best dad hands down

Jules —  November 14, 2006

My poor little Anjelia is sick with the stomach flu. She awoke in the night with the immediate need to make it to the potty. She did not. Instead she had diarrhea ALL over her entire bedroom floor and then in confusion ran circles through it. James heard her crying and had her in the tub before I knew it. I got up to help get her cleaned up, while he steam cleaned her bedroom carpet at 1 o’clock in the morning. He even did it cheerfully! Moments like these are what blogging is all about!! I just had to get a picture of him steam cleaning carpet in the middle of the night, while wearing his funny pajama ensemble— his Best Dad Hands Down t-shirt and Tony the Tiger pajama pants!!! Well, in my sleepy stuper it was rather humurous!



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  1. We enjoyed you guys too. Come again soon, ok.

    I need to scrapbook and get our family stories caught up!