cat and mouse

Jules —  December 13, 2006

We had an exciting evening last night. We were all sitting in our living room when Max our cat walked into the middle of the room with a big, fat mouse in his mouth. He then decided to show off and put it down. I guess he wanted us to see his superb hunting skills. The wounded mouse scurried behind the Christmas tree with Max on the prowl behind him. What happened next was mayhem! The girls began to chase after the cat who was chasing the mouse. There was a lot of squealing and carrying on. The mouse ran down the hall into Lydia and Jessica’s room. Max chased it back out and it ended up being cornered by Max in the hall closet.

From the closet it ran into the bathroom and out again, crossing over the tops of my feet on the way through the hallway into Elaina and Anjelia’s room. I am not afraid of mice, but when I felt it’s little toe nails on my feet I let out a loud scream. This scared Anjelia badly and she began to scream. Max chased the poor little critter under Anjelia’s bed. James waited at the foot of the bed with a big stick. The mouse ran out and James wacked it real hard and killed it or at least knocked it out.

We let Max take his kill outside to enjoy. Things started to calm down and the excitement seemed to be over. After a few minutes, I turned around and Max had snuck back in through the garage kitty door and had the mouse back in the living room!!! This started things up again a bit, but we shut the garage door and put him back out!

Max gloried in his kill, sitting at our door throwing the mouse in the air over and over again. He was so proud to show off to us. It was quite the show!!! He had that mouse going three feet into the air. Squealing commenced again.

I wish I would have had a camcorder!!!!!



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  1. I’m having a heart attack just thinking about it. Mice are sooo discusting, I don’t know if I am afraid of them or just incredibly grossed out by them.

  2. What excitement. I love to watch Pandy when she catches a prey. She throughs them up in the air too! You would never know she is an older cat. She can only play, she has no teeth,but I have found her trying to eat them, but I take it away.

    Richard used to leave the glass doors open so her majesty can come and go as she pleases, until she started bringing chipmonks in alive to play with. Poor guy had to move the piano once and the tv twice. All the time telling me what to do to get it out. He decided it was too much work to let her majesty go and come as she wanted. :cry

  3. Julie was a lot more entertaining than Max.

    Every time Max would toss that mouse up in the air Julie would let out a loud yelp. I was cracking up at her.

  4. James and I think he may have caught it outside and brought it in to show off.

    I can be a very animated person. . . James gets a kick out of me, thankfully. :rotfl

  5. No doubt! That all needs to be on video somewhere!!!

  6. Cats
    bring mice or other kill to their masters house as gifts. This has been studied.
    Max did this as a christmas gift.

  7. Oh my goodness!!! You are right! I had just wrapped my family’s gifts and put them under the tree earlier that day. He must’ve known they were gifts! Do you think? He decided to join in and bring us something special! What a good kitty to think of us. I feel loved.

    Too bad we threw him out in the cold with his gift. :banghead

  8. Poor Max :cry He was just trying to get in the spirit of Christmas :p by bringing you a lovely gift, and you did not MAKE HIS DAY. All you did was :eek :eek all around the house. He tried to say MERRY CHRISTMAS the best way he could. :cry :cry. You should be ashamed :disgust

  9. I am riddled with guilt. :cry

  10. What fun!! You are all too much and very funny. :rotfl

    Cats are unique in their own way. We had a stray that became our best friend in the feline since of the word. She brought us a mouse to say thank you for taking her in and one time when Richard hurt his shoulder she would lay across the spot that hurt to keep it warm.

    Cats walk slow but when it comes to hunting and running from a dog they are fast!


  11. The only “gift” I have gotten from a cat was when our old cat cubby left a runny smelly one next to my head as I was napping. Cubby quickly became the new resident of a nearby park.

  12. Too funny! You’re house has too much excitement.. lol
    I would have freaked out.. standing up on the table or sitting on the countertop.

  13. I remember when my cats would do things like that. What a hoot! Max must have been so proud of himself-LOL!

  14. poor max he likes mice you like checken and meat he likes mice he was showing you a gift the survivorman eats mice i hop he finds a mice when i am there did lydia ascream

  15. Do you think a mouse to max is like a steak to me? I love steak. Yum!

    Lydia did not scream. I had to push her away because she nearly grabbed the mouse. She wanted Max to have it! I did not want the mouse to bite her. Moms worry a lot about critter bites.

    I hope things are calm when you are here. Do you think Max might try to bring a gift for our company? Maybe we should make him stay at his other home–the work shop.

  16. What a good kitty! I think if Ebenezer was confronted with a mouse, he’d run away. Now Cleo on the other hand practically hunts Ebenezer!

  17. That’s hilarious!

  18. poor little mouse … it didn’t deserve to die!
    but your cat must love you as they bring their prey to loved ones to show how much they love them. x