#7 of the top 10 uses for cat fur

Jules —  June 21, 2008




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  1. Y’all have too much time on your hands! hee hee

    Looks like she’s got a little mouse in her pit!

  2. We were sitting at Mom and Dad D’s dining table and Elaina came in and flashed her hairy pits at us. It was very funny. She is such a silly kid. We never know what she’s going to come up with.

  3. Elaina has a phobia about arm pit hair. Maybe this is her way of facing her fears!! Hehe! James always chases her around with his arms in the air – grossing her out.

  4. How funny. At least at my age I don’t grow it anymore. Yeah!!!! Tell her there is hope as she ages. I’m like her, I never liked it either.

  5. I wish my eyebrows would quit growing so I wouldn’t have to keep having them waxed. I can’t stand to pluck one out at a time . . . just yank the caterpillar off at once!

  6. That is sooooo funny!!! Elaina IS silly.

  7. Oh Julie, that is too funny….thanks for sharing!!

  8. I knew it would make people smile!

  9. Awesome! Good to know girls can be gross just like boys. :)

  10. Girls can be very earthy!

  11. Happy Birthday Julie!!! =) Hope you are having a great day! My email does not work so I hope you get this message with lots of love from Hopps,NM.

    I prayed for you when you was a baby to be our Son’s future wife; isn’t God good to us. I just never met you untill 19 years later.

  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I can’t seem to go to sleep. Unfortunately I just snuck into the kitchen and downed some of my birthday cheesecake. It was a very weak moment, but it’s my birthday, right? Well, at least for five minutes. hehe!

    I am very glad you prayed for me. I’m sure they made quite a difference in my life. I’m glad I met James and married into his family. I love you all. You’re a tremendous blessing to me and someone I can always count on to cheer me on. :)

  13. Cheese cake sounds good to me! Was it chocolate?

  14. Cherry!!!!!

    We loved the turkey noodles! YuM!

  15. Marilyn alias(Punkie) June 25, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    How funny that Elaina is. With the girls and their imaginations, who needs TV. Oh, Jules, this month is flying by for me, Happy Birthday yesterday. We love you.

  16. Thanks!

    Time is flying by.