buyer’s remorse

Jules —  July 18, 2005

A bittersweet thing happened yesterday. I decided to get out by myself for a little while. I got in my Chevy Venture and it took me to the outlet mall, to one of my favorite shops, Mikasa. It was exciting and disappointing when I saw the 75% off signs. Most of the shops have closed down in the ghost town mall and I knew immediately that this was a bad sign. I was correct, they are going out of business in a week.

On occasion, when I have a few bucks of spending cash and I’m in the mood for something pretty to serve with, I stop in to bring home a new prized possession. I have collected the whole set of Roxborough glassware. I love making my favorite punch recipe in my beautiful Roxborough punch bowl. It’s one of my treasures. I use it at all the girls’ birthday parties. I have 24 matching punch cups that go with it and cake plates, relish trays, bowls, yadda yadda yadda.

I have been wanting new everyday dishes for a year. I was down to five plates and four bowls and the pieces that were left were chipped and cracked. This was my chance. I went in with my heart ponding, excited about what I would find. I was overwhelmed and freaked when I found out they were closing in 20 minutes. There was no way I was coming back in the morning with all the kids and I was afraid they’d sell out before I would be able to get back. I had to make a decision fast! I purchased the Italian Mocha set for 75% off!!!!

They are beautiful but now I’m having buyers remorse. I don’t own anything else that is mocha in color! My desire is to have a kitchen decorated coffee house style. These would be perfect- that’s why I picked them, but now I’m having second thoughts. I’m feeling this way because they told me “no refunds or exchanges”. Please tell me they’re perfect and I’m blessed and shut up!

I’m hoping I can talk James into going back with me tonight. I am going to miss this store.

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.”
Marcelene Cox



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  1. Their perfect, your blessed, now shut up. Well, you told me too!!!!!!!!!! I like them. Makes me want to come up and have a cup of coffee with you. 75% off what do you want? I do like them sweety, have a nice evening and enjoy supper on them. Your a blessing. Aunt Tootsie

  2. You have my vote, I’m coming too. I like my coffee not to strong. Just change the table cloth and BAM!!!!!!! Your ready. Keep em.

  3. Thanks Aunties!

    They are prettier than the pictures show.

  4. I added a link to click on to see the Roxborough set.

  5. Wow, pretty. Expensive too. As a whole, I mean. But I’m glad you have your pretty punch bowl set. Just enjoy.

  6. Yeah, I got a piece at a time over the past 5 years. James bought me a few pieces for birthday presents.

    One or two items I got on clearance.

  7. They are pretty. Do you have rose colored things in your kitchen or dining room? Pinks and browns go together better than most folks think they would (look at your website, for example!)…

    They’re pretty and you’re blessed!

  8. Julie, I really think they are beautiful! Keep them. When you get your kitchen redecorated they way you want, they will really be perfect!

  9. Thank you Lauragayle and Karen!

    I do like pink and brown together.

  10. Julie, you silly goose, they’re perfect! I love them! I can’t wait to eat off of them (hint, hint – and no that’s not a hint to babysit) :)

    What a great set of dishes. Did you go to the great outlet mall to the east? That whole place looks like it is failing…

  11. How many place settings did you get?

  12. They’re really cool. The look like they have thick, dark chocolate poured into the center of them. I’m hungry.

  13. I was thinking, “I could have Carl and Mary and Tori over to eat off my new dishes.”!

    Yep. That outlet mall is sadly failing. Next thing to go will be my Bali store that feeds my underwear obsession. Last time I went there I got like 40 undergarments for $50. Really nice stuff.

    Osh Kosh is gone. Man, they had great prices. I could afford to dress the girls in some cute stuff. I could get dresses for five bucks.

    I have eight place settings.

    I wonder at this price if I should go buy four more.

  14. I thought the same thing as Carl, that they look like thick dark hot fudge syrup was just poured on them–and they look yummy! You have your underwear obsession, some of us have chocolate obsessions.

    I personally think they’re gorgeous and I’ll take them if you don’t want them! Trust your instincts–you’ve obviously got good taste!

  15. Ah, come on everyone, don’t give her too big a head, it’ll just cause more problems and worry for her. he, he, he, OK, I’m off for my walk. Love ya. Aunt Tootsie

  16. Oh the things we learn on people’s blogs. I always knew Julie was a china fanatic, but with an underwear obsession as well! Just don’t mix the two at any of your dinner parties and all will be well. šŸ˜‰

  17. Too much information? Hmmmm….maybe so.

  18. Hey, you’re the one that has to look us each in the eye at some point in time–since we ARE flesh and blood and not just living in the wide world web. If you can live with us knowing you like undies, then I guess I can too. (grin) I personally will stick to my story of my chocolate obsession and that’s all I’m sharing!!! hee hee

  19. I’ve been thinking…. my new dishes match my blog!

    Hmmm….I might have a pair of underwear that do, too!

  20. Are you going to post a pic of your undies collection next? I’ll be waiting to see. I have a feeling I know the answer to this. I have quite a collection of them myself.!!!!!!

  21. I knew that but I wasn’t going to say it!!!! It must be a family thing!!! Too funny!

  22. I think I’ll leave my camera out of my underwear drawer!

  23. I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with the idea that you have underwear that match your dishes…white with a brown spot in the middle? (I could apologize but it would be insincere, I really am this juvenile sometimes!)

    We got a present last night, culled from Julie’s obsession…and no, it wasn’t undies. It was dishes! I was very excited when I came home and saw those sitting there. I’ve seen similar dishes in magazines and really liked them. They’re great. Thank you so very, very, very much! :)

  24. I thought they looked like something you guys would really enjoy. I am glad you like them! I told Mary that they were real cheesy dishes but I bought them anyway! I am such a comedian!(They are plates designed after old european cheese labels)

    Thanks to Mary for a wonderful dinner last night!

  25. Thanks to you all for leaving me some roast for my lunch today! :)

  26. It was a sacrifice :) I could’ve eaten myself sick! It was really yummy.

  27. Yes, thanks for the dishes!!!