autumn fun

Jules —  October 30, 2005

This afternoon we carved pumpkins with the girls. They gutted them and picked out the faces and James did the carving. Lydia drew a face on a little one and cut off the top and carved it with no help. She was really happy to be old enough to do it all by herself. The pumpkin carving tools are much safer than knives. Thanks for bringing them this morning Carl and Mary!

Anjelia did her own pumpkin decorating! The messier the happier!

Saturday we spent the afternoon in the country at Mom and Larry’s. Tom and Karen met us out there and we had a fun, very relaxing, long hayride! The weather was perfect and the countryside was beautiful. I can’t wait ’till next year! It’s a yearly highlight.

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” George Eliot



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  1. Makes me wish so much that I could have joined you all. How wonderful. The pumpkins look really really nice. Looks like everyone had a great Pumpkin time.

  2. I always have fun carving the pumpkins with the girls. They love it. The pumpkin lighting ceremony is always nice.

  3. Wish we could of came. We both have been sick :puke and tired and sick and tired of being sick. How did you do the pictures going back and forth? Cool trick!!!

  4. Yeah, I tried to call you Friday and James yesterday. We figured you were still feeling bad and would let us know if you needed anything. Hope you guys start feeling better soon. :love

  5. Glad you like the animation. It’s fun but it causes the pictures to be pixilated(sp?) which bugs me.

  6. I actually did it all on my own, after James gave me a refresher course. Now I need to learn how to frame my pictures.

  7. Love the punkins! Did you have a pattern for those faces? They are great!! We were going to carve but haven’t got around to it and just may end up running out of time this year. Oh well!

    I LOVE that quote. I feel that way, this truly is my favorite time of year.

    You’ll have to show me how to do that picture thingy on CastingCrumbs. That’s really neat. Love the pics of the kids. I’ll be doing a post on there soon.

    Thanks for inviting us to the hayride. We really really enjoyed it. It was soooo relaxing and enjoyable. And God really did create the perfect day for it!!

  8. GREAT photos- I think they capture the very heart of fall; at least the parts that we all relish.

    I love the photo sequences that you set up, too! I want to learn how (even if Blogger doesn’t support it)!

  9. It seems like each time I see a picture of the girls they look so much older. Where did the years :baby go?

  10. Karen, we printed a template off the internet. That’s what we did last year, too. They are perfect. Each girl gets to pick her own unique design, yet they’re not too complicated. As you know, if it takes too long to do something it goes downhill fast with little ones! These were perfect.

  11. The animation is not too hard after you do it a couple of times. I’m really proud of myself. I knew very little before I started my blog! I will show you how Karen.

  12. Sarah, I wanted to post a link to that Johnny video on your website but blogger wouldn’t let me do a link straight to that post. I might just put it on here and give your site a nod.

    I hope blogger lets you do the picture gifs.

  13. The girls were sooooooo excited about these pumpkins that after we lit them they played outside for a while in the candlelight.

  14. Great job!!! Wish it would’ve worked out for us to do the hayride but glad you guys got to go ahead and do it after all. We enjoyed the meal and company the week before when we were rained out. Happy Halloween!

  15. Wow!! You sure do Halloween great, looks like a lot of fun. And the hay ride looked great too. I keep missing out on that. I loved seeing the girls in their costumes. The picture show is a wonderful idea. Glad you share all this with us. Love it.

  16. The pumpkin carving was so exciting for the girls.

    The hayride was the best fall activity. I just love this time of year. Now if we could just skip the last half of winter!

  17. Thanks for the thought, Jules! I am learning of Blogger’s limitations almost daily now. I didn’t really think I’d outgrow the most simple blogging template available in 3 months, but I just might have.

  18. I love how we get to see the before and after effect with the night and day pictures of the pumpkins! Very schnazy!

  19. It looks like the girls had a good time. It’s good having such good friends and an aunt that enjoys them at this time of year.