Jules —  June 24, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Ok, to take the pressure off of me, Lydia took the first pic with new camera for public viewing! No editing, a little too much shadow but good nonetheless!

I am 33 years old today!

I am very thankful to be at such a wonderful place in my life!

James gave me that camera I posted about! Yes, I am spoiled rotten. I felt bad at first to receive something so nice but I am getting over that! He has always been so good to me!

Carl wrote a birthday post for me. How sweet!

I am going to go take a bath, give myself a facial and bake me a cake!

“Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.”



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  1. Happy Birthday Julie!

    I love you with all my heart!

  2. Happy Birthday, Julie! You are such a blessing to me as a friend, and I love reading your encouraging posts!

  3. Thank you! I love being friends with you!

    My dad just stopped by for a visit. That was a nice treat. I don’t think he knew it was my birthday but that’s ok. It was nice to see him.

  4. LOL, aren’t guys funny, Julie? At the moment, I have no idea when my mother’s or sister’s birthdays are. But I love ’em just the same.

    Happy birthday. What kind of cake are you making? Have a second piece for me!

  5. Happy Birthday Sweetie. James what a wonderful gift. Not that there was’nt enough hints. But because you are you, you made her day. You two are else.!!!!!!!Love ya both. Have a Happy.

  6. Happy Birthday over here as well!!! And here I thought a lady never revealed her age! :)

  7. I guess I am no lady!

    Red velvet cake!

  8. Oh, please say a prayer for Tom and his family. His grandma passed away this week. Today is the funeral. Thanks.

  9. Happy Birthday, wonderful cousin! You are such a blessing to me over the miles and I wish we could get together more than every few years. But at least now, thanks to your blog, I feel like we get to talk every few days!

    Have a wonderful day being surrounded by those that love you! May God open the floodgates of blessings on you.

    (Way to go, James! You picked up on those “oh so subtle” clues real well! We’ll all benefit from Julie’s new camera once she starts posting photos! Thanks for making my cuz so happy!)

    HEY, what a great gift. We’ll see how good you are with it. Marlis does pretty good with hers and so does Deb. Way to go James. Here he comes to save the day.(song)
    Sounds like you have recieved a lot of blessing already. We love you and I enjoy your blog. We need to start a reunion so these cuz’s can know each other.

  11. I am feeling a lot of pressure here to “perform” with my new camera.

  12. No sweat. Just take lots of pics and statistically a handful will turn out great. 😉

  13. Hey Rob, I think you need to do a *note to self*. Memorize the women in your life birthdays!

    Really, this will pay off!

    Thanks for the tip. Now that I don’t have to pay for film and processing this would be a good idea. I’m feeling a little better now!! Hehe…

  14. Another joy of the digital camera is the ease with which you can edit out parts of the picture that you don’t want before you print or post it. No need to worry about perfect centering, etc. Take pix of things that are fun for you.

    I’m sure you’ve probably seen it, but if you haven’t you should visit Jenn See’s pix site,


    She takes lots of pix of lots of stuff with varying degrees of success and they are always fun. I’m jealous! I may need to start treating James a little nicer before my next birthday.

  15. I love how you can change to sepia and black and white. Or change to macro etc without changing, lenses, filters or film.

    Sorry Carl, I don’t think you have a chance with James. I use my feminine wiles on him!

    Works like a charm!

  16. I don’t know…he was pretty cuddly at Batman Begins the other night!

  17. My dear MIL brought me like 12 new big bath towels, several hand towels and a stack of washrags for my new bath. A pretty soft green and cream colored. I am soooo happy. I have been in need of new towels for a while. Mine are shredding! I am sooo happy!! Thank you!

  18. Hope your day was deliciously happy!

    Thanks for letting me spend the day with you yesterday, it was just what the dr. ordered.

  19. Oh, I can’t wait for you to show me your new little camera. Did you get the RED one?

  20. What a great picture of you, Julie. Hope you had a great day!

    And look at your lawn–not a dandelion in sight. Your mom must have been there gathering for her jelly. Hey, does she have a recipe for clover jelly. I’ve got plenty, too. (And I LIKE my flowered lawn. It’s PRETTY, no matter what my fastidious-lawn-fertilizin’–mowing-every-other-day neighbor might think!)

  21. James and I could list 50 things we’d be better off doing with our time than lawn manicuring! I like the clover, too!!! It smells good and it’s pretty and the girls love to make jewelry out of it! Plus when Anjelia runs through it the clover gets stuck between her toes! It’s super cute!

    It’s been a difficult day. James lost a huge account. He may have to lay people off. The whole week for him has been stressful.

    We watched the girls be honored tonight in a Missionettes ceremony. Maybe I will post that tomorrow.

  22. Karen, yesterday was perfect timing. I needed your company bad. Thank you!!!!!!!

    Yes, it’s red!

  23. Lydia and Jessica did great tonight with their songs and motions at the award ceremony. It’s hard to believe that Lydia is getting promoted to the higher class!

    Rob, I used to call John to tell him when my parents anniversary was…he usually remembered their birthdays as Dad, John, and Mom have their birthdays right in a row. You need to call and get the information entered on one of your many computers. Doesn’t your e-mail have a calendar?

    Julie, Lydia took a great picture of you. It’s not blurry like the one she took of the new bedroom. She must be learning from the pro [Julie].

  24. I am so glad you came tonight Mary!

    Thanks, too, for taking Lydia in for the night. She was so excited. It is really sweet how you take them one at a time to give them attention. They love it.

  25. Nice can of worms you opened up, Rob.

  26. Sorry Rob, I was just teasing. Although, Mary does have a good idea.

  27. For James, Failure is not defeat until you stop trying. Maybe God has something better for you to do. But sorry about the lost account, I know it causes worry. I like the pic of you,that Lydia took. She seems to have a good start w/the camera. Make the most of Sunday.

  28. Sigh. Sadly, I have the calendar on my desktop computer and it syncs to my iPod and my phone… and yet I’m *still* forgetting these things. See, here’s my theory. All these nifty tools to aid a poor memory are nice, but they don’t address the core issue: laziness and a dash of indifference. A deadly combination!

    Mary, that’s SO funny about your sisterly reminders to John. Melissa did this with me for years, haha! And what’s really funny about it, when she called me she’d be like whispering. As if Mom’s right next to me listening in! Hehe.

  29. Julie, where are you. No pressure, but we are all sitting here waiting to see what comes next.

  30. Me too, I can hardly wait. Helllloooo. Yooouuu,Hoooooo!!! Where are you.