I’m posting this from my bed!

Jules —  August 1, 2005

James bought a little laptop computer for me to use, so here I am posing for another picture! Now I am like one of those yuppie moms with my portable computer!

This poem is totally unrelated but if you like children’s poems you’ll enjoy this one.

My Kingdom

Louisa M. Alcott

A little kingdom I possess
Where thoughts and feelings dwell,
And very hard I find the task
Of governing it well;
For passion tempts and troubles me,
A wayward will misleads,
And selfishness its shadow casts
On all my words and deeds.
How can I learn to rule myself,
To be the child I should,
Honest and brave, nor ever tire
Of trying to be good?
How can I keep a sunny soul
To shine along life’s way?
How can I tune my little heart
To sweetly sing all day?

Dear Father, help me with the love
That casteth out my fear,
Teach me to lean on thee, and feel
That thou art very near,
That no temptation is unseen,
No childish grief too small,
Since Thou, with patience infinite,
Doth soothe and comfort all.

I do not ask for any crown
But that which all may win,
Nor seek to conquer any world,
Exept the one within.
Be thou guide until I find,
Led by tender hand,
Thy happy kingdom in
And dare to take command.



21 responses to I’m posting this from my bed!

  1. You sure look sexy!

  2. Is it me or just the laptop?

    I think it’s a natural gift! hehe!

  3. You yuppie, you! Talk about the lap of luxury!!!

  4. Did I spell yuppy wrong. I must have. I can’t imagine Carl misspelling something.

    I don’t have spell check on this computer yet. There’s no way I’m getting out of bed to get a dictionary!

  5. I installed your dictionary plugin. I wouldn’t want you to have any spelling errors. I shure never do.

  6. Yep, I fixed it. Thanks hon! Nice surprise!

  7. Where is the tray with a cup of coffee and scones on it at.
    They should be beside you.
    Or maybe you finished those already.

  8. Oh, I just realized the time you were typing this. Ok then, where is the warm milk and cookie.
    You look adorable………

  9. Hey Julie do you want to know my favorite way of relaxing?
    Taking a long hot bath and then shaving my legs then jumping into bed with clean crisp sheets, they feel so good on shaven legs. That is my fav way of relaxing.
    Just thought youd like to know…. Hee Hee.

  10. My butler, James, is still in training.

  11. Sounds great!!! If I wash the sheets, I won’t let James get in bed, the first night, without showering first!

  12. I have no idea how to spell ‘yuppie’ properly so I wouldn’t worry about it. I have my fair share of spelling errors, believe me!

  13. I like Julie’s spelling. It’s phonetic and rhymes with puppy. :-)

  14. Should I point out that no matter how you spell yuppee that it rhymes with puppy?

  15. yup·pie
    n. Informal
    A young city or suburban resident with a well-paid professional job and an affluent lifestyle

  16. Well, I guess that leaves you out Julie, I’m not sure ——– is a city.

    It won’t take you long to train the girls to wait on you. 1 bring a cup, 1 a spoon, 1 a cinnamon roll. Congrats on the lap top. You look so cute.

  17. Yeah, I’m not a city girl. Don’t really want to be either. Homemaking doesn’t exactly pay well and affluent lifetyle isn’t exactly how I’d describe my life! It’s all good though.

  18. The “well paid professional job and affluent lifestyle” leaves me out of the yuppey picture!

  19. I really like your post ” My Kingdom” Very nice.
    But, you may be getting pampered too much. He, He, He, really, I only say that because I’m jealous. Richard is pretty good to me, so I have no reason too even be jealous. Go, Julie & James.
    When your good parents, pampering each other is good.

  20. I’d like to be like Esther and get a year’s worth of beauty treatments. I wonder if the king was ugly….

  21. Y E S!!!!! but you only had to spend one night with him and you were put out to pasture of pleasure. Unless, he remembered you, of course and he called for you again.