celebrating Anjelia

Jules —  September 11, 2006

We celebrated Anjelia’s birthday at Mom’s house.

We love you baby girl!

Anjelia loved her birthday cake that she helped make and decorate. She LOVES chocolate candies! I think she got her love for chocolate from her Daddy.

New toys of her very own!!!! This was a huge deal for her. Mom gave her a baby doll with all the extra goodies. She’ll have a great time with her doll and neat stroller that I found garage saling. We gave her a portable Thomas train set and a Dora and Diego van and jeep with lots of accessories. She stayed up late playing with her new things.



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  1. Yay!!!! Happy Birthday, Baby!!! Anjelia is quite the sweetie and was just too cute after church yesterday. I love and enjoy all your girls!!!

  2. Anjelia :birthday as are your sisters, you are such a delite. Thank you for sharing your Grandma Nita with me this weekend. Hope your day was filled with many surprises. It sure looks like it. Your family loves you. :love

  3. :birthday
    Happy birthday Baby……
    Cousin Kandi

  4. Anjelia, :birthday :band you are an :angel
    and we all :love YOU. Looks like you hit the jackpot.

  5. Hey Conner i don’t have those games for computer. But you should try runescape for the internet. It is a neet game you can even talk to each other. You should try it some time. Hey have you ever heard of etnies they are neet they are skate boarding shoes witch i can’t skate board any more because i broke my leg skate boarding. But the shoes are 63$ they are neet shoes you can get them at the mall. Well bye 😉 😐 :p 😀 :( :eek :cry :puke :oops :moon :love :love :king :fish :fish :evil :cool :banghead :birthday :birthday :disgust :flowers :worship :indeed :angel :drool :rotfl :baby :band :band :band

  6. Well, Tyler, I’d say you said it all. Thats OK. I’m glad your leg is better.

  7. Happy Birthday Anjelia! The pictures are really nice of you all Julie. Sounds like you all are having a good time.

  8. By the way Jules those pics are so good. I kept some of them. Did your mom deliver something to you? If your not satisfied after seeing it, that is fine

  9. Oh yes, James LOVED it. He’s been raving about it. I need to give him your e-mail address. I’ll send it to him now. The best way to talk to him during the day is e-mail! The lighthouse is beautiful. I’ll have to post a pic. I need to take it to Hobby Lobby to be framed. I think they are on sale this week for half price. Thank You!

  10. What a cutie!!! Sarah has been wanting the Dora and Diego jeep for a while!

  11. Your welcome Julie, I thought as excited as your mom was over her camera capibilities and the fawn, that she might forget to give it to you. She was so cute. Her face was simply lit up after the fawn incident.

  12. The pictures look great.

  13. Adorable pictures! She did a great job on the “chocolate” cake. She is sure growing up!

    I like how you take a picture with each kid on their birthday. That’s a great tradition!

  14. I like that tradition too. I wish we’d started that …but we’ll just start from now.

    One picture tradition we have is that on the first day of school, I take a picture of the boys standing together by the front door. We can compare their heights as they grow taller up that door.

  15. Jules, love your pic of the birthday girl. I was wondering what Anjelia was thinking about while sitting by her cake w/her hand on her chin. I thought maybe she was wore out and thinking about a nap. What a beautiful christian family you have and wonderful traditions. I enjoyed the slide show. :love you all.

  16. I want Anjelia to decorate my cake for my next Birthday, Looks really yummy.

  17. Save the 3 and she will only have to add a 6.

  18. So you’re gonna be 36 on your next birthday, Mom? 😉

  19. Yeh RIGHT, at two years under me, Yeh 36!!!!!! :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :eek

  20. Thanks to all for your :birthday wishes. Anjelia has really enjoyed her new toys and cake leftovers.

    I was watching them play outside earlier. I went into the house to answer the phone. When I went back out Anjelia was hanging from a tree branch — stuck there hanging.

  21. An amateur tomboy heh! I guess she was not hurt, right. I loved climbing in trees and hung by my knees, and would swing. Marilyn and I used to skin the cat on a old time gate that had the frame over the top. Remember Punkie over at Bill and Margaritas. Oh that was so much fun. 😀 :p

  22. :cry
    What do you mean by you and punkie skinnin a cat!

  23. Anjelia is just so fun right now.

    I’m so glad we get to enjoy another 3-5 year old one last time. These are such fun years! They sit and play with their new toys talking to them and pretending. It’s so cute!

  24. Skin the cat is not Skinning the cat. It is an (old) gymnastic term. I’m not sure what it was exactly now. Been to long.
    Deb, you didn’t know Marlis & I were so young did you? :angel

  25. You grab the bar, swing up and put your legs front to back thru your arms and drop down landing on your feet. Its like a summersault thru the arms.

    Urgent prayer: Richard is dying. We don’t know how long it will take. He is responding some to me. He can hear and thats about all we are getting. Hospice is getting things done today to make him comfortable, as he has been sitting on the couch all this time since yesterday. His son is here with me. His daughter Julie is on the road back now from Minn. I am keeping him comfortable with medication they gave me.

  26. I am sorry to hear your news about Richard. I am with you in spirit. My prayers are for you and Richard. May the peace that passes understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

  27. Thank you Julie

  28. Our Prayers are with you also. Love you & Jesus loves you.

  29. I’ll be praying for you Marlis. I’m sorry!

  30. Marlis sorry to hear about Richard, we’ll be praying for you and him. Love you

  31. Richard passed away at 4:27 this afternoon.

  32. Oh, no. Thanks for letting us know, Jules. I just saw this and called Gma and Kathryn so they’d know. Kathryn’s calling Kelli.

    We’re praying for Aunt Tootsie, and for Richard’s daughter and son and his grandkids. I hope Richard’s daughter Julie made it there OK.

  33. Deb, thank you, I just called to see if the group there knew about Richard. Does anyone know when the Memorial will be? Seems like it will be later on. I’m trying to remember what Marlis said.

  34. Julie made it there between 5:30 – 6:00pm…..
    I think those times are right.

  35. Jules, I’m sorry, it seems everyone has forgotten you. Your mama is a diamond and I love her. I’m so glad she had a good time going home today and stopping at some places she had long been wanting to see. She was all gigglely when I returned her call to me that she had gotten home OK>

  36. Jules:
    Can you add Punkie to your blog links????
    :flowers :angel :angel

  37. Sure. I didn’t know if she wanted to “come out of the closet” yet! I’ll get that done.

    I don’t feel forgotten. I get plenty of attention. :love

  38. I am excited in the idea that I can make it to Nita and Larrys hayride. Richard and I would love to have made it sometime, but we just could’nt. The last place Richard got to go too was Nitas.

  39. I wrote the above. Kandi had her name in on my computer.

  40. I am looking forward to the hayride too!! I sent an e-mail out to Carl and Mary and Tom and Karen. Hopefully they will be able to come! They’ve been there the last couple of years.

  41. Christa Ballew-Matthews met her maker this morning.

  42. I just saw the email about Christa from your mom. I’m so sad for her family and especially for Marty and her children. I know her mom was doing so much at her house fixing it up and looking for other medical treatments for Christa.

    I hope God has a special cat for her to enjoy there–I know she loved her cats.

  43. I am so sorry to hear about Christa. My prayers are with her kiddos and hubby. I can’t imagine leaving my family like that. It makes me cry to think about it.

  44. I didn’t know Christa well, but sure was hope for a miracle for her and her family. God will take care of them, and she is sitting at Jesus feet.

  45. James AND Jules:
    If Nita has room for Ian and me the night before the hayride can I come over the night before with my keyboard and computer and have you show me some stuff….

  46. Jules, Nita (popcorn) called last night and said she was mad cause she wanted to be with us yesterday and jealous. I told her we had it planned and to come on. I feel bad that when she was here I was crying all the time, but she knew this when she came down. That is why she came. She just took over as everyone with Tommy did and I did’nt even have to think. My family has had to make me comfortable so much in my life, I promise I will be there for them from now on. My prayer is I never have too, but we all know that is impossible. God bless every one of you. :cry

  47. Kandi, James would be glad to help you.

    Well, she’ll get to see you and have fun with everyone at the hayride. :love

  48. Hi Jules,

    I must have missed the date of the hayride someway or another. Marilyn may know since she hasn’t asked about it on the blogs. Will you let me know when it is as we will probably come, sounds like fun for old and young alike. Thanks.

  49. It’s scheduled for October 21st. If it rains the alternative date is the 28th. I hope you can come.