a big thank you

Jules —  July 29, 2007

Tom and Karen have been good friends of ours since early adulthood. Some of my funniest and fondest memories are associated with our newlywed years spent hanging out together. We’ve grown up some and now have become full-fledged adults with strong marriages and a great history together. I am so thankful to have their friendship, which will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

We’ve always tried to be there for each other and help out when we can. Tom really came through for me big time this weekend when he showed up at my home with a pick-up truck full of cleaning supplies, including his beloved carpet steam cleaner! I really needed someone to intervene!

My stinky and disgusting mini-van has endured much at the hands of my four children. I could hardly stand the smell each time we got in it to go somewhere, especially in this summer heat. Over the years there’s been every kind of food and drink spilled on the seats and carpet. Where there’s babies and small children, there’s formula, puke and a mom with a strong cup of coffee. Countless times I’ve spilled my coffee all over the front seat and floor. It was really gross.

My van now looks fantastic and the stink is GONE!!! Tom dedicated two afternoons and an evening to detailing the beast. I am sure it was his biggest challenge to date. THANK YOU, TOM!!! I PROMISE I will keep it clean.


I have much updating to do. I am sorry for my absence. My summer highlights post will be up soon!



12 responses to a big thank you

  1. Hey that van looks brand new. I bet you are so proud of Tom. I have got to get my car cleaned up again.

    Tom and Karen really have been good friends to you. I wish I could get to meet and visit with them sometime. I just got to say hi in passing last year.

  2. WOW–what a friend!

    OK, Tom, have any advice to THIS mom on how to get melted crayon off my van seat? I usually ban crayons from the van, especially during the summer, but this one slipped past me.

  3. Get your iron, grocery paper bag and iron the crayon into the paper bag. Bag on top of crayon. At least that is the advice I have read for crayon or candles on cloth. After that I don’t know.

    Sniff, sniff, ahhhhhh I can smell the freshness of the clean van. I need to get out there when it’s cool and vaccume mine out. Let’s see, do I have a really good friend like Tom who will do it for me. Well, guess it’s something I can do myself. He did a great job, it looks so clean. Nice job Tom. Thank’s for helping my sweet neice like that.

  4. WOW! I haven’t posted for so long, I didn’t figure anyone would notice my new post for awhile. Apparently, y’all haven’t given up on my blog. Thanks!

  5. Fortunately, forTom’s sake, I did vacumn the van out several days ago. I had to change the vacumn bag when I was done. I’m going to keep it clean from now on.

  6. My honey is definitely the most dedicated cleaner-upper, project dude I have ever known. I am always amazed at the amount of work that he can get done when puts his big muscles behind it. Something that would take me days and still would only be an “okay” clean-up job he can whip out in much less time. He is also a “do it the right way” sort of guy so that helps too!

    Hmmm. . .maybe he missed his calling – nah! Don’t know what the kids at the children’s hospital would do without him!

    Thanks for letting me hang with ya Saturday! Hairspray was so fun!

  7. Well what a challenge! I feel I need a couple of more days to really get a deep down clean. The smell is definitely better. I wish i could have got to wash and wax the outside and sparkle up that engine. Maybe next weekend. Oooh sorry I already have plans next weekend, I’m pretty sure.

  8. I can’t believe how much better this thing looks!

    I did keep wanting to ask you for your green card though. :p

  9. Tom,
    This act of love sets you apart from all other friends! I mean, when you steam clean the carpet in a mothers mini van you are saying something that words cannot express! What a guy!

    When did you say that you were coming over to my house?

  10. WoW Tom:
    Some of those coffee stains were mine too! Thank You….
    I think Nita has some coffee stains in her van from me as well.
    When can you come up and steam clean my house?
    You and Mary are such great friends to James and Jules. Thank you for taking care of Jules.

  11. It’s such a hard job, Kandi, but somebody’s got to take care of her! :)

  12. I am so thankful to have people in my life who rise to the challenge!