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hide and hammy

Jules —  June 1, 2011

Ryan as a baby.

Our littlest critter, Ryan Hammy, recently went on an unapproved expedition, lasting four days and  four nights. We relentlessly looked for the little guy in every nook and cranny of our home. Hamsters are nocturnal, so we went on middle of the night walks throughout the house with a flashlight. We even held hands in a circle, as a family, and prayed we would find him alive.

On day four we were beginning to fear the worst. As Jessica was lying in bed, she heard some scratching noises coming from the furnace closet. We crowded around the closet listening to the sound of faint scratching coming from our ducts in the ceiling. James heard something fall onto the air conditioning condenser directly above the furnace. He quickly ran to the garage to get his toolbox and removed the cover and, in a final act of desperation, Ryan climbed out!

What we saw was a pitiful sight! The bottoms of Ryan’s feet were charred from being inside metal ducts with the furnace running. His black, scabby feet were swollen. His teeth were broken off  and his claws were completely worn down. He was dehydrated and unable to hold the watermelon we gave him in his paws. We could tell he was so happy to be back in his cage, even if he couldn’t climb around in it. He went to bed and stayed there for several days! Elaina cared for her hamster quite well, cutting up small bites of food for him! He has made a full recovery, even his teeth have grown back!

Ryan was a special Christmas morning surprise for Elaina.

I found Ryan on Craigslist when he was just three weeks old. He lived in our master bathroom for two weeks leading up to Christmas. Somehow Elaina never discovered him! He is so gentle, never once showing any aggression. We love watching him stuff his cheeks full of snacks. Elaina couldn’t wait to celebrate his first birthday on November 15. She made him carrot cake cupcakes to celebrate. We will be thankful to have him around for another birthday!

freaky friday!

Jules —  May 28, 2011

Friday marked the  last day of school! Tradition had us spending the afternoon with Grandma D at her country home. As usual she had the camp fire going and the picnic table next to her pond covered with a spread of yummy food. It was a cool, drizzly, relaxing afternoon with several odd occurrences.

The girls sat on this rock and fed bread to grandpa’s huge “pet” catfishies.

While Anjelia and her friend were feeding / petting grandpa’s catfish, they were also playing with their beloved zoobles from their McDonald’s happy meals.

Anjelia dropped both of her zoobles into the pond! We grabbed an umbrella and quickly retrieved one. Luckily they floated like bobbers. Unfortunately a big catfish, perhaps this one, ATE THE OTHER ZOOBLE!!!! Yes, I kid you not, he opened his big mouth and GULP!

Anjelia bitterly wept. This was a new toy and a really cool one at that. She was so heartbroken that a CATFISH had eaten her toy. That is a new kind of tragedy for us!

The umbrella went missing later on in the afternoon. We finally found it!

The umbrella was found shortly before or maybe it was after Elaina fell on top of the camp fire! Yes, she tripped and fell right on top of it. I picked her up. . . quickly. Mom time quick. . . which is similar to the speed of light, or something like that. She wasn’t hurt or burned, not a bit!!!!!!

To top off our afternoon of oddities, Jessica found a sea horse shaped Cheeto!!!!



Five years later. . .

Jules —  September 11, 2010

Five years ago this extremely adorable photo of our Anjelia with her good buddy Jaden went viral. It’s the most popular cooties photo on the internet.

Anjelia and Jaden have been together since the womb – born just three weeks apart. We have so many cute memories and funny pictures of them together over the years.

This tops them all!

Anjelia celebrated her seventh birthday! Jaden, despite his shy personality, boldly serenaded her! It was so cute that it hurt. He’s going to be quite the romantic!

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More first days!

Jules —  August 19, 2010

The girls were excited to get back to school. It was a great summer, but toward the end we were ready for a new season. I am so thankful for the seasons of life!

Lydia misses 6th grade. It was a fantastic year but I am encouraging her to look forward to more good times. I know middle school is a difficult time.

Jessica was up at 5:30 this morning excited to try out middle school!

They outgrow picture taking!

Elaina is studious. She would love to go to school year round. At least that’s what she thinks!

Anjelia has the best imagination of any kid! Of course she loved first grade.

Anjelia is super proud of her Twinkle Toes Sketchers! They light up quite brightly when she walks.

Silver Dollar City

Jules —  May 5, 2010

Domino sleeping on the way down!

Our good friends, Robin and Larry, invited us to travel to Branson for the weekend. The highlight was of course, Silver Dollar City, a wonderfully clean and friendly theme park. It was a blast.

Anjelia was rather attached to Larry for the weekend. Robin and Larry were brave to invite a family of six on a get-away weekend!

Elaina and her daddy.

I enjoyed the ginormous Flemish Giant bunny!

And Anjelia liked the little goats!

The girls were curious about the old school house. Kinda wish things were still this way for my kids.

The girls loved the roller coasters. Elaina jumped on the barn swing with Lydia and my blood pressure went up. This thing is a beast of a ride. Elaina and I both survived the experience! Jessica and Olivia were roller coaster riding machines. Lydia was brave and tried them all. Larry bought the video of Lydia riding Wildfire, a 66 mile per hour ride with five upside down loops. Her expressions are hilarious the entire ride! I was proud of them all for being brave. Anjelia loved the Powder Keg. It starts by going from 0 to 60 in two seconds! Pretty daring for a six-year-old!

Our family at The Landing. It was beautiful. Would love to see the fountain show at night.

We toured Marvel Cave. It is a one hour walk underground! Very cool. It’s amazing that there are gorgeous water falls underground! The girls got to see some bats and lots of beautiful formations.

A big thank you to Larry, Robin and Olivia for sharing their bring-a-friend tickets with us! We had a great time spending the weekend with your family. Thanks for the memories!

Father’s Day 2009

Happy Father’s Day to my AWESOME hubby! I am soooooo thankful you are the father of my girls. They are very blessed! I am so very proud of the man you are and thankful you are the head of our home. (I don’t care if that’s not politically correct. I love it!) You provide a great deal of security and love to us all. Thank you for all your love, faithfulness and sacrifice.

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number 11

Jules —  April 14, 2009

Yesterday, Lydia celebrated her eleventh birthday! In just one year she’ll move up to the youth group at church! Yikes! Lydia is a very thoughtful, generous young girl. She can be surprisingly selfless for a kid her age.

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Jessica had braces put on her teeth two days before her birthday

Jessica is now a double digit kid after turning 10 this weekend! It’s Tuesday and I am beginning to feel back to normal after her slumber party, birthday bash Friday night! Jessica had six girlfriends over for her sleepover. Ten kids made the night a busy blast! The girls settled down and seemed to be falling asleep at 4 am only to be up and going strong at 8! I know they would’ve stayed up all night if I had let them. I wanted their moms (my friends) to still like me the next day!

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kindergarten shots

Jules —  March 17, 2009

Anjelia can finally look forward to starting the kindergarten process! She’s beencringing at the thought ofkindergarten because of the dreaded kindergarten shots! She faced her fears today (she reallywasn’t given a choice as I literally dragged her out of the van as she clung to the seat belt crying) and got FOUR shots. Poor baby. We are BOTH very relieved. I was dreading the shots myself because I knew how scared she was. Her friends Jaden and Evely went with her and they all three were given coupons for free sundaes at McDonald’s!

All of my children have handled the shots differently. Lydia literally sat there stone faced and didn’t even flinch. No big deal. Jessica was scared but handled it well until the needles came out. Elaina was so excited she bounced up and down while waiting for the nurse. Anjelia, well we’ve been over that. It reminds me to be careful about judging behavior. A lot of it has to do with individual personality.

(Evely is in pajamas because she just left her Mother’s Day Out slumber party!)

Now we can go to kindergarten enrollment next week and Anjelia won’t have dread in her gut. She is soooooo excited about kindergarten now. She’llbe going topre-kindergarten summer school this June. All of the girls loved it.

Anjelia keeps showing off her band aids andeveryone comments on how brave she was. She emphatically says, “No, I wasn’t brave.”

I wear my sunglasses at night

Jules —  July 12, 2008

At the beginning of summer, Jessica picked out a pair of new sunglasses. James and I went to her room around 10:30 PM to check on her. She was sound asleep in the dark, wearing her new shades! It was so sweet and funny! It’s a good feeling when the kids appreciate their stuff.