Jules —  September 27, 2006

James has been waiting for a year for a very special delivery; it finally came yesterday! He earned a free XBOX 360, on the internet, through an on-line promotion. I’d like to extend a BIG, “THANK YOU!” to our friends who participated in the promotions to help James earn his free game system. If you aren’t familiar with the XBOX, it retails for over $400. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

It’s hard to get a man to pose for a picture!!

Out of the box!

The girls LOVED playing their favorite game, Star Wars Legos, on the new system!!!!



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  1. I think the 370 just came out and is supposed to be much better than the 360. And you don’t have to Amway your friends to get one.

  2. heh-heh-heh :evil

  3. I was waiting to see your smartie response, Tom!!!! :fish

    (I seem to use the fish slap smiley after nearly every one of your comments!)

  4. Haha, that’s about right, Tom!

    Yeah, thanks to everyone who helped me get this thing. And to those of you who told me it was a scam, I get the last laugh. :evil

  5. Marilyn alias(Punkie) September 27, 2006 at 10:56 am

    I guess I’m out of the box. I’m glad you got it, sorry it took a year. Don’t know what people had to do to get it for you, but it looks like it might be fun to have. I don’t remember hearing anything about it or I would have helped if I could. Have fun!!!! :indeed

  6. Glad to help you, James!

    I’m just glad that all those pills we took and blood samples we gave were pretty harmless. And letting us keep our clothes. . .that was nice of them too. All in all, it wasn’t too bad.

    I probably wouldn’t do it the next time, though. . .


  7. Ooo, ouch. I think James is talking to me. Hey, good for you, Jimmy Boy!

  8. I am awful at those games. I think they are good for hand eye coordination and thinking skills but remember good ole fresh air too…take good breaks. I know they are addictive to my daughter Erin’s friend Nicky. He and Scott love Tiger Woods Golf. You can even form the player to look like you!! :eek

  9. Hi Kelli.
    I’m like Punkie, I did’nt know you were working for it. But after some of the comments, maybe it’s for the best.

    Nice toy though. Thats great!!! congratulations James.

  10. Ian is truly happy that James got an Xbox 360, he was saying “the girls are so cool, they have an Xbox mom”
    He wants a trampoline. I told him just keep thinking trampoline, not an Xbox… they are too expensive….

  11. Hmmmmmm
    What else can you earn over the internet?????
    😀 😀

  12. HEY!
    Do they purchase kids for scientific experiments???
    :worship :worship Julie you can fish me!
    ((I am just teasing))

  13. But Ian would be a great scientific experiment.
    K :oops

  14. Auntie, Tom and Karen just helped by signing up for Rhapsody music on their computer. No medical testing was done! I thought I’d clarify. We would only take slight advantage of our friends!!!

  15. Kandi, check out for other free stuff!!

  16. Oh, Kandi here’s your fish!! :fish

  17. Hee Hee! couldn’t resist the opportunity to make people wonder. :angel

  18. I think you got ’em, Karen! :rotfl

    And I’ll join Julie in fishing Kandi! :fish :p 😀 Yq’ know I love ya’

    Congrats James–I hate to admit it but I probably would have been with Rob and thought it was a scam. :oops

    And I probably shouldn’t continue to egg you on, Tom, but I was LOL over your first comment! :rotfl (shhhh-Don’t tell, James!)

  19. Julie,
    How does free pay work. Do you have to involve friends and family in something. what do you have to do to get something. I went in to the site and started doing stuff and signed up and gosh, it seemed I would get something free right away so I was afraid I would have to commit to something weird……
    How does this site work??
    Thanks for the fish Karen and Jules….I was only teasing I love my son unconditionally…..I just try to be silly sometimes….
    K 😀

  20. Well, it’s much harder than it looks, K. I wouldn’t give out your regular e-mail address on the internet. James has several e-mail addresses just for that. You’ll start getting lots of spam e-mail. It’s a pain when your regular e-mail keeps filling up with viagra adds. Just a tip.

    James knows a guy who’s gotten several free things. That’s how he found out about it. You have to get people to complete offers. Like Tom and Karen signed up for Rhapsody. It’s ten dollars a month and they could’ve canceled after the first month but they really enjoy it and have kept it. (Rhapsody is WONDERFUL. I use it everyday. You can listen to just about any kind of music. If you want to burn a song onto a disc it usually costs 89 cents per song. It’s much cheaper than buying music at the store.) James got one guy he’s friends with on-line to buy a can of men’s bald spot hair spray. It was five bucks and James doubled his money and gave him 10 dollars to do it. Stuff like that. I forgot how many offers he had to complete. I need to ask. James does a lot of computer favors for people on-line so he got several people who “owe” him to participate. I forgot what Carl did for him. I know he put some time into this. It didn’t come as easy as it looks, but he’s really glad he did it. We cant’ afford expensive play items like the xbox and James desperately needed a “toy” to help take his mind off of work stress.

  21. Ian’s stress relief is his car racing on his playstation. He loves to race cars on tv. I think I could easily take his Playstation 2 away but it is his only outlet. He likes to read, so I have to tell him to first read before he plays his P2…..
    He is really good at NASCAR racing. I think DAD’s spirit is in him……Hee heeee heeee

  22. Jules Im behind on everything but please tell Beth that bedspread is so darlin and that shes very talented. Im happy for James, Im sure he was thrilled with his new boy toy. later lovey’s.

  23. You must have taken that first picture HOURS after the fact because I know that, in his excitement, James ripped all his clothes off and cradled his arms around the box in a fetal position and cried like a baby when it came in the mail. :rotfl

  24. I decided to wait to take pictures so James could keep what little dignity he had left. :rolleyes

  25. Marilyn alias(Punkie) September 29, 2006 at 8:10 pm

    You guys are so funny to listen too. :rotfl

  26. Jules:
    What is that big red spot on James’ forehead?
    (kandis asked this) on gmatootsies blog!

  27. I have no idea. Must be a shadow or something. It’s not a very good picture of James.

  28. Looks to me like it might be from about the size of a small skillet. Look who is denying any knowledge of what it might be!!

  29. OOPS!!
    I forgot to add a hee hee!!! to my last comment. I don’t want to get a fish on top of my head like Tom usually does.

  30. Good One Uncle Gil!

  31. Gil’s trying to get a rise out of you Jules and he’s feeling very frustrated & misunderstood. :cry :rotfl

  32. If he knows what’s good for him, James just leaves me alone. I love my iron skillet. . . :evil :fish :fish :fish

    Ok, so now you’re on to me. I’m not the sweet, demure wife you thought I was. Pretenses are over. . . :evil

  33. We women have to be tough, and if they find out about us, so be it. :evil :indeed

  34. Jules you are good, you dont want to break your Iron skillet over some man who is excited about his “MAN TOY”….

  35. What are “WOMEN TOYS”?????
    :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

  36. My WOMAN TOY is my camera and computer!

  37. Mine, too, Kandi. I LOVE my laptop and my cameras! I also love appliances, but those don’t count as toys do they?

  38. At the moment “wire is my toy” but I also like beads, mirrors (for crafts),speaking of which, I looked all over walmart the other day for bead fringe and those little mirrors for crafts and guess they are’t carrying them anymore. Guess I’ll have to run back to the lake, or maybe someone from the lake can bring some. I’ll have to give you a call Tootsie.

  39. Good grief!!! Well I guess I can pick you up some. I was in town this morning and got the car title changed to my name. Now I need to call my insurance company and get things changed there. I’m going to check and see which is the cheapest, mine or his that it is in now.

  40. OOPS.
    I would love to have to say new appliances would be great too!