one time or the other. It happens and no one thinks badly of you all. We know your hearts and knew that you wanted to be here. I only wanted to give you some details to help you feel a part of things across the miles. So now quite your sniffling! (grin)

    Having said that, I’ve got wedding details if you’d like. If you’ll only feel left out, then this is your warning to stop reading now!

    The wedding was beautiful and very meaningful–based on Greek Orthodox wedding traditions that have been performed for over the past 1000 years. The priest said many emperors and empresses were married in this style ceremony. There was none of the traditional American traditions–no formal vows (Kiki and Justin didn’t say a word), no traditional exchange of rings (the priest did it–3 times), no singers or music except for the chanting priests. The priests started out by chanting prayers and blessings for the couple. Everything was done in Greek or Latin (I don’t know what language) and occasionally they would translate a sentence or 2 in English. We stood up and down, up and down, up and down. We were only 7 or 8 rows back but couldn’t see much because we had to stand most of the time. Everything was explained in the program so that’s how we knew what was happening. Most of the chants and ceremonies were done 3 times to symbolize the Trinity. The crowns on Justin and Kiki were actually little white wreaths with a ribbon joining them, symbolizing their unity and entertwining of their lives, as king and queen of their own kingdom, their home. The ribbon also symbolized the presence of Christ who joins them together. They also walked around the candle table 3 times led by the priest carrying the Holy Gospel. This symbolized the 1st steps that the couple took together following Jesus Christ (represented by the Holy Bible). At the end their hands were separated by the priest moving the Bible in between them to show that they were 2 individuals forever united by God and that no human could tear that apart.

    The church was gorgeous–very ornate with filigree on columns and lots of ornate paintings on the stage walls. The only decorations for the wedding were 2 gorgeous bouquets of flowers (pinks, purples and white) and pew ribbons of white toulle (spelling?) Kiki was gorgeous and radiant as always and the 8 bridesmaids wore lavender tea length dresses with halter-style necklines. Justin looked very happy. Joseph and Jared were groomsmen/ushers along with the other 5 guys.

    The pictures were all taken ahead of time (Kiki’s dad said in Greece it is not bad luck for the groom to see the bride). So they arrived at the reception site at the hotel very quickly in the longest Navigator limosine I’ve ever seen. They formed a receiving line there for an hour and people could go through that or get hor’doerves or drinks from the open bar. There was so much food! No dieting this weekend. Chicken kabobs, fruit with chocolate fondue dip, vegetables with dip, huge shrimp cocktail, chips with spinach dip, and a Greek tart of phyllo dough and filled with spinach. Mmmmmm. And that was just the hor’doerves!!!

    Then after an hour of munching and visiting and “double-kissing”, we went into the reception hall which was beautiful. There were about 40 tables all set up with the main tables on a stage in front and a dance floor in the middle. The tables all had beautiful flower arrangements set in the center on top of 2-3 foot high glass pillars so we could all talk across the tables and actually see each other. After a dinner of salad, chicken AND steak AND shrimp, baby potatoes, bread, and steamed veggies, they cut the cake and the dancing began. It was all Greek music which consisted of everyone holding hands and dancing round and round spriraling together. It was a lot of fun. But we were hoping for some slow dances or some more familiar music occasionally, but that’s OK. Justin was right in there with the dancing, trying to learn the steps, too. Kiki had 2 aunts that flew in from Greece and they were fantastic animated dancers. I’m sure Justin will get a lot of practice at the Greek family weddings to come in the future.

    By 10 the kids were tired of all the wedding stuff, so Heather, Tara and I took all of our kids to the hotel swimming pool to swim (they left it open til 11:30 just for us.) Then we went up to our rooms exhausted.

    The Indiana crew headed home this morning. Nita and Larry are staying tonight and going to Connor’s cross-over ceremony (moving up from Cub scouts to Boy scouts). It was wonderful to see everyone, but we sure did miss the rest of you. It’s just not the same without you all–you are all so funny and fun to be with!

    Hope this isn’t way too much info. Just wanted you to feel a part of things!! Love you all!

  20. I think I just earned the LONGEST POST EVERY award!!! I won’t get kicked off the blog now, will I?

  21. That’s it, your banned!!!!

    Just kidding, of course. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That sounded fabulous!!! I am still sad to not be there but I am thrilled to get such wonderful details!!

    Congrats to Connor!!!

    Did the family give them a house like in the movie?

  22. That was so interesting. I was wanting to find out all about it. You wore me out to. Thanks, I do wish I’d been there too. Such a intriguing affair to attend.

  23. No house like in the movie—yet. Speaking of the movie, I want to go rent “Big Fat Greek Wedding” again just to compare notes to the real thing.

    Connor crossed over to Boy Scouts tonite. (sniff sniff–now I know how Jessica felt when she realized kindergarten was over!) My guy looked too little to be joining all those big Boy Scouts that are nearly as tall as my husband! Nita and Larry were a lot of help-taking pictures, watching my little James, even reading a small part in the ceremony (as did Mom, Dad, and Aunt Kelli). Gma Vera also got to come, but she tires easily so had to sit out part of it.

    Wish I could be part of your upcoming girls get-together! Now us girls here will be the ones left out. Maybe we should start our own here! Maybe on the same weekend you all do yours! We could call each other and compare indulgent recipes like Warm Chocolate Velvet!! (here I go with the !!!!!! again!)

  24. !!!! It must be a family thing!!

  25. !!!Do you REALLY think so?!!!!!!

  26. YEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Has to be a family thing. I thought you all were going to come crash our party weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Come on down!!!!!! I was in Tenn. but was afraid I was going to miss everything. I spent the 1st 5 days in bed most of the time. I did make it to all the important events. Deb did such a good job discribing everything, I can’t think of any thing to add. The boys play was really good. I got out of bed at the last minute to attend. We stayed in the same hotel as the reception. It was so rich looking. Made me feel like I had money for a while there. I loved the pillows and double pillow top beds. Soooo comfy. Did the girls get the suprise Gma brought home from the wedding? I never say so many boquets in one place before, and they were enormous, and beautiful. Larry said they used pig weeds, in them too. If so It was a beautiful addition. Steve planned a very impressive cross-over program for the boys.

  28. I am sooo glad you started feeling better!!! I am still praying for you. We want you to feel great for our weekend coming up!

  29. AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be really disappointed if I can’t come.