A Prayer for Joy

Jules —  June 13, 2008

Help me, O’ God,
To listen to what it is that makes my heart glad
And to follow where it leads.
May joy, not guilt,
Your voice, not the voices of others,
Your will, not my willfulness,
Be the guides that lead me to my vocation.
Help me to unearth the passions of my heart
That lay buried in my youth.
And help me to go over that ground again and again
Until I can hold in my hands,
Hold and treasure,
Your calling on my life.

Ken Gire, Windows of the Soul

James has been collecting and reading books on finance, business and leadership. I’ve been reading them as well and have learned a great deal as a result. (So far I’ve really only read two, but I’ve listened to a lot of audio as well)

I’m currently reading 48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller. It’s been a terrific book as it has pushed me to think about my gifts and abilities and what I enjoy. I have not come to the place where I can list these things out in detail, but I’m better convinced now than I was before that I love being a homemaker. It’s not my job, or my career, it’s my vocation!

I don’t know what there is for me beyond this point. I just know for now I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I also understand better that self education can be as valuable, if not more valuable, than a diploma and that the sky’s the limit if you can dream it and set goals and make plans. James is proving that!



7 responses to A Prayer for Joy

  1. Jules your a wonderful homemaker. Yes it is difficult, especially with four children. If you had a job, most of it would go to a sitter, daycare or after school care. It seems pointless to me for a mother to work when it all nearly goes to outside care. Just balancing a budget is a job. Your such a wonderful mom and wife. I know James is proud of you.

    Before I came into the picture to help Kandi with Ian, it was awful what she had to pay for childcare just for one. I can not imagine for 4.

  2. I love the prayer for Joy.

  3. Thank you! Yes I loved that poem. I had to post it and then I decided to add some of my thoughts with it.

  4. wonderful poem!

    Did you see on CNN the other day that a homemaker is worth 117,00 per year? Made me feel good to have some value put with it.

  5. I’ll have to talk to James about budgeting more spending money for myself!

  6. Marilyn alias(Punkie) June 13, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    Your helping to guide 4 lives to their futures. You are a wonderful role model. You have an awesome job. YOu can do all things thur Christ who gives you the strength.

  7. Thanks. I have to do this every once in a while to help pump up my energy level and encourage myself. I was excited, as I answered the questions in the book, to be reminded that I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do and most of my dreams for my life have come true. It was very encouraging. I think I need to plan more and set goals. I’m not very good at putting stuff on paper.