a.d.d. and home delivery

Jules —  August 17, 2006

I did it again. . . I left the grocery store today, drove home, put Anjelia down for a nap and went to unload the groceries only to find them missing. This is the third time, at this particular store, that I’ve drove off abandoning my groceries in the cart in the parking lot! I’m known there as the D girls’ mom. The folks at this small town store are so kind. One of the gals hauled my six grocery bags to my home on her lunch break!

I’ve also pulled this stunt at Target! I did a little shopping there one day when Anjelia was an infant. I was driving down 39th street headed toward the highway. As I was passing the mall, I noticed there was quite a bit of road noise. After looking back I realized that my back hatch on my van was completely open! I must’ve looked like a real ding-dong driving down a busy street like that. After embarrassingly pulling over in the mall parking lot to shut the thing, I noticed that my stroller and bags were missing! Quickly, I turned around and drove back to Target, relieved to see my stroller and bags waiting for me in the parking lot!

Do you think it could be ADD? Or is this just a busy mom syndrome? Or did I inherit it? My mom has some really funny stories! Like the time she thought her cars doors were frozen shut. She hooked up an extension cord so she could melt the ice with the blow dryer. It didn’t work. That’s when she realized the car doors were locked!



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  1. Hun!
    It runs in the family.
    Just accept it and laugh about it.
    I will tell the whole world though that when I am on my strattera, I do better!
    Sorry Jules,
    But the everyday stress of family, housework, driving, etc….. Puts a toll on parents….especially mothers.
    I have done some really silly things as well. I have left wally world leaving my cart at the check out on more than one occasion.
    I have drove home parked the car and wondered where Ian was, instead of picking him up at daycare then going home…….
    Love Ya,

  2. Honey, you have four kids. That’s enough to make anyone forget what they did a moment ago, much less purchases in the parking lot! I’m just glad your hometown grocer looks after you!

  3. Boy Do I feel a lot better about myself. Only I don’t have a good excuse like you. I have purchased things and paid, then walk off with out them, but am still in the store when I realize it. I won’t go into a list of stuff & hope Gil won’t either. I find myself doing one thing at home and thinking about another I need to do, go off to do that then come back to find I didn’t finish the 1st thing I started. It reminds me of that email going around, where you work all day but at the end of it nothing was accomplished. I’m glad you have a grocer looking after you too, God bless him. Just don’t leave the kids and take the groceries. :oops

  4. I have taken Kandi out of the Carry seat and started to drive off and leave it on top of the car before. It’s been so long I know there had to be more. But with four, I’d have lost my mind. I Envey you.

  5. Probably a combination of the genetic gifts of your ancestors and the remarkable brain cell killing power of the American child.

  6. Julie! Don’t feel bad, you just have so much to keep track of in your brain that it won’t hold it all. You are concerned about safety of children and getting them in the car and out of harms way more than the groceries. It’s normal.

    I was reading this book the other day – “Don’t Make me Count to Three” and the lady starts the book out saying that she once owned a business and was “put together”. She never would find the milk in the pantry or stuff like that until she was a stay at home mom. That made me feel so much better.

    Also, when I went to Vegas and I was only taking care of me, I kept being shocked at how organized and efficient I was. Then I realized that “Yes, I am an efficient, organized, put-together person and doggonit people like me.” I just have a whole family to watch out for and some things just get LOST in the translation of the bigger picture of the workings of my family.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Laura Gayle. It’s a pleasure as always!

    The situation is even more embarrassing now. I was entering my checks into my register this morning and realized I wrote the check yesterday out to the wrong place—Wal-mart! What must they say about me?!

    Thanks for your encouragement everyone. I know I’m an intelligent person. I just have to look out for everyone else all the time and forget about me and what I’m trying to accomplish. Thanks Karen!

    Karen, I want to read that book. I love you even when your fried. We all do!

    Kandi, I think I could use some strattera! We all may be a little dingy from time to time but we are more fun than any other family I know of! I know I needed it the first year of Anjelia’s life. I look back and don’t know how I did it. Maybe my intellect has suffered a bit but having four children has challenged me in ways that nothing else could. My character has benefited immensely and that is so much more important than being able to concentrate!!! Besides they’re worth it and I love a good story. I certainly don’t mind laughing at myself!

  8. Oh and I did more shopping today. This time I took a shopping assistant with me! Tori came along to help out and it was much more relaxing and I think I came home with everything I needed this time. Now I know why rich people hire nannies!

  9. Ok, Chris and I just had a huge laugh about your
    antics. I definately am doing something after this baby is born. 4 must be the limit for our family.
    I am going to miss the kids and Chris while they are in NY. Last time they went for a 3 day weekend and I stayed home, I was amazed at how clean the house stayed, I never had to look for anything, expecially my hair accessories.
    My company will rent a car for me while they are gone Mom, I am in my contract until October 27th.

  10. Jules,
    Just like you, I am much smarter after having a child.
    Jules you are intelligent, smart and witty.
    Kids just melt our brain cells. I think Ian absorbed some of mine while I was carrying him. I enjoy summer so much more than when Ian is in school.
    When he gets home I fix suppper, Help him with homework then I have no time for myself.
    I dislike not having a life.
    I have not had a life for so long, but Ian is worth it.
    But Jules really you are very intelligent.
    Life anymore is rushed too much.

  11. James says I lost 25 percent of my brain with each child. Hmmmmmm. . . 25 x 4. . . This may explain my problem!! He’s only kidding of course!!! You’re a smartie too K. That goes without saying. Evenings do get much busier don’t they? There’s so much to keep track of.

    Trish and Chris, I am so glad you found my post that funny. That was my intention. I feel good about you getting a laugh out of it. Trish, try to enjoy the time alone with you and the baby. I know she’s not born yet but you guys can still enjoy each other in the peace and quiet. :baby

  12. Ohmigosh…this is hysterical. I’ve seen women do this…I didn’t know I was related to them though! ha I guess it’s better to leave the groceries and stroller in the parking lot than leaving the baby in the stroller in the parking lot!

    I’ve done similar things. I remember when I was pregnant, driving with a friend to visit another friend an hour away. When we got back, I started looking all over for my purse and started freaking that I couldn’t find it and I’d have to drive an hour back to my friend’s house to get it. The friend that I was riding with calmly pointed at me and said “Girl, you’re definitely pregnant. Your purse is hanging from your shoulder!”

    I agree with James and Kandi…I’ve said for years that I donated 1/2 of my brain cells each time I was pregnant. Having had 3 kids, I think that leaves me with less than zero.

    I think it’s great that we can all laugh at ourselves (OK and with each other too.) Makes life much more fun


  13. HA!! Jules, I love this post!!

    Last year another mom from McKenna’s preschool class told me that I often sign McKenna in as “Maya”, and not “McKenna” :eek. I looked at McKenna’s teacher and said “tell me I really don’t do that?” & she just laughed and said something like “why do you think I know your baby’s name?”.

    *Some other “crazy mommy” moments.

    -I locked my keys in my car three times when I was pg with McKenna! I knew I was in trouble when I hadn’t even given birth to my first child yet & I was already losing my mind!

    -I forgot my OWN phone # a few months ago! I was dropping off a Rx at Walgreens, and they asked me what my home phone # was, & I didn’t know!!! I had to stand there for a minute and think REALLY hard. It still didn’t come to me, so I gave the guy my cell # just to buy some more time, so I could think a little harder about what my HOME phone # was (yes, I could remember THAT #). Then he HAD to ask if that was my HOME phone # & I had to tell hime “no”. He ended up having to do a seach using my last name and Maya’s date of birth to come up with the right records…. :oops

    -One time I went to Target to buy formula, but I got distracted in the store (easy to do) & ended up buying a few other things too. I went through the checkout and had a total of TWO bags. The lady even told me “I put your formula in THIS bag”, when she handed me the bags. I remembered picking up two bags to leave, but somehow I left the bag of formula at the store. The formula was the ONLY thing I went to Target for! I got all the way home before I realized I had left the bag of formula at the store!!!

    *(Chandler was NOT a happy baby that morning… :evil)

  14. I once accidentally locked 2 year old Connor inside the car while it was still running. He slept through the whole thing luckily, but my neighbors and the deputy who came out and got my car door unlocked sure thought I was a loony. They kept shaking their heads. I was mostly worried about carbon monoxide poisoning but the car wasn’t in the garage so everyone assured me Connor was safe!

    At a house we rented, our laundry room had a lock on it on the outside of the door. One time Connor toddled in to the laundry room with me and pushed the door shut and we got locked in the laundry room. I couldn’t get the door hinges off or the door knob off with the tools I had in the room. Luckily there was a window and we crawled out and went to a neighbors house to call for the landlord to let us back in. Steve was working construction at the time and we would have been locked in there for hours if there hadn’t been a window in that room. I’m sure my neighbors sure got tired of rescuing that poor silly blonde girl!

    All this to say, Julie, you’re NOT ALONE, sweet cousin!

  15. Oh, and Steve is forever laughing at me. It is rare for me to be able to drive out of the driveway without having to back up and come back in to get something I left behind. Many times I’ll race out of the house to return movies or library books at the last minute, only to get there and realize I completely forgot to bring them. Now I’ve solved the movie problem by ordering Netflix this month–WE LOVE IT! It’s a blonde’s best friend! Just pop the DVD’s in the mailbox and I’m done. Thanks for recommending it Jules and James!

    So uh, young mothers, I’m sorry to say…I can’t say it gets any better beyond the baby stage. Once the brain cells are donated during pregnancy, they apparantly don’t grow back! Maybe God knows we need to have less to survive! That way we’re totally needing Him to get us through

    Or maybe He just needs a good laugh once in a while. Sounds like we all keep Him laughing, huh!) :rotfl

  16. Shame on them for shaking their heads at you. HOW RUDE!

    I am glad I am in such good company when it comes to dingyness!! Is that a word?

    No, apparently it isn’t!

  17. Thanks Deb and Amber for giving me giggles.

    Friday I called James and he didn’t answer. I didn’t want to leave a voice message but I forgot to hang up. I kept the phone on my ear while unloading the washing machine. James called me to find out why there was a three minute long voice message with me breathing and children playing in the background!

  18. Ohhhhh that is funny. James, honey just put up with us all…………
    I think the funniest story is when your mom did not know your dad!!!!

  19. K, you’re right. That is one of the funniest stories I’ve heard!

  20. I thought that story was funny too…..but I wonder if your dad did!?

  21. Here’s another one of my goofs. The boys wanted to play a practical joke on Steve so they wrapped a rubber band around the spray nozzle at our kitchen sink. The rubber band held the spray handle down so that when the faucet was turned on, Steve would get all wet. Here’s where I come in. I WATCHED them put the rubber band on but I still managed to get sprayed myself…not once, not twice, but 3 times. I was hurrying to get dinner done before Steve got home from work and I kept running over to wash my hands, then SPRAY…I’d get it again. The boys thought it was hysterical. And the kicker…Steve didn’t get wet. He didn’t turn on the faucet hard enough for the spray to hit him! We all still get a big laugh out of that joke!

    Uh oh…did I just give all these guys a practical joke idea?! Sorry ladies….watch out!

    Anybody got any practical joke ideas? I’ve been meaning to get my guys somehow but haven’t come up with any lately. My brother-in-law said he got Steve’s sister real good when he put plastic wrap over the toilet seat. But she didn’t think it was so funny when she made a little midnite trip to first turning on the bathroom lights. OOPS! She still threatens him over that one!

  22. Oops that SHOULD say…she made a little midnite trip WITHOUT first turning on the bathroom lights.

    OK it’s late–I’m off to bed. (You know you’re bored when you have to blog that you’re going to bed!) :fish