Annual Autumn Hayride!

Jules —  October 23, 2006

We’ve been going on hayrides with Mom and Larry each year since Jessica was 6 months old. I think the kids are growing up with fond memories of our rides down dusty gravel roads in the cool of Autumn. It’s always a yearly highlight. This year was chillier than usual but it wasn’t uncomfortable or miserable. We just bundled up and got cozy under blankets.

The driver and co-pilot seem to have just as much fun as the rest of us!

Grandma went on her first hayride yesterday at the young age of 81 years old!

It was fun having my Aunt Tootsie with us for the first time this year. Yesterday was her birthday!! Happy Birthday!!!!!

My cousin Kandi and Ian are always fun to have around!!!

Local traffic!!!

Jaden and Anjelia are so adorable together. They’re buddies.

Evely was hilariously cute in her snow suit. Bless her heart if she fell over she was stuck. She couldn’t move in that thing, but I have no doubt she was nice and warm.

Tom and James like to lean on the end of the wagon. I’m glad it held them for another year!!!

Karen and Evely. Ladies in red.

We had yummy food to top off our day. We had Mom’s chili. I’ve been craving chili dogs! Yum! We also had veggie beef soup (a favorite of the kids) and chicken noodle. Tom has perfected my peanut butter treats recipe. He brought those for us to devour. Super duper yummy. We also had peanut butter blossums. It was comfort food at it’s best!

For more pics of our day yesterday click HERE!

I finally added last years pictures HERE and check out our ’04 HAYRIDE. The kids are sure growing up! It’s fun to look back and see how much they’re changing.



18 responses to Annual Autumn Hayride!

  1. Looks like sooo much fun! Cold but cozy!!! Comfort food this time of year is so much fun to eat and make. :drool Hot chocolate is so good after being out in the cold.
    I want to make potato soup for supper. Starch,starch, oh sounds so good and warm. :drool

  2. Oh yes Julie; the pictures are great! How do you do that? Going into your blog is one of my daily routines each day. 😉

  3. I am blessed that you enjoy my blog! I am glad my family and friends visit.

    I bought some hot cocoa mix for the girls this morning. It’s that time of year again. I think they will enjoy it as an after school snack!

    MmMmmmm. . . Your potato soup is one of my faves!!!!

  4. Jules, :cry Im so jelous, that looked like so much fun, I hope we can go on the hayride some time. Love the pic’s. later lovey’s.

  5. Neat pics Jules. I’m going to get mine updated in a second. I had so much fun, I’m sorry we had to leave when we did, but I got home just after dark. It was a fun weekend and got to spend my birthday and Nita and Larrys anniversary with family on the farm. Boy that OLE HENS NEST will be nice, won’t it. 😉

  6. Great fun, great pictures! Wish we could’ve been there!

  7. Looks like fun!
    I recently went on the longest hayride of my life.. about 2 hours long. Yeah, it stopped being fun when we went numb from the cold.

  8. Angela, our trip is about an hour long. I think that is just perfect, especially in the cold! Was this a youth hayride?

    Auntie, I am glad you made it home before dark.

  9. We had so much fun yesterday! Glad we made it for the ride, thanks for holding one for us and inviting us along. It really is an annual highlight. I love all the pictures. Jaden and Anjelia are so funny.

    The kids had a ball.

  10. Great pic, thanks for letting us in on the fun. I hope next year is warmer. I’m a fair weather fan of outdoor functions. I better start looking for a downfilled ski outfit.

  11. Oh, that looks like fun…cold but FUN! I love fall activities. Our little Maya came down with a nasty bug last week & she was finally fever-free on Saturday, so I didn’t want to risk it by taking her out into the cold again this weekend. I really wanted to take the kids to the pumpkin patch on Sunday, but we didn’t get to do it :cry Maybe later this week. I feel like my kids always miss out on all the “country fun” I got to experience as a kid. One day I hope I get to move to a house that isn’t on the corner of two busy streets!

  12. I know what you mean Amber. James and I are real close to trying to find a place in the country. It’s hard to live on a busy street with little ones. They don’t have very much freedom to play.

    We haven’t made it to the pumpkin patch yet either. It’s usually a yearly highlight for us, as well.

  13. I was so disappointed that it didn’t get to happen on Saturday. Maybe next year will be our year to be included.

    Mary pointed out to me last night that she thinks you are getting a little liberal with the truth: “Jaden and Anjelia are so adorable together. They’re buddies.”…don’t they fight like cats and dogs? 😉

  14. They’ve quit fighting. Too bad. It was hilarious. They used to look at each other and yell “NO!” or “MINE!” They just kinda hang around together now. The teachers at MDO said that one day a boy pushed Anjelia and Jaden saw it and ran over and hit the little boy in Anjelia’s defense.

    I hate it that ya’ll missed the hayride. I was disappointed too. There’s always next year.

  15. No, that long hayride was for a bunch of young adults, actually. (All in our 20s, tho I might have been the oldest one there) A friend of mine’s folks live out in Berne, IN (middle of nowhere.. with a lot of Amish).. and her parents were the ones that took about 50+ of us on two trailers! We were packed on like sardines!

  16. Sounds fun! Except for the going numb part! I don’t think I know that many people. I am fascinated by Amish communties.

  17. Angela, maybe you went numb from being packed in like sardines!!! 😀

    Looks like y’all had great fun on your hayride–I can’t believe Gma Dorothy had never been on a hayride! Looks she enjoyed her 1st one. I bet she loves being around all the family again.

  18. Your post is beautiful, as is aumutn here in good old Missouri. Thank you so much for reminding us how very BLESSED we truly are. Blessed with a family and friends and a home. God has been so good to me. I would appreciate your prayers for my son, Cole. He sprained his foot this past Sunday and is in a lot of pain. He is a college student and it is hard for him to get around, so I would appreciate your lifting him up in prayer before our Lord. I believe in the power of prayer! Bless you Ruthie!!