a cake with pink insides

Jules —  September 5, 2006

the blank canvas

the creative process

the finished masterpiece



8 responses to a cake with pink insides

  1. I truly can say I never had as beautiful a cake as this one in my life. :cry Have a happy pink cake day. :birthday

  2. Yummmmy! I think it’s fun to decorate cakes! Looks like she had fun. Look how carefully she got all those jelly beans in a row on the sides! Impressive, Elaina. Save me a slice…I’ll be there in 12 hours! ha

    :birthday :birthday :birthday :birthday :birthday

  3. I wonder why we didn’t get to do that when we were growing up? Beautiful cake! :birthday You young mom’s these days are so creative with your kids. I’ve never seen curly candles, neat!!!!! Elaina you did a wonderful job decorating.

  4. I thought those were curly lines on the cake. :eek Gee whiz they are candles. How cool. I wonder the same thing. I guess tradition had always been, cakes were a surprise. But yes, our babies have grown up and are starting new traditions. NICE, VERY NICE IDEA. 😉

  5. I love the flowers…They look like the flowers on my blog!!!!
    Happy Birthday :birthday :birthday :band :band :band

  6. Remember the cake plate on the pedestal I bought when all of us went garage saling a year ago? I finally used it!

    I borrowed two of Karen’s round cake pans. It took three cake mixes to fill them up. I hope James’ employees like strawberry cake!

  7. Lucky Guys, Deb, I’ll race you to Jules house for some of that cake.

  8. Oh! That is a really pretty cake plate and it has pink on it too.