a public confession

Jules —  October 23, 2007

James had the great honor of baptizing our two oldest girls, Lydia and Jessica! Our church is very supportive of dads baptizing their children. It’s a good thing because James was not going to have it any other way!

There’s no greater joy in life than seeing your children come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The really fun part is seeing them be baptized. It was one of the very best moments of our lives. James’ voice cracked with emotion. It’s a sweet memory that will last a lifetime.



Both of the girls were so excited to get to church. They were bouncing off the walls. They were baptized along with several of their good friends. Colleen (another Mom) and I jumped and cheered in the hallway as we left to help our girls dry off. Great fun!!!

The lady in the water with James is our children’s Pastor, Genni. She was baptizing the other kiddos. The youth pastor, Aaron, baptized the youth and our pastor baptized the adults. It was fun cheering for everyone, especially the kids.

The man in the blue shirt is our Pastor. He was visiting with everyone before the service. Genni is standing beside him.

Here is a pic of Genni with the girls at her recent wedding!

Janet and Richard were able to come and celebrate with us!

Genni quizzed some of the kiddos during the service on the reasons for being baptized.

1. To be obedient. The word of God tell us to.
2. To be like Jesus. To follow his example.
3. To make a public confession of faith.



13 responses to a public confession

  1. CONGRATS! and please give the girls big hugs for me!!!

  2. What a great moment in life!!! A treasured day. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  3. Very cool! Congrats to the girls!

  4. Now they are my sister’s as well as great nieces. I’m so happy you both decided to follow Jesus.

  5. How wonderful girls. Congratulations. I’m so happy for you.

    Gma Dorothy found my Babtism Certificate and gave it back to me on Sat at the Hayride.

    I know you girls are happy in your life and Jesus has always been a big part of it. Love ya’s.

  6. That’s neat that Grandma just gave you your baptism certificate!

    Thanks everyone for your congratulations. I haven’t read them to the girls yet, but I will tomorrow.

  7. What a joyful day. I’m so happy for the girls. That’s the best decision they’ll ever make. They’re growing like Jesus, in wisdom and in stature. And how special to include the dads…I don’t know how James got through it. I’d be too choked up to speak.

  8. It was so much fun to be able to baptize them. I’m surprised I didn’t cry like a baby. I’m such a sap.

  9. Steve’s a sap too….I love him for it.

  10. Richard and I was so very proud of James as he has a tender heart like Jesus Christ when He wept before others. I love it when I see a man with a tender heart. Very proud of you son! Of course we had tears also the hear each one of our grandaughter’s perfession of faith in the Saviour.

  11. That’s true Deb, I’ve seen Steve choked up several times. He does have a tender heart and shares Jesus with others too.

  12. Yeah, yeah…Steve has a tender heart…that’s what I meant instead of calling him a sap. hee hee

    I really do love him for it, even though I have to tease him when he gets more emotional at movies than I do. And it’s my prayer that our 3 sons have the same heart that their father and their Father has.

    And I feel the same as you do, Mrs. D. A tender humble heart in a man is a beautiful thing to see.

  13. Thank you, Debbie.