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A Prayer for Joy

Jules —  June 13, 2008

Help me, O’ God,
To listen to what it is that makes my heart glad
And to follow where it leads.
May joy, not guilt,
Your voice, not the voices of others,
Your will, not my willfulness,
Be the guides that lead me to my vocation.
Help me to unearth the passions of my heart
That lay buried in my youth.
And help me to go over that ground again and again
Until I can hold in my hands,
Hold and treasure,
Your calling on my life.

Ken Gire, Windows of the Soul

James has been collecting and reading books on finance, business and leadership. I’ve been reading them as well and have learned a great deal as a result. (So far I’ve really only read two, but I’ve listened to a lot of audio as well)

I’m currently reading 48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller. It’s been a terrific book as it has pushed me to think about my gifts and abilities and what I enjoy. I have not come to the place where I can list these things out in detail, but I’m better convinced now than I was before that I love being a homemaker. It’s not my job, or my career, it’s my vocation!

I don’t know what there is for me beyond this point. I just know for now I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I also understand better that self education can be as valuable, if not more valuable, than a diploma and that the sky’s the limit if you can dream it and set goals and make plans. James is proving that!

christmas break comes to an end

Jules —  January 3, 2008

Sadly, the girls’ Christmas break is over as they started back to school today, leaving behind this pile of laundry. My king size bed is almost completely covered!

I have two more loads in the laundry room to throw on top!

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retro trash to retro treasure

Jules —  October 31, 2007

Larry saved this really ugly, retro piece from the neighbor’s trash and I hauled it home and gave it a new life.

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going retro

Jules —  July 31, 2007

After several months of living in our new home, we have living room furniture! A few weeks ago I finally got the bright idea to ask God to help me out with my lack of furniture. He is so good to me. It wasn’t long and I ran into a very cool couch at a flea market type store here in town. It’s a vintage sofa, I’m guessing from the 60’s. It is so clean — I doubt it was ever used. I quickly scoured the store and found a few items to piece together with it and VOILA! I have a vintage / retro living room. It’s not what I expected. What a fun surprise!

I saw the movie Hairspray with some girlfriends on Saturday. What a fun movie! I kept looking for my sofa. Most of the furniture in the movie would fit right in with what I have.

Remember the leather top coffee and end tables? Mine have a green tint. I found a pair in excellent condition.

It’s starting to feel like a homey space with the new curtains I hung this weekend. I have been blessed with such a beautiful living room. I am so excited we get to use it and enjoy it now.

Nothing matches perfectly but I am having fun piecing things together. It’s cost me very little and that is as fun as it gets.

Karen, here’s the rocker you wanted to see. I love the shape of it. I would love to paint it black. I think it would look great but I’m not sure it would look good in my living room. I could incorporate some black things to tie it together. Let me know what you think.

my new dining set

Jules —  May 21, 2007

I was so thrilled to have found this dining set at a garage sale for fifty bucks! My dining room can finally be used. I know many people don’t want formal dining rooms because they feel it’s wasted space. I, on the other hand, am quite thrilled. I really enjoy formal dining rooms and am very thankful that our new home has one.

I want this room to be my office and craft room. I am not sure how I want to decorate or whether or not I need a cabinet for my things. Target has some wall hangings that I love. Unfortunately they are pricey. They are paintings of cafes and coffee shops in rich red tones.

We will also be using the dining room to eat in, but not daily. It’s carpeted so I don’t really want the kids using it except for special occasions. Children with food and drink aren’t allowed anywhere with carpeting. Six months ago I laid the law down on that one. Wow! What a difference that rule makes. My furniture and carpeting are actually staying clean. I told them when they are adults they can take food out of the kitchen when they come to visit, but their kids won’t be allowed to!

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the blind guy

Jules —  May 3, 2007

Today the blind guy came to my home and installed our new blinds. I am so excited to have some privacy. I’m also hoping the kids will stop getting up at 6 AM with the sun.

He was so kind to the girls. They were so curious and excited about what he was doing. He put them to work sorting the small parts into boxes. They did a perfect job for him. They followed him around while he worked chattering away. Bless his heart he listened and engaged them in conversation. People that are patient and kind to my kiddos score big in my book!

My bedroom is so dark and cozy now. I daydreamed all day about taking a relaxing, long nap.

My mind is at ease now knowing the girls have privacy in the family room. It feels creepy not having window coverings at ground level.

The blinds were installed just in time for my first house guests. I am so excited to now have a home big enough for overnight company. My Aunts Punkie and Tootsie and my Mom are spending Friday night. We’ll be up at the crack of dawn getting ready for garage sales. I am glad they will have proper privacy!

No Wonder I get tired!

Jules —  May 3, 2007

I read an article this morning that gave my fatigue confirmation. The average stay-at-home mom puts in a 92 hour work week! CHECK IT OUT! I’d like a piece of that 138,000 salary. Maybe James needs to buy a little more life insurance on me!

I LOVE being a stay-at-home Mom! It’s my passion and my heart. The Lord really encouraged me this morning with this article. It feels good to know that I’m doing exactly what I’ve been called to do and I don’t need to feel guilty about it. Thank you Lord!

Here’s a pic of the home we have a contract on. As you can see, it’s really pretty. It’s also much bigger than our present home. James and I have been through many adventures together and this new home is a big one!

The man who built this home is a great guy. He seems to be as excited as we are. (He says he’s more excited) He’s an international commercial airline pilot who is getting started as a builder. This is his first home. It’s obvious after talking with him that he has poured his heart and soul into this house. His eye for detail and perfectionism is one reason we decided to go for this home. (Gotta love those engineer types!) He doesn’t believe in “builder’s grade” and the home should be very energy efficient.

Our real estate agent is one of our local TV news anchors and journalists. She’s been very helpful and enjoyable to work with. It’s been fun working with such interesting people!

Our present home looks great. We have freshened it up with lots of paint, cleaned it thoroughly and organized it (half of what we own seems to be in storage). Our first showing is scheduled for tomorrow and our agent is having a virtual tour done tomorrow as well.

I am sorry I have missed out so much on everyone’s blogs. I feel “out of the loop” and hope to take the time to get caught up soon. I miss chatting with the fam. Hopefully the kids will be back to school Thursday and my days will slow down a bit.

Love to all.

me and my ham

Jules —  December 21, 2006

This is the season for Christmas miracles, blessings and surprises! I have to confess that God is so good to me! Jessica and I signed up our family, at our local grocer, for a drawing for a free ham and pretty table centerpiece. Jessica told me she prayed that we would win it and I remember thinking it would be so fun if God would answer her little girl prayer. Well, yesterday I received a call from the store. When I saw the number on caller ID I thought, “Oh, great what have I done now? Who did I make the check out to this time?” To my surprise she was calling to inform me that James’ name had been drawn!! We won the ham!!!

This sucker is big and raw! It’s not a pre-cooked ham that you warm in the oven and throw some glaze on. I need some baking advice! Isn’t it a beauty?

I love my pretty centerpiece. I’ve never had a table centerpiece before. I almost wish it wasn’t fresh so I could enjoy it next year, too.

I am not the only one to receive a Christmas blessing. Check out THIS post on Carl’s blog for a funny Christmas cookie story.

meet me under the mistletoe

Jules —  December 17, 2006

A new tradition for Carl’s G.I.F.T. challenge — mistletoe!


Walter De La Mare

Sitting under the mistletoe
(Pale-green, fairy mistletoe),
One last candle burning low,
All the sleepy dancers gone,
Just one candle burning on,
Shadows lurking everywhere:
Someone came, and kissed me there.

Tired I was; my head would go
Nodding under the mistletoe
(pale-green, fairy mistletoe),
No footsteps came, no voice, but only,
just as I sat there, sleepy, lonely,
Stooped in the still and shadowy air
Lips unseen — and kissed me there

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