Addicted to daddy

Jules —  February 6, 2007

Our five year old, Elaina Joy, is addicted to her Daddy. She dotes over him constantly. If he’s around, she’s by his side. It’s even hard to keep her in her own bed at night. She constantly tries to sneak ever so slowly and carefully into our bed so she can be by her Daddy. Last night when he got home from work and sat down, I watched her sit and kiss his cheek over and over again and tell him, ” I wuv you”. It really is the sweetest thing.

Yesterday Elaina wanted to call her Daddy. For the first time I let her dial the phone herself. She studied the numbers carefully as I told her which ones to push. I didn’t realize what an exciting and serious situation this was to her. What could be better than a constant lifeline to her Daddy? After she hung up, I went about doing some things in the kitchen. A few minutes later, she came walking through the kitchen talking on the phone. She had called her Daddy back. Altogether she called him three different times. I told her she needs to ask before she calls him because Daddy is busy and has work to do.

This morning I walked into my bedroom to find Elaina hiding while dialing the phone. She looked like she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Her excuse through pouty lips: “I didn’t get to give Daddy a kiss goodbye.”



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  1. That silly girl called me at least 7 times between 4:00 and 5:30 this afternoon. I asked her if mommy knew she was calling me and she said no. She kept asking me when I was going to come home and if it was going to be when it was dark. After she would hang up she would call right back and say she forgot to say ‘I love you’ and then say it and hang back up. I’m feeling pretty special right now. I may have to put my own home phone on the ‘do not call’ list!

  2. James, you better eat it all up while you can!! Someday it will be some other dude she will be waiting to call and to KISS!!! Hee Hee. I know…you can’t even think about that right now.

    That’s a great story!

    What does her shirt say??? something about listening?

  3. That’s her favorite shirt. She wants to wear it everyday. It says, “Sing like no one’s listening”. On the back are three monkeys singing with microphones. It’s very Elainaish.

  4. What a sweet post, and a special relationship. She really misses her daddy. I like the saying on her shirt. She was ready to memorize his # wasn’t she. Now, what to do.

  5. What a pretty lil girl too.

  6. How sweet, I can relate to her. I was the same way with my daddy. I really loved him and wanted to be around him and do things with him. My proudest day was when he first took me hunting with him. I loved going mushroom hunting also with him, and visiting while we hunted. I loved going blackberry and wild grape picking. Even watching him work on a car. To the day he died, I really never thought he would, I needed him for me. Selfish? No I loved him.

    I’m so glad Elaina loves her daddy. But the telephone calls, well I’ll not comment, I’ll let you all take care of it. I probably would have done the same thing if the phones are like they are now.

  7. Too cute!
    I was a daddy’s girl too.
    Actually, I probably still am. Mom says I have him wrapped around my little finger.

  8. How hilarious and sweet. She is a cutie!

  9. That is soooo precious! I love the last sentence.

  10. I’m lucky to get a runaway scream and tears when I get home. Especially if Dora is on. Must be the hairiness. We’ve had some good times lately because I’m finding I’m really enjoying Dora on an acedemic scale.

  11. Now Tom, I have heard how your little Buttercup plays hard-to-get when you get home–waiting for her daddy to pursue her.

  12. That is so special. What memories!
    She is darling!

  13. That’s so sweet…and I’m so proud of you getting a new post going, Jules. Nothing like peer pressure, huh?!

  14. You mean she’s just play crying, screaming and running away? Another proof of the crazy female brain.

  15. James you are special, shes got such a loving heart does’nt she? Deb glad to see your back with us, hope that means your feeling much better. later lovey,s …

  16. So how did Elaina do the rest of the week after she had Daddy’s phone number memorized? Did you have to hide the phone, Julie?

  17. We were pretty busy the rest of the week and she didn’t try to call again. We’ll see how this week goes.

    James took a nap on the couch this afternoon and it wasn’t long before Elaina was sound asleep beside him.

  18. That is just so sweet and tenderhearted! Love it!

  19. Is it possible in a week’s time she’d forget his number? Naaaa…she’s much too smart for that! I think it’s sweet–I hope you write all this down for her somewhere. Is there ways to copy off your blogs so there’s hardcopy of it to put in scrapbooks?

  20. She remembers it. Yesterday she told Jessica the numbers to dial to call him!

    My blog is on James’ own web server. It’s a computer in Texas I think. It does backups of my blog and the other blogs on his server each night so nothing is lost. I need to start copying these off for scrapbooks. You are so right. When we move and I have space for scrap booking, I can’t wait to start scrap booking again. There isn’t a good place here. If I get it all out, it’s right in the middle of our living space and in the way during each meal. I am looking forward to getting started again.