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Jules —  August 12, 2005

Happy Birthday, Rob!!! I am sorry I didn’t get this post up this morning. James needed to retrieve this story for me! I thought to honor you on your special day, I would post something James wrote on his blog, as he remininsced about the friendship he and Rob share.

Rob, I hope you’ve had a great day. You are a terrific guy and a great friend. I am sooo excited about your move to Colorado (from Texas)! God is certainly opening some awesome doors and His plans for you are better than anything you can even ask or imagine!! For more details click here.

I think Rob would love it if you would give him the gift of your favorite encouraging scripture, blessing, etc. It’s good to start a new journey with encouraging words and scriptures under your belt. Let’s give him a good send off!


Best Friends ~posted by James, February 2005

Why is it that we refer to someone we don’t see anymore as our best friend? Carl and I get together a lot to play games and watch movies. In a lot of ways I guess you can say we are best friends. I bet, though, that if you walked up to Carl and asked who his best friend is he would say Scott. If you came up to me and asked who my best friend is I would say Rob. Now Carl gets to see Scott about as often as I get to see Rob. Rob has been living in Texas since 1992. Thirteen years! Rob has not lived up here in KC in 13 years and yet I still call him my best friend! Why do we do that? I think it is because there are just some relationships that cannot be broken.

I would bet you that most of us have people we call our best friends and yet we never see them, or even hardly ever even talk to them. Your childhood best friend is somone you learned about life with. They share in your maturity. You may have just as many memories with them as you do with your own parents or even spouse.

The above image was taken around 1985 while I was living in Lone Jack, MO. When I look at that picture a rush of memories take over my mind. Some of those memories are good and some of them aren’t and that’s ok. Those memories are what make me who I am today. Those memories are what ties me to Rob for…..well….forever. Whether it is us dropping fireworks off that tree fort or driving my go-cart around the yard those memories are what ties Rob and I together. You can’t pull our friendship apart any more than you can erase our memories all together. In 1986 we moved to Emporia, KS only to come back two years later. Rob and I returned to our friendship like I had never left. That’s what best friends do, you know. They are just always there, even if you don’t see them. Even if you don’t talk to them as much as you would like. They are just always there.

Rob, I’m always here.

“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”



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  1. Oh no, the dreaded ‘best friends’ post is back! 😉

    Happiest of birthdays to you Rob! Lots of big changes going on. I hope you can look back on 32 as a watershed year in your life.

    Have a terrific, special birthday weekend. Its great getting to know you through James, your blog, and the occasional visit. 😀

  2. Rob! I’m so glad you’re my brother. You are one of MY best friends! Not many people can say that of their siblings. I’m lucky!

    I love you! Happy Birthday!

  3. Isn’t that so cool, Mel? You’re way up at the top of my best friends list.

    Cool, I like this post, Jimmy! I’m glad you salvaged it. But this time, hit the Tom-comments-are-spam button, ok? :fish

    Thanks for the well-wishing, Jules!

  4. Hope you had a nice Birthday Rob. I feel as if I know you because of Jules & James blog. Good luck in Colorado.

  5. LORD, THANK YOU FOR THE RAIN!! :worship :worship


  6. Yep, we have rain and cooler temperatures!!! I am beginning to look forward to Autumn.

    I thought you’d like that post back on the net, Rob. Hope you had a fab birthday. :flowers

    I hope my girls grow up to be best friends too. :love

    You two have a neat relationship.

  7. I want to let everyone know that Amber had her baby girl, Maya, on Thursday!! She and baby are doing well!!!!!

    Say a prayer for her. She is going home to a 3 year old and 2 year old and is a nursing mommmy to little Maya. I did this too and those first 6 months can be very overwhelming at times. :cry

  8. Congratulations Amber. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m glad I had one. We tried for a second child but to no avail, and would not trade the one I have.

    I prayed for rain this morning on my walk for the animals and the trees. We just got a 1/2 inch. I guess I should have prayed a lot sooner. We need a lot more, hope we get it this weekend.
    Thankyou :worship GOD.

  9. Happy birthday, Rob!

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