Help, James!!!

Jules —  May 31, 2005

I have been waiting for a couple of days to post some pics. James re-did the computer (I forgot the technical term). Now my scanner needs to be installed before I can use it. Of course, I haven’t a clue how to do that. So, I sit at home, in front of the computer, totally helpless. This reminds me of how much I need my dear husband and how completely lost I’d be without him. He’s been taking care of me since I was 17 years old and he started giving me gas money so I wouldn’t be the only senior still riding the school bus!! Hon, help, I NEED YOU!!!!

Any dream interpreters out there? I haven’t been remembering my dreams much lately but I had one last night that stuck with me. If I remember a dream it is almost always about a house with lots of rooms. It’s usually our home and I keep discovering hidden rooms. In one I went downstairs through a door and discovered room after room of beautiful antique furniture. I wish I’d wrote all these house dreams down because they’re so interesting. I have dreamt about rooms full of waist deep water. Last night, I dreamt about my Grandma Ws’ house. I kept walking around in awe of all the rooms. They were all empty though. I was reminscing about how they looked when I was little. I have been having these house dreams for years. Hmmmm…..

Well, hopefully I’ll be posting pics soon!!!! Here’s a quote for James, my Groucho Marx fan!

“The husband who wants a happy marriage should learn to keep his mouth shut and his checkbook open”
Groucho Marx



9 responses to Help, James!!!

  1. I can’t handle the pressure!

  2. Ohhhh, Puh….leeeaase… Aren’t you used to it by now!!

  3. Back years ago when I sewed all the clothes in the family except Tommys jeans, I would wake up in the night from a dream that I had swallowed a pin. I always took pins out and put them in my mouth and kept on truckin. I would dig in my mouth and cough and gag and cry because I could.nt get it out of my throat. Finally I would realize it was a dream and go back to bed. Horrible feeling, and besides that, it’s scary as hell. I haven’t dreamed that for years thank God.

  4. Jules, you have your house dreams, my Mom used to have bull dreams (being chased by them), my grandma had train dreams (getting stuck on the tracks!), and I’ve had tornado dreams throughout my life.

    Your house dreams sound strange. Lots of symbolism I imagine. There was this one week in grade school that I had bad insomnia and when I finally fell to sleep, I had the same dream every night all week. It was a doozy of a nightmare. Still remember it all today!

  5. He loves the pressure, I’m sure. Every guy loves to feel wanted. :-)

  6. Thank goodness the house dreams aren’t scary! They are exciting. Like discovering awesome things. One time it was James and I’s house but it wasn’t finished. It was like a strange construction sight. I kept marveling at all the rooms.

    One time it was my childhood home that turned into our house. It was totally different. I went downstairs and there were all these bedrooms. Room after room.

    Thank goodness, no pins and no tornados!

  7. My post worked. James came over and installed the scanner. Now I need the time to post again!

  8. Sorry I don’t know how to interpert dreams, where is that Joseph when you need him. Gil dreams about bears. I can usually tell when it is a bear dream. Your dreams sound interesting. Must be some significants to the empty rooms. I dream all the time but they are all different.

  9. Hi Mattie,I just spent an hour on the phone with Michelle learning how to use WordPress.Now I can anesewr my blogs.I just wanted to say I love you!!!I bless you and I pray for you and your family.