summer swing

Jules —  May 25, 2005

Summer vacation is in full swing! Which means I can wander around the house and look like this all morning long. It’s nice to not have to be so busy first thing in the morning!

I was painting in the bathroom, yesterday, (yes I am still painting!) and Jessica came running in carrying a little grey field mouse she’d caught. The kids put it in a big bucket and before afternoon’s end it was loose in the house! After looking and looking, she said we would have to go to plan B. I asked what plan B was and she sighed and said, “Kill it”. I guess we should set a trap. She really wants a cuddly pet. We are considering one of those miniature floppy eared rabbits.

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time”



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  1. When Jessica came in with the mouse she was so excited to have a new little “pet”. Lydia wanted to give it to our shop cat!! Mama Cat is always playing with mice and then eating them!

    In case you were worrying, we told them DO NOT touch mice anymore!

  2. Honey, I think you need a cat for a pet. We live with a field behind us, but Miss Portia (our cat) is a good protector.

  3. By the way, love the image! That’s actually me in the am, coffee mug in hand with the hair standing straight up!

  4. I would love to have a cat but I am allergic. When we had a cat I was very sick all the time. I don’t like having asthma. We do have Mama Cat who lives across the street at the workshop. She catches mice and takes them to the concrete parking lot and plays with them. She then eats them and leaves a little pile of warm entrails! I don’t like that part!

    I love the name of your kitty!!!

  5. We really need to get Jessica a pet. She loves animals so much.

  6. I have that same cartoon on the inside of my coffee cup cabinet door. Everyone gets a kick out of it. Yes, its very nice not to rush around in the morning. I love on a cold snowy morning knowing I don’t have to get out and go to work, just sit back and drink my coffee and start painting, never to dress, just lounge in my robe.

  7. Hi!
    Nita logged me onto the blog and I’m so grateful. We have a Miss Kitty at our house
    and she left us the remains of a rabbit! (Sometimes we receive lizards and mice.)

  8. Thats how I look every morning. There are pets that are alergy free, can’t think of any at the moment. I saw a hairless cat, but it didn’t look cuddly, & it was ugly. I just tried out my new (vileda mop) and it is great. I kept telling Deb I couldn’t find one here, so she gave in and bought me one for Mother’s day. She hated to buy me a work item as a gift, but hey, that’s what I wanted. This mop takes a lot of the (work) out. You all have my thumbs up on this product. Hope you have that bathroom done by next week-end Julie.

  9. Do tell about this vileda mop! What is that about?

    I’m interested in anything that takes less work.

  10. The Vileda mop looks like the Swifter dust mop but it folds in the middle and has a bucket for water and a place to push the mop into to squease out the water. You can mop the floor and not get your hands wet like with a wringer mop. A tap of your foot on the mop and it folds up to put in the bucket wash out the dirt then press out the water in a V shaped slot, & mop some more. When you are done you unsnap the cloth & wash in the washer and you are ready for the next time. Get an extra mop cloth so you always have a clean one. I may sound complicated but it is not.

  11. Can you get them at Walmart? Are they costly?

  12. Aunt Kelli!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME!!!!!!How exciting!!!!

  13. I bought the wrong Vileda mop a while back. The e-mail Debbie sent was ‘lost’ but now has been ‘found’!I am going to try again. The Wal-mart here in town does not carry it. But that new huge one opened today!

  14. We need to hear a little more out of miss Kelli, RIGHT, EVERYBODY. I know they will agree. Get mama on here too. Aunt tootsie

  15. Grandma posted!!! Check out her post on my ‘Who Am I” page!!!

  16. YEAH!!–we got Kelli and Gma on line now! Thanks, Julie, for pointing us to the “Who Am I” page. I would not have read their posts there. I usually just check the conversations under the last few posts.

    About the mop–it’s Vileda UltraMax (Vileda makes other mops,but don’t settle for anything other than the UltraMax!). At Wal-Mart, they are on the shelf area along with the Swiffer style mops and it comes in a box. Costs less than $20–and that includes the bucket, mop, and 1 cloth mop head. I agree with Mom, splurge and get the 2nd cloth so you always have a clean one (I got 2 extra in case Wal-Mart stops stocking them! I think they cost about $5). Enjoy!!!!

    OK–commercial is over!


  18. A brand new Wal-Mart just opened yesterday. It is less than five minutes from our hotel!!! It is the nicest Wal-Mart I have ever seen and it’s huge too. You guys will enjoy it when we go on our annual Wal-Mart shopping trip!!!

  19. Hey, you guys from TN, come on up next Friday!!!

    I am the fortunate one. Everytime someone posts a reply somewhere I get an e-mail notification immediately!

  20. We got a new one too. It’s right across (almost) from the motel we stayed in last year. One of the 4 largest. Just got back from there. Had to buy a bottle of burnt sienna paint.

  21. I’d love to be there for Girls Weekend, but I can’t–Steve’s working all weekend. Kathryn was going to talk to Kelli about going, but don’t know that it’s gonna work out. sniff sniff–now WE’RE the ones left out of all the fun! And to miss out on a new Wal-Mart, too. Oh, the tragedy of it all! (sob)

  22. Hey, I have a new Wal-mart also, and it is across the road from the Motel that the Girls week-end started. Was that 3 yrs. ago already? I haven’t been there yet but hear it is hugh, it looks it. It also has a gas station. Hey, Kelli, welcome to the chat room. Deb thanks for filling in the details about the MOP. I like not having a smelly mop hanging around here. Kelli, you will have to move the computer downstairs and teach mom how to email. YES!!!!! We will definately miss the Tenn bunch next week-end. Kandi may have a problem coming too.

  23. Julie, did you and the kiddos visit the big Wal-mart today? Tori went with Joyce and Company, and she has really raved about it. She said, Maybe Julie will want to come by and pick me up tomorrow, so I can help watch the kids while we are shopping at Wal-Mart. :)

  24. Does she want to go shopping tomorrow?

    I’ll have to pick her up on my shopping days and let her help me. I love that idea!!! James will let me drop one kid off at the workshop too. He doesn’t want them there more than an hour though cuz they get bored and have a hard time leaving him to work.

    The store is really something. I didn’t really get to take it all in cuz I was busy with the kids. It’s kinda stressful taking the four of them to places like that. Anjelia is going through a stage where she wants me to hold her all the time even when I’m trying to shop.

  25. Kandi is going to be able to come!!!!!!

  26. I just got Kandi’s email, I am so glad she will be able to come. We will be coming together.

  27. That’s weird because now Jessica has a guinea pig!