big fish

Jules —  June 16, 2008

Lydia caught a big one with Grandpa’s help!



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  1. Thats a nice catfish Lydia. Did they dress it and cook it for ya??? I love to fish for Catfish. But I really love to eat Crappie.

  2. Marilyn alias(Punkie) June 16, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Catfish is the bestes. I was going to buy some Salmon today, cause it’s good for us, then I saw it was from China, and I put it back.

    Lydia is such a cutie. I love seeing your family posts. Kathy, you and Linda need to learn how to blog so we can see your families more. If I can do it you can.

  3. Yes, I would love for them to have blogs. That would be fun to see pics and hear stories.

    They did not clean it and eat it. That is Grandpa’s pond and his fish are his pets. I don’t know if he could kill one. He has a tender heart. I am glad. He passed it down to James.

  4. Awesome Catfish, Lydia! Julian was quite impressed with this big one. Nothing better than pulling a big fish in out of the water.

  5. I think catfish are cute. I love their “whiskers”.

  6. Holy Cow!!! That is awesome. I don’t recall ever catching a fish that big when I was a child and we went on fishing trips.

  7. I remember catching a couple of big ones and I have the pics to prove it. I really liked catching bass, but it’s been a long time since I’ve fished. The little blue gill always scared me with their sharp fins. Getting finned hurts. :(

  8. Way to go Lydia…that is an awesome catch!!

  9. Hey, Robin!!!! I’m glad you jumped in and commented.

    Robin is fairly new to the blog. She said she feels like she knows my family after reading all the old posts. Say “Hi” to Robin!!

  10. Hi Robin, welcome to our family blogs.

  11. Hi Robin! I’ve been hearing your name a lot from Julie and would love to meet you sometime. Good to have you join. :)

  12. Richard does love his catfish and when people come to fish they do throw these pets back.

    We had Philippine pastors come to spend some time with us and they fished for the cafish but respected the fact that we wanted them thrown back. In the Philippines they don’t have such good fish which are very polluted and dangerous to eat!

  13. I’m glad you made it safely to New Mexico!

  14. James said you are at the edge of the world! Or at least it would seem.

  15. Thanks guys for the warm welcome…it’s good to be part of the “family”!!

  16. Robin, I don’t know where everyone else is. I think they gave up on my blog since I quit posting. Now that school’s out, I have more time to blog. All I have time for when school’s in is run back and forth to two different school’s and housework. I’m enjoying the summer.

  17. Happy Birthday again, Julie! New Mexico IS HOT!

    It rains every night but dry dirt by morning which is really weard. We will always love Missouri though.

  18. I bet you’ll be glad to get back to cooler weather. Or is the humidity real low there. It’s getting muggy here.

  19. Yes it is very dry here which helps a lot when I walk to Walmart to get what ever. We are 12 minutes…walking distance that is and I try to go in the mornings. Of coures I don’t buy very much at a time. Tomorrow 100 degrees.

  20. It’s suppposed to get up to 89 here today! They said the hot weather is here to stay now.