camping in style

Jules —  October 17, 2005

We escaped for the weekend to a nifty campsite in a park reserve.

Now this is camping in style!!

Thank you so much to Mom and Dad D. for loaning us the Minnie Winnie! Thanks to the grandparents for babysitting!! Mom and Larry watched the two little ones while the big girls went to Janet and Richard’s. Jessica caught a 10 pound catfish in their pond! Thanks too, Janet, for doing all the child delivery and pick up! It was a tremendously relaxing weekend. Thank you so much.


I like this picture cuz you can’t see my ch-neck.

James created fire!

As if you’ve never seen a campfire before!

I know this is really dorky!

I have a genetic bone to pick. What is up with the ch-neck!!! Just where does my chin end and my neck begin? Geez…

We went for night drives to see deer. We counted nearly 20 in one group! My pictures did not turn out. I hope you’re not too disappointed!! They were very beautiful.

“Camping is nature’s way of promoting the motel business.” Dave Barry



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  1. Glad you guys had fun, it sounds like you had a wonderful time. The weather couldn’t have been better for camping this weekend.

    I like the ‘dorky’ pics….it is indeed silly but fun nonetheless!

  2. What a cool weekend, except for the campfire. It looked hot, ya need that on these cool night’s.
    I like the sillowetts of you two in the fire light. Glad you had a nice weekend off. I know, I can’t spell. :oops Oh, yes, 10 pound catfish? Wow go Jessica. Did he get eaten? I would have!!! :evil

  3. I had so much fun!

    We missed the kids but didn’t want to come home at all.

    It was one of the most relaxing anniversary get aways I can remember.

  4. Glad you like our firelight silouettes! I was having fun taking pictures at the campfire. I took a dozen fire pictures! I really LOVE campfires!! The heat felt good as it was a little chilly.

    Jessica threw the catfish back, I believe.

  5. What a great weekend!!! Sounds fun. I like your pictures.

    I don’t thing you have a ch-neck. Is that sort of like “cankles”? Jon W. laughs at Toms cankles. (where your calf joins onto your foot with no ankle)

    Yeah, Jessica!! Did they get a picture of that fish? Did she reel it in by herself?

  6. Sorry about the neck thing Julie, but I can’t get over how much your profile is like mine. Several of us have the ch-neck. But I think you are a very attractive young lady. Glad your week-end was so nice and that the weather was perfect. I had a camp fire in my chiminea this week as it gets a little chilly in the evening. Your fire was beautiful, love those colors. Enjoyed all your pic. (not dorky) and bless those grandparents for the child care. What a nice gift.

  7. We’ve been seeing those ‘walking stick’ bugs everywhere the past week…what’s the deal with that! Must be a plague!

  8. I do think we look a lot alike Aunt Marilyn! I think your cute so maybe I am in luck!

    Janet just stopped by with her camera and showed me the pic of the fish. Maybe she will e-mail it to me.

    Those walking sticks are really fun to look at, but I sure don’t want them to touch me!

  9. Wow Julie and James. The pictures are great and the relaxing around a camp fire sounds and looks so wonderful. Richard said the smells of the camp fires made him want to be camping out.

    It was so much fun seeing Jessica (with grandpas help) bring in this catfish. I came a running with the camera since it took awhile to bring it in. Im sending a picture of it and our weekend with the girls.

  10. Jules, not sure what the “ch-neck” is, but I think I get your meaning. I’m starting to notice some unsavory flab under my chin. Especially noticeable when I don’t shave. Yikes, the shadow!

  11. They’ve been wanting to fish for quite some time. I think they are very satisfied now. Lydia caught a little bass too.

    Rob, I can’t imagine you with flab.

  12. Ha! That’s what I was thinking. . .Rob with flab. That’s like an oxymoron or something like that. Unsavory flab at that. Sounded like something you would cook up in a skillet. I’m going to stop now. . .

  13. Hey, we were camping this weekend, too! At the Cub Scout camp with 1500 other Scouts and families. Fun! Fun!! Restful and romantic, not! Veggie around the campfire was pretty close, though. But now I’m ready for your kind of camping trip, Julie. Steve and I haven’t been camping by ourselves since our honeymoon.

  14. And about the ch-neck…I got it, too. Look at old paintings, they got it too….If we had lived in another century, we’d probably be the envy of all! It’s just a thing. When you notice yours, just think of it as a reminder of your loving family members who look just like you! I wonder if the ch-neck has anything to do with our other family trait–our big cackling giggling laughs! Hey, I think I’m onto something here…we’ve developed the big ch-neck because we’re always laughing our big laughs…we’ve overworked some neck muscle! It’s like an Arnold Schartznegger sized laugh muscle! :rotfl

  15. You may be onto something Deb, about the neck. I think people with a little weight are very hug-a-ble. You have 2 gparents coming down Thurs. in case you can get a camp-out night w/Steve worked in there while we are in town.

    I’ve seen a lot of walking sticks this year too, Julie.

  16. Rob, I like how you have to get up UNDERNEATH you to see that! Even a starving Ethiopian would have that!

  17. Those walking sticks down here come with the fall season. Sometimes the house is covered down here with them. I saw a lot this week on my walks. Well back to my painting. I’m doing one now of Richards hand while playing his accordian. The reflections on that thing are going to kill me. It even has a reflection of his hand , above his hand. :(

  18. I am so glad you had a fun anniversary weekend! That sounds so fun. The purple fire is great!

    Julie, I know what you mean. I hate pictures of my profile.

    Rob, get real. :rolleyes

    Way to go, Jessica and Lydia! I am glad you both caught fish!

  19. 1500 Scouts!! Wow! You must be exhausted, Deb! You guys deserve a little R&R!!

    I do think our family looks a lot alike. I guess I should wear my ch-neck proudly!!! I just don’t want to see any side view photos!!!

    What is it with the laugh anyway? How can the way in which one laughs be hereditary. I think our family proves that it indeed is a genetic trait!! I will cackle proudly, as well! :evil

  20. Rob, I think you need to eat a few more hotdogs!! :fish

  21. Wow! Aren’t hands like the hardest thing to draw or paint? I look forward to seeing that one!

    Thanks Mary!!! I never noticed your profile looking bad. You’re a pretty lady.

  22. I pulled off a real dumb Julie moment today. I showed up at school for parent/teacher conferences. The classrooms were dark and locked and I just knew I was there at the correct time. I went to the principals office and explained to her that my appointments were tonight. I thought that the problem must be that I failed to sign the attached form that the teacher sent home, agreeing to the date and time of the conference. The principal had me leave my papers and I wrote a note to each of the teachers explaining the situation and asking to reschedule.

    At seven o’clock tonight I realized that it was Monday. I thought all day that it was Tuesday!!! I went on the wrong night!!! I had to send e-mails to the teachers to explain the notes I left them in the office. I will go tomorrow at the regularly scheduled time!!!

    The really bad thing is, last year I showed up on the wrong night, too!!

    I need help!!! :banghead

  23. It’s the ch/neck, from :banghead that we are the way we are, and the :rotfl and a little of the :evil. That’s why we’re a perfectly wonderful family. :rotfl 😀 Tootsie

  24. By the way Punky, thanks for the update on Grandma, I’m glad you and Linda got to go by to see GMA. It’s sad to me for people to live so long and not be aware, surely, maybe God is with her, I’d hope so.

  25. I’m sure He is. I know that when she was able she went to Church, and Bible studies.

  26. Julie! You are hilarious! I love embarrassing moments like that because they make great stories later! :rotfl